Best Wicker Storage Baskets with Lids for Shelves Reviews

Without proper arrangement for storage, some items always seem to pile up. That is where the usefulness of the wicker storage baskets lies. Having beautiful designs, these baskets solve all your storage problems. They provide adequate space for all your stuff. Most importantly, these baskets do not look like general storage baskets due to their design. On the contrary, they add to your home decor and immediately catch the attraction of your guests.

In order to help you out with choosing the right wicker storage basket online, we came up with a list. The buying decision rests on your choice and these are just what your home must-have.

Table of the Best Wicker Storage Baskets Reviews

10.  VonHaus Seagrass Storage Baskets with Handles for Home and Bathroom Organization

Wicker Storage Baskets

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VonHaus offers you an incredible set of wicker storage baskets that look incredible and provide superior functionality. These baskets have a metal wire frame which is sturdy and strong enough to support a lot of weight. Natural seagrass is woven around this frame for a close structure that has a very traditional design and is in harmony with nature.

Since it uses natural seagrass in its construction, it is environment-friendly than most other baskets and is also lightweight. The intricate wicker storage basket design lets you use it with any decor at any place. From bathrooms for towel storage to your workstation for storing paper and other supplies, it is amazing.

Key features:

  • You can place it on top of each other for a compact footprint.
  • The size of all the baskets is totally the same.
  • Comes with handles on either side for convenient carrying.
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9. Trademark Innovations Foldable Square Storage Baskets with Iron Wire Frame

Trademark Innovations Foldable Storage Baskets with Iron Wire Frame

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An iron wireframe makes up the sturdy shape of these storage baskets and has all-natural material to make up the walls and base. The basket from Trademark innovations guarantees to impress and blow out the competition. Unlike other wicker baskets, this one is foldable and takes up little space when not in use.

You can fold them completely flat and stack them up against each other for saving real estate in your kitchen, garage, washroom, living room and more. In normal condition, the basket provides you with huge storage space equal to one cubic foot. The foldable wicker storage basket has sufficient space to keep all the essentials.

Key features:

  • Uses dry hyacinth leaves as a building material.
  • Tightly woven structure is firm, breathable and comes with high reinforcement.
  • Lightweight, but strong enough to carry a lot of laundry and vanity items

8. EZOWare Natural Woven Water Hyacinth Nesting Wicker Storage Baskets

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You can use this set of four storage baskets together or individually depending on your needs. For a lot of organisation and decluttering your space, you can use them together or use them individually in each room for basic storage needs. All of the baskets contain high-quality seagrass fibre that is densely woven around a frame of rust-resistant steel.

The steel frame adds solid stability and strength to the basket. In fact, it contributes to its weight lifting capacity to support even fairly heavy items like perfumes, candles and more. It has a rustic look that will complement both traditional and modern home decor.

Key features:

  • Linen cover prevents direct contact of items with the basket and looks good as well.
  • Cleaning is easy. Just wash the liner like regular cloth and spot clean the basket.
  • Square wicker storage baskets let you use most of the space they are occupying.

7. Seville Classics Foldable Handwoven Water Hyacinth Storage Basket 

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Seville Classics brings to you an amazing set of storage baskets. These have beautiful wicker texture and have loads of features that won’t disappoint you. Most other manufacturers like to provide baskets that are made from an iron frame. This poses a huge problem since any exposure to agents of corrosion like water can easily cause rusting and compromise its strength. Seville Classics have chosen to equip their baskets with a steel frame that is lighter, stronger and has higher corrosion resistance in comparison to iron.

Finally, it uses water hyacinth wicker that looks brilliant and has a nice feel upon touch. The classic wicker storage basket is really a charmer.

Key features:

  • Great for use in small apartments since they are folded flat to fit into tight spaces when you aren’t using them.
  • Since these products are handwoven they are completely unique with two products rarely being identical.
  • Comes in a pair of two and looks brilliant.
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6. BIRDROCK HOME Woven Storage Baskets with Handles

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These baskets from Birdrock Home are really distinct from the rest of the generic products that flood the market. Its ingenious look and affordable price make them perfect for use in both domestic and professional settings. You can use it in your house for storing accessories, towels, toiletry supplies and more.

At the office, it can sit on the shelf with files, folders, staplers and other office use items. It has decent dimensions which give it an internal volume of around 970-square inches. As a result, makes it one of the largest baskets of its kind at such a reasonable price.

