Best Indoor Outdoor Wicker Coffee Tables Reviews

If you are a lover of coffee tables, then you have all the rights to get one for your home. As gorgeous and classy it can look, the wicker coffee tables are always an aesthetic inclusion. It has fine construction and amazing strength. Some are even used as a side table. Many are even handwoven and the intricate designs define the chair. With various shapes as well as styles, it is just the perfect match for your coffee. Are you feeling confused amongst so many products?

Worry not, we have got it covered for you. The article on outdoor wicker coffee tables has the market winners in this. Compare and experience all the benefits.

Table of the Best Wicker Coffee Tables Reviews

10. Keter Corfu Outdoor Modern Wicker Coffee Table for Patio Garden Backyard

Wicker Coffee Tables

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The Corfu Coffee table stands up and holds its own where products from competitor manufacturers fail. It has been forged out of premium quality plastic that lasts you for a prolonged period of time and is highly durable. Unlike wood or metal, it isn’t affected by rainwater or dust and can be cleaned with extreme ease.

Just mix in a cup of white vinegar and 5 quarts of water to create an inexpensive homemade cleaning solution for this brilliant table. You don’t have to waste time with sandpaper or lacquer the wood every time it rains. As a matter of fact, the contemporary wicker coffee table has an open-weave rattan design that looks classy. Finally, you will certainly be at comfort always.

Key features:

  • Doesn’t require any extra tools or hardware for assembly of this beautiful wicker coffee table.
  • Polypropylene construction can resist not just water but UV rays and high temperature.
  • Lightweight design lets you shift or move it around for effortless rearrangement.

9. HTTH Modern Furniture Wicker Tables with Glass Top

HTTH Modern Furniture Wicker Table with Glass Top

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This wicker table from HTTH is of premium materials like an aluminium frame and weather-resistant wicker. Combined with the superior craftsmanship, this is a bargain deal which gives you high value for the dollar. The tabletop features a shatterproof tempered glass that looks incredibly refined and. As a result, it used for resting anything from hot coffee mugs to sharp keys since it is scratch-resistant.

Moreover, the cushion covers are fully resistant to water for so keeping sudden spills won’t cause a problem.

Key features:

  • Dedicated customer service that is always ready to answer any of your queries.
  • Have anti-skid feet for floor protection in both indoor and outdoor setting.

8. Rattaner Outdoor Wicker Coffee Tables with Storage

Rattaner Outdoor Wicker Coffee Table with Storage

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Rattaner has brought to you an exceptional two-tier wicker coffee table that will do more than just stand up to your expectations. It has a strong robust steel frame which gives the structure high durability and increases its load-bearing capacity by a significant amount. Since the frame is made from steel, it isn’t as susceptible to water like iron and can resist rusting with regular maintenance.

It has PE material construction which is resistant to all sorts of weather conditions and makes it a great fit for outdoor use. You can set it up in your patio and with an appropriate lounge, you have yourself an ultimate relaxation area.

Key features:

  • Has a durable bottom shelf for storing various things, from magazines to board games.
  • Assembly becomes very easy as everything is stated in clear words.
  • At the top, you get a 5mm thick tempered glass which is transparent and accentuates the premium look.

7.  Super Patio Outdoor Wicker End Table & Rattan Glass Top Coffee Table

Super Patio Outdoor Round Wicker End Table & Rattan Glass Top Coffee Table

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Supported by an aluminium frame, this table has exceptional strength but ultra-light in design. Furthermore, aluminium is completely immune to rusting and has strong resistance against various agents of corrosion including dust, UV rays and rainwater. The rattan wicker for this table has been made from PE material which is perfect for outdoor use due to high weather resistance.

However, each and every table is unique on its own since the wicker has been handwoven. For the tabletop, you get a large tempered glass which is thick enough to support most things that are set on an outdoor patio table.

Key features:

  • Compact square wicker coffee table design lets you fit it into tight spaces for a small but elegant patio.
  • Has a shelf under that top with ample storage space.
  • Rounded off to eliminate any sharp agents that can cause injury.

6. BirdRock Home Checkered Hand Woven Coffee Table for Living Room Decor

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When you buy a piece of furniture it is really fun to assemble maybe for the first couple of times. But going through those long instructions, diagrams, figuring out the right screws and visiting the hardware store can be a really time consuming and exhausting task. So, Birdrock Home delivers this table to you in fully assembled condition. You don’t need to look for a toolbox. Just move it wherever you want and start using it immediately. The table is of top quality fibres obtained from Seagrass plant.

