Best Wireless Thermostats and Receivers Reviews

Having a thermostat in your house is a basic necessity if you belong to a cold region or during the winters. Thermostats basically control the temperature of your house and allow you to set the temperature to a suitable limit. However, wired thermostats are very difficult to use due to the tangling of the chords. Hence, you need to opt for the wireless ones. Wireless thermostats are easy to use and the temperature is set by the press of a button.

Given that, the market has numerous such products that claim to be effective. But how to identify the best ones? Our outdoor wireless thermostats buying guide will lead you in the right direction.

Table of the Best Wireless Thermostats Reviews

10. Honeywell YTH6320R1001 Wireless Focuspro Programmable Thermostat

Wireless Thermostats

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The FocusPro is one of Honeywell’s best selling thermostats that are now wireless due to RedLink. The RedLink wireless technology builds upon Honeywell’s years of expertise to give you an amazing and safe product. RedLink constantly scans frequencies to prevent zero interference from other wireless devices at your home. Nothing would be able to interfere with the RedLink signal. With RedLink’s advanced supervised technology, internal safeguards continuously self-check the signal so that it’s never lost. Rather designed to maximise wireless thermostat’s battery life, it would last years without you having to change the battery.

You can easily wire the equipment interface module and return air sensor at the furnace or air handler. Unlike wired thermostats, you can easily mount the wireless FocusPro at anywhere you want. Moreover, the remote air sensor would never allow for excess temperature increase or decreases. So you will always be comfortable and cozy. If you want to move the thermostat to a different wall or location of your house you can easily deliver

Key features:

  • Gives you a low battery warning before 2 months.
  • Powered by two AA batteries.
  • Certainly, has a weight over 3 pounds.
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9. Braeburn 7500 Universal Wireless Non-Programmable  Thermostat Kit

Wireless Non-Programmable  Thermostat Kit

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Braeburn brings you an innovative thermostat system. It is highly versatile and would be compatible with 3H/2C heat pump systems or lower. You get three components that work together brilliantly to control the ambient temperature of your house. Next, it includes an air sensor, a thermostat and the control module.

Furthermore, the large backlit wireless outdoor thermostat display that has an area of 5-square inches. Hence, it shows you a lot of information. You have full liberty to control the fan as you wish as it is programmable.

Key features:

  • Includes multi-level keypad lockout giving full security.
  • Efficient power use with 2 AA batteries that last you for a prolonged period of time.
  • Indeed comes with a comprehensive instruction manual for providing full control.

8. Nest T3007ES Learning Wireless Thermostats – Easy Temperature Control for Every Room

 Nest T3007ES Learning Wireless Thermostat

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When you buy the Nest Thermostat, you get everything you need to install this amazing technology to your home. You don’t need to invest even on a screwdriver since it comes in the package. Firstly, the Nest app and website even guide you through each step for the installation. When you use the Nest dial to put the temperature where you want it to be, this learns your preferences. As a result, it would start adjusting things on its own to suit your needs.

If it’s a lazy morning you don’t even need to get up to change the temperature. Just use the Nest app on your phone or from the mini dock at the top of your computer. It’s that easy. If you have an AI assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant, then you can change the settings with your voice. Nest certainly detects if you are in the house or not. Finally, it will shut down the heating or cooling to save you a lot of money on your energy bill.

Key features:

  • The LCD display has a pixel density of 229 PPI.
  • The outer ring is certainly made out of stainless steel.
  • Other than the temperature it can even detect humidity and ambient light.
  • The range of wireless thermostats is up to 50-feet.

7. Emerson Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Touchscreen Color Display

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Installing the Sensi Wi-Fi wireless thermostat is a breeze. To start with, it has a built-in levelling system that aids you in the installation. It has easy click terminals which let you connect cables effortlessly and get the device started in no time. The LCD display is large and would show you crisp and clear data including temperature and humidity.

As a matter of fact, you can even change its colour to match your wall. Hence, it gives it a stealthy and attractive look. With the two stages of heating as well as cooling, also get the benefits of making the air quality better. It is certainly done with the use of a circulating fan.

Key features:

  • Control everything via the touchscreen.
  • Saves you a lot on your energy bill with geofencing technology.
  • Once connected to your Wi-fi network, it can be controlled via smartphone from anywhere you want.
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6. Honeywell Home Wi-Fi Smart Color Programmable Thermostat with Easy Installation

Honeywell Home Wi-Fi Smart Color Programmable Thermostat with Easy Installation

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Everyone wants a comfortable place to call home, a place to relax, to snuggle in comfortably. You don’t want to think about your Thermostat and Honeywell likes to keep it that way. No matter what the weather may bring, this Wi-fi Thermostat will maintain the perfect balance, comfort and energy efficiency inside. This thermostat is easy to install and program. You can just connect it to the wireless network of your home. Next, access the temperature from any smartphone, tablet or computer through the internet at any time or anywhere in the world.

