Best Manual & Electric Wire Stripping Machines Reviews

A lot of workshops and industries are hugely based on dealing with copper wires for multiple reasons. Copper wires are hugely functional for many applications and have huge crape value as well. Recycled copper wires are used in many fields and they serve as good as new. To make sure you have the capability to recycle all your undamaged copper wires, we have shortlisted the very best. Here are the wire stripping machines in one article that is very exclusive.

As a matter of fact, the listed stripping machines you see here are undoubtedly the best in the business. As a matter of fact, it packs high order functionality in every given direction. Also, the product features are indeed well-explained. And you will understand easily how one machine is different from the other.

Table of the Best Wire Stripping Machines Reviews

10. CO-Z Automatic Electric Wire Stripping Machine – Copper Scrap Cable Stripper

Wire Stripping Machines

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Do you feel the need for a reliable wire stripping machine in your service? This is an amazing example that is constructed to deliver a supreme level of performance in the field of wire stripping. In fact, the solid aluminium construction makes it ideal for robust performances even in most rigorous environments. Next, it has drill driven technology. Thereby, making it extremely easy to operate in every scenario.

Plus, the blades, as well as rollers of the machine, are adjustable. Thus, it becomes compatible with copper wires ranging between 1.5mm and 25mm. As a matter of fact, the automatic wire stripping machine’s functionality is extremely hassle-free and does the job flawlessly.

Key features:

  • Amazing 50-ft per minute of stripping speed.
  • Indeed removes the plastic and rubber insulation, giving you the option of recycling as well.
  • Low self-weight of 33 pounds makes it easy to move around too.
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9. BEAMNOVA Manual Wire Stripper for Scrap Copper

BEAMNOVA Manual Wire Stripper for Scrap Copper

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Looking for a wire stripper that functions just the way you want and let you has total control over? Here is a manual wire stripping machine for stripping off the plastic and rubber insulation from your copper wire. Having a 3/8-inches hex drill interface to assure zero slips, the hand-cranked machine is compatible with all drills. Plus, the smart quick blade change mechanism lets you remove the blade by just pushing out the shaft.

Moreover, it has an adjustable wire clamp which means you can even use it for stripping thin and soft wires. As a matter of fact, the hand crank design works just the way you want it to.

Key features:

  • Has a wire guide to accommodate wires between 3mm and 25mm.
  • Indeed offers options of three flexible and convenient mounting methods for stripping.
  • The special alloy blades are durable and long-lasting too.

8. Steel Dragon WRA15 Benchtop Automatic Copper Wire Stripping Machines

Steel Dragon WRA15 Benchtop Automatic Copper Wire Stripping Machine

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It is a benchtop wire stripping machine from the house of Steel Dragon Tools. You will be able to set it up on a work-station, bench or table without any difficulties. Besides, the ease of usage is backed by an impressive and reliable construction which promises to offer great services.

Although, this is a manual stripper, for the convenience of automatic stripping you can directly connect it to the machine. This feature allows for flexible options when it comes to cutting down of wires you want to recycle and use. Furthermore, the machine is capable of stripping down 450-inches of wire per minute when you connect it to a drill.

Key features:

  • Removes plastic as well as rubber insulation from wires.
  • Capable of stripping down wires ranging between 3mm and 25mm.
  • Mountable on a bench or workstation for the convenience of usage.

7. Stripmester Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

Stripmester Automatic Wire Stripping Machine

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This wire stripper is made out of premium quality materials. Firstly, the capability of industrial-grade functionality for utmost reliability is assured when it comes to wire stripping. The wide range of compatibility is an added advantage. As a matter of fact, it lets you work with wires ranging from 18-gauge to 250 MCM for more scope.

Moreover, ROMEX and braided wires are capable of stripping with this machine. Thus, making it one of the best in the business. Plus, the package includes a free blade which you can replace when the old ones are done serving you. With automatic functionality and serviceability, you should be sure of your choice and be impressed with the results.

Key features:

  • Has a built-in Romex slot that gives it an extra edge over other automatic wire strippers.
  • Top grade materials from North America and high-end design make it very reliable and durable.
  • The commercial-grade wire stripping machine is capable of cutting multi-layer wires in one single shot.
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6. Hand Crank Copper Wire Stripper for Recycling Scrap Copper Wire

Hand Crank Copper Wire Stripper for Recycling Scrap Copper Wire

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Wire strippers have a wide range of functionality in workshops and come in really handy for multiple purposes. Stripping and recycling of scrap copper wire not only helps you earn extra money but also widens the scope of business. The stripping range on this product falls between 9 AWG and 4 AWG. Thus, delivering you the flexibility to handle multiple types of copper wires.