These fibres are woven tight and dense for a solid and uncompromisingly fabulous look. The checkered design also feels amazing on touch. Even though this table has decent dimensions and sturdy construction, it weighs just around 26 pounds. Basically, it is a marvellous table in every way and comes at a really affordable price.

Key features:

  • The clear lacquer is applied to the table two times for resisting moisture damage.
  • Other than functioning as a coffee table, it is also used as a contemporary bench for relaxing your feet.
  • The lightweight wicker coffee design wouldn’t be possible without the use of solid mahogany hardwood as the frame.

5. Household Essentials ML-5005 Resin Wicker Footstool Ottoman

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A strong metal frame makes the foundation for this table so that it can hold its own under stress or pressure. Skilled artisans have handcrafted this table by weaving the synthetic resin wicker tightly around the metal frame. This creates a table without any weak spots and it can stand the test of time.

The round and short cylindrical shape of the table make it an ideal choice for placement in any room or outdoor space. You can place it on the deck or patio or at the entry to your hallway.

Key features:

  • Since it is handwoven, each and every table is unique and doesn’t have an exact copy of itself.
  • Don’t worry about any spills since it is resistant to water.
  • One can also act your fabulous side table that will complement the decor well.

4. Coral Coast Berea Wicker Coffee Tables with Storage

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Set this table up on your patio or deck and enjoy the view of your beautiful garden with a refreshing cup of coffee. This table has robust steel construction which results in a super stable and durable structure. For an additional layer of safety and corrosion resistance, the tubular steel frames have also been powder coated. This prevents direct contact with water and other elements.

Unlike other tables, this one doesn’t have a shelf design, but completely closed storage that can even fit in your large couch cushions and leave some extra room. Cleaning this table is probably the easiest and the best part about it. Just empty out the storage and spray it with a garden hose. No need for use of harsh chemicals and detergents.

Key features:

  • The breathable design prevents stale odour since air isn’t locked in a confined space.
  • Resin wicker will not fade or lose colour even after long exposure to the sun and UV rays.
  • The top is completely removed whenever you want.

3. Oriental Furniture Rush Grass Knotwork Coffee Table – Ottoman

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Oriental Furniture presents to you an all-natural table which is environment-friendly and has a rare design that makes it stand out from similar products flooding the marketplace. It has a frame made from natural hardwood that keeps the table strong and lightweight. This means you can easily move it around without any help when there is renovation or rearrangement.

Visitors and friends won’t be able to take their eyes off of the exquisite rattan texture on this table made from grass knotwork. The wicker coffee table weighs just around 15 pounds, it is also easy to transport without overloading the van when you want to move homes

Key features:

  • Being 17 inches high it is within close reach that doesn’t require you to strain your back by excessive bending.
  • Features a pretty tropical design that is aesthetically pleasing.
  • The casual and rustic style gives it a unique charm that is best for an outdoor patio.

2. CREATIVE COURTYARDS INT Sunset Wicker Glass Coffee Table

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Creative Courtyards has equipped this table with all the features necessary for regular outdoor use. You get a highly resilient steel frame that can tolerate everyday heavy use and also gives a strong structure for the table. Exposure to water splashes or dirt isn’t an issue since steel can resist rusting and being chipped away from these agents.

The shelf and side walls at the top are made from resin wicker which has an interesting pattern and feels excellent on touch. You might find yourself doing most of your work with a laptop and a cup of coffee for several hours on this table.

Key features:

  • Cleaning is easy and effortless, all you need is water mixed with mild soap.
  • Tabletop features a durable glass well protected and covered along the frame with the woven wicker.
  • Rounded feet provide stability and protect your expensive flooring from scratches.

1. Christopher Knight Home Costa Mesa Wicker Coffee Table

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The same old flat and solid coloured tables lack versatility while the extravagant patterns may be too wacky for your style. This wicker coffee table from Christopher Knight home has a woven finish which doesn’t just look unique but has a great feel upon touch. Your guests won’t be able to resist themselves from touching the table while having a conversation on the lounge.

The handcrafted design makes a bold statement and can fit into any decor seamlessly. The frame has been manufactured from square metal tubing which has been further coated for protection against natural elements. Overall it is a great table that beats the competition in every way.

Key features:

  • Large storage space to keep your cushions, board games, books and more.
  • High quality hinges with a lift mechanism for easy opening and closing the top.
  • The tabletop can remain open on its own.

The perfect way to commence your day is with an energizing cup of coffee. These outdoor wicker coffee tables will make the mornings more interesting for you.

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