However, it has the smart alert feature which would update you on the weather. Now, you can prepare yourself before leaving home or send you gentle maintenance reminders. It has a smart response system which knows when you’re home, giving you the desired temperature when you need it.

Key features:

  • Change the colour of LCD screen to match every decor, style and mood
  • Easily paired with several Smart Assistants like Cortana and Alexa,
  • Indeed, has a large touchscreen display to have a full view of all the details.

5. Ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat

Ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat

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Ecobee3 introduces an eco-friendly smart thermostat which saves you almost a quarter of your spending on cooling and heating systems. It is so efficient that within just 2 years you can recover the cost of Ecobee. All-cause with the savings, you would make. Sensors send information to the thermostat about various factors like your presence in the room or the temperature. With that information, Ecobee switches on your temperature controls when you are home and shuts them down when you aren’t.

Nonetheless, you can schedule the functions accordingly and also receive alerts whenever there is an issue in the system.

Key features:

  • Fully controlled via Android or iOS from anywhere you want.
  • Works flawlessly with smart home hubs like Google Assistant and Siri with Apple Homekit.

4. Emerson Sensi Wireless Thermostat for Smart Home

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Sensi Wifi thermostat keeps you connected to comfort with the control and flexibility you need. It gives you energy saving without compromise. Interestingly, you can make it all happen right from your phone with the intuitively designed app. Just a few taps give you full remote control access of your thermostat. Now, you can also enjoy seamless smart home compatibility. Just pair up the device with smart digital assistants like Siri via Apple Homekit and Amazon Alexa. So it is an easy smart home upgrade that you can do yourself.

As a matter of fact, it has features like flexible scheduling that allows you to save energy and cut costs. Just make a custom schedule to fit your individual lifestyle and plans. Your thermostat will do the rest. Designed for an easy DIY install and extensive compatibility, this thermostat works in most homes. Due to the traditional wireless thermostats size, you can install it at the place of your old thermostat. Hence, rather save yourself some hassle from patching and painting.

Key features:

  • One can certainly install it within half an hour or even less.
  • Alerts you if there are extreme changes in temperature or humidity.
  • Thermostat adjusts itself via geosensing on your smartphone.
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3. Honeywell TH9320WF5003 Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat

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With this thermostat from Honeywell, you can easily manage everything right from the convenience of your smartphone. With the Total Connect Comfort app, you can access the temperature and other settings of your home system. As a result, adjust everything to suit your comfort needs. If you forget to switch the heating or cooling system off, just open the app. And with a tap, on the screen, you can manage it.

Moreover, it is fully touchscreen and the thermostat is totally programmable accordingly. Now you can truly personalize the display and can set it as per your preferences.

Key features:

  • Extremely lightweight wireless thermostat design that is installed anywhere.
  • Shows time, date and even humidity.

2. Emerson 1F98EZ-1621 Wireless Easy Install Thermostat System

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By investing in this thermostat system you can bring a great upgrade to your single stage systems. Heat pumps and dual fuel systems are turned highly efficient for optimum power savings with temperature sensing and more. It has a big digital display which shows you everything in the big font so you can read them easily.

Furthermore, with the inclusion of thermostat that is certainly programmable for 7-days, you have to worry-less about setting it.

Key features:

  • Powered by four AA batteries.
  • Indeed paired with sensors from the same brand, cold and hot spots would become a thing of the past.

1. Johnson Controls GLAS Smart Thermostat

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Johnson Controls is the same company that invented the thermostat roughly 135 years ago. They have taken all of that accumulated experience in developing this amazing technology. Hence, they have integrated into a 5.9-inch translucent OLED touchscreen. You would definitely not find a single thermostat that looks cooler and more beautiful than this one. GLAS by Johnson Controls a glimpse into the futuristic glass utopia that has been seen in only SciFi movies. The gorgeous display has a resolution of 480 by 272 pixels and has a freestanding design away from the wall.

When guests walk by you, everyone will grant their attention and are going to touch it for better or for worse. This thermostat has built-in scheduling functionality as well as home and away settings to refine the system’s heating and cooling timing. Finally, this is done with the ultimate goal of saving you some money.

Key features:

  • Air quality sensors with feedback on the status of your home versus the outdoors.
  • Smart ventilation and air circulation settings to keep the air moving and rather to keep you healthy.
  • Compatible with a range of humidifiers, dehumidifiers, ventilators and more.

Maintain the warmth or cool off your home, buy a wireless thermostat to make the change. It will help you to stay in comfort.

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