Best Custom Weight Lifting Belts for Women & Men Reviews

Weightlifting is a very healthy form of exercise that not only improves your ability and strength but also makes you look really nice in the crowd. Although it is easy to take up this passion, it often turns sour as people do not follow the proper guidelines. If you are serious about weightlifting, powerlifting, or any type of exercise, adding the weight lifting belts to your daily routine will actually help you in the long run. Not only will it protect you from injuries that can occur in the process but it will also help you in gaining more strength and balance as well.

Start witnessing the benefits of weightlifting belts for men and women as can be a game-changer if you wish to keep up with weight lifting routines for a long time.

Table of the Best Custom Weight Lifting Belts Reviews

10. Fire Team Fit Olympic Weightlifting Belt for Men & Women

Weight Lifting Belts

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Carrying out various different types of weightlifting exercises without causing any injury to your neck and back is very important for good form and in turn good health. The weightlifting belt for work is designed to be ideal support while you are trying your hands in different sets of exercises. There are a lot of different color options for the belt which will make you look and feel at your best every single time. Also, the belt serves as an important gym gear that can be used for the different core and muscle-building exercises.

Key features

  • Lightweight belt aids in your mobility during workout sessions.
  • Contour design ensures you get the perfect snug fit.
  • The hook and loop support strap adds to the flexibility factor, letting you use it the way you want.

9. RDX  Lever Leather Powerlifting Belt for Crossfit Workout Gym

RDX  Lever Leather Powerlifting Belt for Crossfit Workout Gym

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Power-lift your through success, now you can attempt versatile weight lifting exercises for the sake of good health or competition while keeping yourself safe from injuries that can happen in the process. The belt for weightlifting will give you the perfect support as it is made out of oil-tanned nubuck leather, making it extremely strong and durable. Also, the 10 mm thickness and 4mm width are appropriate for multiple types of power-lifting.

Key features

  • Leclo, the power lever system keeps the strength and also helps in instant loosening.
  • Molds well to your body as it has an ergonomic design.
  • No hassles of getting folded or move out of shape as time passes.

8. Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weight Lifting Belt for Men & Women

Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weight Lifting Belt for Men & Women

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If you are extremely passionate about your weightlifting endeavors and want to get one that can aid in these practices, the genuine buffalo hide leather weightlifting belt is a reliable choice. The use of good materials makes it soft on the skin while maintaining strength and flexibility by great margins. Besides, it guarantees zero breakings, wearing, and tearing issues even after prolonged use.

Key features

  • Gives you the ability to do up to 600 pounds of deadlifts and squats.
  • Advanced design allows up to a 10 percent increase in the weights you lift.
  • No issues of digging into the hips or sides with the use of fitness weightlifting belts.

7. ProFitness Genuine Proper Leather Workout Weightlifting Belt

ProFitness Genuine Leather Workout Belt

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Take the aid of a weightlifting belt that can not only be your companion in weightlifting but also for different other exercises in the gym, thereby assuring you with good health for long. With the use of this belt, you get a stable and balanced frame when you are doing intense workouts, thus eliminating risks of injuries or wrong forms. From daily fitness to CrossFit, the belt can do wonders in almost all types of exercises.

Key features

  • Genuine leather construction makes it strong and durable.
  • 4” width fits comfortably.

6. Ader 4-Inch Leather PowerLifting Weight Belt

Ader Leather Power Lifting Weight Belt

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The power belt for lifting weight and power-lifts, Ader Sporting Goods has designed one of the most brilliant belts that not only aids in strength and stability but also delivers plush comfort while wearing it. On the outside, you get a strong genuine leather construction with an ideal 4” width and for comfort, the inside features a suede lining. Now you can have the right flexibility and comfort around your waist every time you hit the gym.

Key features

  • An advanced closure system for an exquisite experience.
  • Single loop closure reduces hassles of tangles and discomfort.

5. RitFit Weight Lifting Belt for Squats, Crossfit

RitFit Weight Lifting Belt for Squats, Crossfit

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The leather weightlifting belt for bodybuilders is constructed to deliver supreme lumbar support during multiple workouts, it is what you can practically wear during any given type of exercise and cause no harm to yourself. From providing you with firm and comfortable support to reducing spinal flexion, this is a belt that can do all and still remain nice and new as it is washable. Also, it has a 6” wide water-resistant foam core for the most effective and comfortable fit while the edges are softbound for luxurious comfort.

Key features

  • Air dry technology keeps it new and beautiful always.
  • Velcro closure gives a snug and compact fit.
  • Can be used both for back and leg support.

4. Fitplicity Crossfit Olympic Weight Lifting Belt for Men & Women

Fitplicity Weight Lifting Belt for Men & Women

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One needs a lifting belt that can fascinate by the looks of it and so, your search ends here. From looking extravagant to working efficiently, the workout belt is what you can rely on for strength, good form, and stability while you are working out. Extra power to your back and abs means that you can lift even more and challenge yourself to new extremes every day. It is further very adjustable and has a heavy-duty rating for trouble-free exercises.

Key features

  • Premium neoprene construction avoids slipping and tearing.
  • Lightweight and contoured design for flexibility and snug fit.
  • Velcro straps give you the best fit you are looking for.

3. ProFitness Genuine Leather Weight Lifting Belt

ProFitness Genuine Leather Weight Lifting Belt

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Leather weightlifting belt that requires no added hassles of breaking-in, the belt can be used straight out of the back and you can be sure of its services for a long time. The thick 7mm frame gives you unmatched strength and stability, thus letting you experiment with various exercises without any worries. Furthermore, it is very lightweight meaning you do not feel any extra burden and the durable construction keeps it workable for longer years.

Key features

  • Top grain leather construction makes it supremely durable.
  • Suede inner lining makes it soft to touch and feel.
  • Double prong design for more effective weight distribution and more strength.

2. Iron Bull Strength Powerlifting Belt/Weight Lifting Belt 

Iron Bull Strength Powerlifting Belt

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Meticulously constructed weightlifting belt from the brand Iron Bull Strength, this will aid you in your workout sessions and keep unforeseen injuries away for the good. Top-quality fine suede assures you with long-term running and reducing hassles of slipping down while working out. 10 mm thick belt for exclusive support and snug fit which can relatively modify your weight lifting performances.

Key features

  • Double roller buckle prong for assurance of fit while lifting.
  • Buckle constructed out of zinc-plated steel to keep it durable for long.
  • 4” width gives more strength and support to your backs and abs.

1. Stoic 4-Inch Powerlifting Weight Lifting Belt

Powerlifting Belt/Weight Lifting Belt -

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One of the best-designed weightlifting belts in the market; this is what can make you better at Powerlifts by great margins. It gets a non-tapered front which helps in effective stress reduction on the back and providing you with the support you would appreciate at the time of working out. Furthermore, the full-grain sole leather construction combined with strong nylon stitching will last you a lifetime. Make every session in the gym more energized and powerful.

Key features

  • The single suede exterior provides more strength and support.
  • Thicker core leather used in construction.

The weightlifting belts purpose is unquestionable as you can extract multiple benefits and attain your body shape.

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