Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Fans for Commercial & Home Reviews In 2019

Wall mounted fans are becoming a favourite amongst people due to their excellent position helping distribute cool air throughout the house. They are a must-have in the summer months when temperatures are too high. These fans offer excellent air cooling effect in restaurants, home or office. They are a cost-effective way of distributing cool air in your room.

In our post below, we will list the best wall mounted fans to buy this year. Go right ahead and choose one that best suits your needs and desires.

Table of the Best Wall Mounted Fans Reviews

10. Hurricane 16-Inch Wall Mount Fan with Remote Control

Wall Mounted Fans

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The Hurricane fan wall mount is a special design wall mount with three speed and oscillation settings to offer you airflow options. The fan delivers a high 2118 CFM and produces an 8 pattern known for the uniform distribution of air.  It is a quality buy with a precise fan movement that will fit a wide range of applications. Overall, this is a perfect choice for homes, greenhouses, and workshops.


  • Operates with minimal noise levels
  • 2118 CFM
  • Three speed and oscillating settings
  • 8 figure pattern
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9. Hurricane 20-Inch Heavy Duty Metal Wall Mount Fan

Heavy Duty Metal Wall Mount Fan for Industrial, Commercial, Residential, and Greenhouse Use

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The Hurricane Pro wall mount fan is a high-velocity fan that will save space and delivers excellent air circulation. It is another perfect fan of greenhouses, workshops, and homes. It is easy to mount using the provided heavy-duty bracket and all necessary hardware. The fan is small but delivers excellent air circulation equivalent to the heavy duty fans. It features durable aluminium fan blades and a steel guard material.


  • Space-saver design
  • Heavy duty wall mount bracket and hardware
  • Aluminium fan blades
  • Steel guard material

8. Tornado 16″ Digital Wall-Mounted Fan with Remote Control

Tornado 16 Inch Digital Wall Mount Fan

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The Tornado wall mounted fan is a reliable fan with quiet whisper operations. It is a durable fan made of the long-lasting 16-inch tough ABS plastic blades. The fan features three speed and oscillation settings to suit different conditions. You can easily position the fan at 90 degrees angles to cool the whole room. The precise fan movement patterns make this a versatile fan that will fit just any application. You also get a remote control for easy and efficient operations. Other features include a 65-feet power cord and durable steel guard.


  • Adjusts at 90 degrees angle
  • Three speed and oscillation settings
  • Durable 16-inch diameter ABS plastic blades
  • Remote control operation

7. Air King 9020 20-Inch Industrial Grade Fan

Air King 9020 1/6 HP Industrial Grade Wall Mount Fan

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The Air King fan is another highly rated and recommended wall mounted fan with a simple installation process and easy use. The fan features a 20-inch powder coated metal blades for excellent air circulation and durability.  Rear mounted 9 feet power cord switch helps enhance safety.  It is a quality fan with a 3-speed setting and a powerful 120V 1/6HP motor. The fan delivers up to 3670 CFM and is OSHA and ETL compliant.


  • Rear mounted power cord switch
  • Powerful 120V motor
  • 20-inch powder coated the metal blade
  • OSHA and ETL compliant
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6. OEM TOOLS 24883 24″ Oscillating Wall Mount Fan

OEMTOOLS 24883 24 Inch Oscillating Wall Mount Fan

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The OEM TOOLS fan is a leading brand in the industry with a simple mounting process. The fan easily oscillates at 90 degrees to allow excellent air circulation in the whole room. It is a perfect choice to spread air in a cost-effective manner at workplaces.  The durable aluminium blades deliver a massive 6500 CFM making it by one of the most powerful fans. There are three-speed settings allowing the user to control the flow of the air. Overall, it is a safe and efficient fan with a 6-Inch UL listed power cord.


  • Easy wall mounting assembly
  • 90 degrees oscillation
  • Three-speed settings
  • Three aluminium blades

5. Holmes Oscillating Wall-Mount Fan – HMF1611A-UM

 Holmes Oscillating Wall-Mountable Fan

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The Holmes fan is a high-quality pick with durable 16-inch ABS plastic blades.  The blades oscillate with three-speed settings covering a wide area and allowing for excellent air distribution. It features a simple to use the rotary knob for easy control. All the necessary wall mounted hardware is included for easy use. A durable metal frame construction guards the fan and improves safety.


  • Durable metal frame
  • Wall mounted hardware
  • 16-inch blade
  • Rotary knob for easy operation

4. Simple Deluxe Digital Wall Mount Oscillating Exhaust Fan

Digital Wall Mount Oscillating Exhaust Fan with Remote and Built-in Timer

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This is a value pack of two walls mounted Simple deluxe fans. They are an excellent choice on our list to offer you good value for money. The fans feature three-speed settings and control modes to suit different needs.  A further 4-hour increment timer allows you to enjoy a cool breeze that keeps getting cooler with time.  A dual steel neck of the fan supports a 90 degree horizontal and 60-degree vertical oscillation. Overall, this is an excellent silent operation fan with durable ABS plastic blades a safe 6-feet power cord.


  • Silent operation
  • Durable ABS plastic blades
  • Six feet of power cord
  • 60 degree vertical and 90-degree horizontal oscillation
  • Remote control operation
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3. Lasko 3012 12″ Wall Fan

Lasko 3012 12-Inch Wall Fan

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This is the leading US made a plastic fan with three-whisper speeds that help you control the flow of air in the room. It is an efficient fan with excellent oscillation providing full room air flow.  The fan features an adjustable head that tilts and locks to direct air at specific directions in the room. Overall, this is a simple wall mounted fan that you seriously need to consider buying.


  • Three whisper quiet speeds
  • Plastic material
  • Oscillation for full room air circulation
  • Three-speed settings

2. NewAir WindPro 18W 18″ High-Velocity Wall Mount Fan

NewAir WindPro18W 18-inch High Velocity Wall Mount Fan

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The NewAir WindPro fan is a powerful choice with metal fan blades to deliver massive air flows.  It is an efficient fan with a maximum of 3000 CFM on the highest speeds. The fan features three-speed settings t suit different conditions. It mounts on the wall with ease.  It also allows for angle tilt adjustment for precise direction of the air circulation. Overall, this is an energy efficient fan with 12 cent energy consumption per day.


  • Three-speed settings
  • 300 CFM
  • Metal fan blades for powerful airflow
  • Adjustable tilt angle

1. Outdoor Oscillating 30-Inch Wall Mounted Fan

Outdoor Oscillating Wall Mounted Fan

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The Outdoor fan is our final pick and one of the best fans on the market with an enclosed motor for safety. The fan features a two-speed setting to suit different temperature conditions.  It is one of the most powerful fans at 8400 CFM. The blades of the fan are enclosed in a metal guard for added safety.


  • Two-speed settings
  • Enclosed motor
  • 8400 CFM
  • 30-inch diameter


A wall mounted fan is an excellent addition to your home especially during the summer. These fans work efficiently delivering a cooling effect in a cost-effective manner at homes, restaurants, workplaces and several other places. We’ve reviewed the best wall mounted fans for you to buy this year. Go right and choose one that best matches your needs.

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