Moreover, the machine gets an all CNC aluminium frame, meaning zero compromises with the built quality or the workability. When you order this amazing piece of machinery, you will receive an extra replacement blade free. In fact, it saves you extra expenses you would have needed in the coming days.

Key features:

  • Hand crank functionality is more convenient than pulling.
  • Low self-weight of 2.2 pound makes it easy to move around and set-up in various places.

5. Leoneva Professional Electric Motorized Wire Stripping Machines – Benchtop Powered Cable Stripper

Leoneva Professional Electric Motorized Wire Stripping Machine - Benchtop Powered Cable Stripper

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From Leoneva, this wire stripping cutting machine is blessed with the unmatched quality of construction for impressive results. The high-quality aluminium alloy construction is not only durable but extremely sturdy during working. Plus, the well-thought engineering gives you the advantage of independently adjustable blades as well as rollers. This feature allows you to strip down any shape of wire effortlessly and without any difficulties.

Furthermore, the compact frame combined with a lightweight construction lets customers take it wherever they want and use it. Indeed, use it for cutting down of wires up to 25mm on any workstation or table.

Key features:

  • Blades are indeed fully guarded to ensure complete safety against any injuries.
  • Cutters and cutting blades are used in a single channel for added convenience too.
  • Removes both rubbers, as well as plastic insulation, for recycling too.

4. TOTOOL Handle Manual Wire Stripping Machines

 TOTOOL Handle Manual Wire Stripping Machine

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If you wish to work with copper wires that range between 1.5mm and 25mm, this machine is an outstanding choice. It promises to surprise you with results and ease of usage. Besides having high-end workability, the machine itself has a very durable all-steel construction. As a matter of fact, it makes it sturdy and strong even after long years of application.

Further, it has an adjustable blade of cutting wheels combined with adjustable rollers. Well, it makes it ready to strip down versatile shapes of wires. Manual hand-cranked functionality gives you more control.

Key features:

  • Capable of connecting to a drill machine and transform it into an automatic wire stripper.
  • 55-60 feet per minute of stripping speed too.
  • Both plastic, as well as rubber insulation, is removable.
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3. BEAMNOVA Manual Wire Crank Stripper for Scrap Copper with Drill

BEAMNOVA Manual Wire Crank Stripper for Scrap Copper with Drill

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Yet another excellent manual stripping machine from Beamnova, the use of advanced technology like 3/8” hex drill interface eliminates slipping. And even makes it compatible to fit all kinds of drill machines. In addition to that, the machine comes in handy for both plastic and rubber insulation over the undamaged copper wires.

Also, the ease of usage is really on this stripper. All you need is to push the shaft to take out the blade and change it whenever you feel the need. The wire clamps indeed have an adjustable mechanism. As a result, soft and thin wires are stripped down.

Key features:

  • High-quality alloy blades, making them more durable and long-lasting.
  • Certainly, have three different mounting mechanisms for enhanced convenience too.
  • Works for wires between 3mm and 25mm.

2. Bluerock Tools MWS-808PMO Copper Wire Stripping Machines

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One of the finest wire stripping tools you can bring home, this is by far the most technologically advanced models. It is capable of automatically adjust its working based on the size of wires you wish to strip. Thus it will save you the labour of adjusting every single time.

Moreover, it is very fast and delivers an astounding 75ft per minute of cutting independent of the situation. The motor and gear-driven function are reliable and hugely capable of serving your wire stripping needs the best way.

Key features:

  • Has a single assembly of cutter and roller, making it extremely effective in the process.
  • Indeed equipped with 9 cutting blades and 9 channels of cutters.
  • Works both on flat wires as well as NM cables.

1. Yescom Electric Automatic Wire Stripping Machine Stripper Tool 

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The Yescom electric wire stripping machine is fast, durable, offers high-end functionality and has an automatic mechanism. Remove all the plastic and rubber insulation from your undamaged copper wires in the best possible way. The workable range of the machine is 0.12” to 1” diameter of wires. As a matter of fact, you can have one machine for almost all kinds of wires.

Furthermore, there is also the convenience of 3 different wire feeding holes. Thus, the cutting is done neatly and you always have knowledge of what you are doing.

Key features:

  • Has a heavy-duty gearbox for effective, unrestricted, and reliable results.
  • Compact design and construction are easy to move around.
  • Comes with smooth adjustability for more productivity and better performance.

Get your mechanical, as well as wire stripping, works are done with ease. These machines are unique in every way.

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  1. The wires they’re stripping have easy soft pliable casings…. I had a bunch of OLD huge copper wire the size of a garden hose. the casing was baked, bonded to the wire and was extremely brittle.

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