Key features:

  • It is available in a natural colour and a dark espresso finish that has a lot of depth and character to its look.
  • At an unbelievably nominal price you don’t get one, but three storage wicker baskets.
  • Outer dimensions are compatible and fit inside most regular shelves.

5. Yankee Trader Woven Wicker Storage Baskets for Shelving Units

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If you wish for a storage solution that was unique and better from the rest, then Yankee Trader has the perfect set of storage boxes for you. Metal would be heavy, plastic is super cheap and wood requires a lot of maintenance. So, hyacinth woven around a sturdy steel wicker storage basket frame has high resistance against dirt, dust and water. It wouldn’t rust or corrode easily and the basket has a long-lasting life.

You can use it for years to sort out your laundry, store toiletries, office supplies and more. Interestingly, it will easily slide into any give storage unit or shelves.

Key features:

  • After use, you can fold them flat for storing under furniture or stack them up on their sides on a table.
  • Weighing just 9 pounds altogether.
  • The smooth round rim at the large easy-access opening.

4. StorageWorks Decorative Storage Bins/Baskets with Handles

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While buying storage baskets from StorageWorks, you are also standing behind a noble goal. The mothers in the villages of Vietnam and Southern China make these baskets. To improve the lives of these women and their children, StorageWorks also donates one percent of their sales. The basket is of exceptional quality since these mothers have skills that are continuing on through several generations.

Furthermore, the metal frame also has more layers instead of just going around the rim and the base. So the structure is more stable and won’t break or snap easily.

Key features:

  • Wooden handles are lightweight and round off to prevent scratches.
  • You can use it to organize jars, bottles, toilet paper, beauty products and more.
  • Natural seagrass weave construction and mesmerising rattan and wicker texture give you great value for the price.
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3. StorageWorks Rectangular Large Wicker Baskets for Cube Storage

StorageWorks Rectangular Large Wicker storage Baskets for Cube Storage

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Instead of opting for synthetic materials, StorageWorks offers a surprise for everyone in their game to offer you a fully functional and high-quality natural wicker storage basket. It uses from dense seagrass from Vietnam. It has a top-quality build and a versatile look that would make your home decor pop put.

As a matter of fact, it also adds plenty of organisational capabilities to your home. These baskets have their own charm since they are from working mothers in the villages of Southern China and Vietnam.

Key features:

  • Flawless customer service who are always ready to answer any of your queries throughout the whole day.
  • Larger and roomy than most other wicker baskets of competitor brands.
  • StorageWorks supports the local community in the production areas of these baskets by donating on behalf of you one percent of their sales.

2. DII Natural Water Hyacinth Storage Basket with Handles

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Hyacinth baskets are perfect for not just simple storage, but blending outdoor style with your modern home decor. These baskets from DII serve that purpose beautifully and were made with artisans that have years of experience in crafting these beautiful baskets. They present a bold, yet approachable style and can be placed on your coffee tables, side tables and even your shelves for all your organisation and storage needs.

Since these baskets are available in different sizes, you can mix and match them to create a contrasting texture in your home decor. You can also be creative and hang them by chains on the wall to free up precious real estate

Key features:

  • Carrying handles lets you carry it in a stable manner from one room to another.
  • The polypropylene wicker basket is highly durable and will last you for a prolonged period of time.
  • Cleaning and maintaining this basket is easy and hassle-free.

1. Household Essentials Tall Water Hyacinth Wicker Basket with Handles

Household Essentials Tall Water Hyacinth Wicker storage Basket with Handles

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Products that slide along the assembly line in factories don’t have that passion and care behind them as handmade goods. Household Essentials goes back to the basics for offering you fine quality wicker products that are made with care by skilled artisans. This storage basket from the brand is one such example and never fails to mesmerise guests with their unique outlook.

This basket has been made with water hyacinth into flattened braids. The weavers pack the dried leaves densely and with proper tension. They have been crafted in a way so that you can use them safely and with stability.

Key features:

  • The taller design gives this basket an impressive depth of over 14-inches.
  • Brown basket has round handles which are easier on your hands and is easily hung around a hook.
  • Wide opening allows you easier access for taking things in and out of the basket.

Store toiletries and other essentials properly, the wicker storage organizers will keep every product in every reach.

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