Best Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces with Control Reviews

Setting up the fire and enjoying the warmth during the chilled winter times creates a magical ambience. Having a cosy time in front of the traditional fireplace has been into practice for ages. But time is changing and not all want to put the extra efforts involved in handling traditional fireplaces. Thus, wall mounted electric fireplaces have been created to give the feel of a real fireplace but by putting minimal efforts. Run by electric, you can operate it through remote control or can manage in touchscreen panel. There are various colour options and imitates real flame to give render authenticity. Plus, it warms up the place absolutely.

To narrow down and provide you with the best choices, the electric wall fireplace reviews will lead you to the correct product.

Table of the Best Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces

10. GMHome 1500/750W Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Heater with Control

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplaces

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GMHome not only helps you to care for the environment but creates an ambience inside your living room that rivals even traditional fireplaces. Its creative and safe design doesn’t limit it to the living room though. The flat back panel and wall-mounted design make it ideal for even your bedroom and office space. It can easily heat up and create a warm surrounding spanning 400 square feet. The flame effect looks really good, so you have the option of operating it without heat too just by switching to 3D flame technology. Plus, the black gloss painted steel of the exterior along with tempered glass assures full protection.

Key features

  • The crystal stone flame effect can be changed to 9 colours to your taste.
  • The brightness of the flame can be adjusted.
  • Temperature can be set from 62-degrees to 82-degrees.

9. Xbeauty 50″ In-Wall Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Heater

Xbeauty 50" Electric Fireplace In-Wall Recessed Wall Mounted 1500W Fireplace Heater

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The best feature of this wall mounted electric fireplace heater is its aesthetics and the freedom of customisation it provides. The LED display has exceptional build quality and lifelike colours. It boasts a total flame colour count of 12 and even the flame speed has 5 levels. Add in 5 levels of brightness and you got yourself something that is bound to attract a lot of eyeballs. With the back frame design, you also get LED lights for flawless bed display. Also, the front air outlet design makes it a suitable installation under the TV.

Key feature

  • Can be mounted on the wall, installed partially or fully inside the wall or free-standing.
  • Has remote as well as touchscreen has all the controls you will need.
  • Can easily keep 400-square warm and comfortable.

8. AKDY Modern LED Wall Mount Electric Fireplace Heater with Remote Control

AKDY 36" LED Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

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Soot, smoke, lumber or chimney all these words indicate a lot of money and labour expenditure when you opt for a traditional fireplace. With AKDY’s wall mounted electric fireplace insert you won’t have to worry about any of that while enjoying the same warmth and visuals of the realistic dancing flames. It has a unique feature that will allow you to opt for logs as well as pebbles for the display. You can adjust the aesthetics with a remote or buttons according to your needs.

Key features

  • No accidental overheating due to an automatic feature of safety cut-off
  • Operates at 750W/1500W and operated by remote control.
  • Comes with 7 different light patterns.

7. Antarctic Star 60″ Recessed Built-in Wall & Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

Antarctic Star 60" Recessed Electric Fireplace

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Antarctic Star has made a state of the art fireplace with this 60-inches model that leaves no room for criticism. It warms up your place with efficient heating and flames are vivid enough to make you forget that they aren’t real. The convenience you get with the controller is a genuine improvement in the quality of life. You get both wall-mounted as well as freestanding options for installation. Besides having a glass panel that feels cool whenever one touches it, the heater is even environment-friendly as no pollution is done.

Key features

  • CETL certified which means safe for both mischievous children and curious pets
  • A warranty period of one year.
  • 12 flame colours that vary from red and purple to modern blue and pink.
  • Have numerous options when it comes to setting or adjusting flames.

6. Large Adjustable Electric Wall Mount & Free Standing Fireplace Heater with Glass

 Large 1500W Heat Adjustable Electric Wall Mount & Free Standing Fireplace Heater

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This product has a great manufacturing quality and other than the tempered glass and steel frame construction, it comes with a gorgeous wooden exterior. It sets itself apart from the competition by offering portability which is quite rare when it comes to fireplaces, be it electric or ones that use fossil fuels. If you feel like relocating the fireplace to a different room, you can easily do so with the help of the rolling wheels.

Key features

  • Display the beauty of the 3D flame even when you don’t need the heat.
  • A modern design with a stainless steel interior.
  • Offers its own wireless controller.

5. Touchstone ValueLine Recessed Wall Electric Fireplace

Recessed Wall Electric Fireplace

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Words like premium and flagship are thrown around quite a lot in the smartphone world. In the world of electric fireplaces, this brilliant product from Touchstone definitely does justice to those adjectives. You and your guests would both be pleasantly astonished due to the crisp display and flame effect that seems very real. The ultrawide 60-inch panel makes it even more appealing and accentuates its beauty. With a weight fewer than 70 pounds, you get diverse hearth options as well as flame modes.

Key features

  • Colour of logs, crystals and flames can all be changed.
  • 10 different flame colour sets.
  • Various installation options.

4. GMHome 1500/750W Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace

GMHome 70" Wall Recessed Electric Fireplace

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GMHome repeats itself on the list with another fireplace, but much bigger. It has a steel panel on the front with glossy black paint that gives it a stunning look. Offering 3 installation choices and 9 colours variations for obtaining a real-like flame, one can change the colours according to their mood. You can acquire both heat and without heat flame effect and can successfully warm an area of 400-sq.ft with an intensity of maximum 1500W.

Key features

  • Has a timer setting ranging from 1-hours all the way up to 8-hours.
  • Installation is quick and easy.
  • Operated with the use of remote control.

3. Innoflame E35c Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace Heater – 1400W

Innoflame E35c Wall Hanging Electric Fireplace Heater

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Innoflame with their product have upped the notch and are providing all kinds of choices with the ember bed. Some people prefer the traditional wood logs while others find pebbles and crystals quite appealing, so you get to pick the one that pleases you the most. With the E35c, you can have it all and the ambient lighting at the back further uplifts its appearance. Further, the LED lights have a pretty long life and the touch panel run by motor offer a silent-free operation.

Key features

  • The long power cord of 1.8 meters.
  • Temperature control is electronic and more reliable.
  • Amber, blue and other colour options for the flame.
  • The remote control functions with the use of infrared rays.

2. Giantex Adjustable Large Wall Mount Electric Fireplace with Remote

Giantex 35" Xl Large 1500w Adjustable Electric Wall Mount Fireplace Heater

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Other than being good for the environment, cutting on non-renewable fuel and emissions, the wall mounted electric fireplace no heat also saves on your utility bill by being energy efficient. It has a design that can fit right in any room of your home or office. And don’t worry about overheating since it has a safety feature that prevents such situations. Most importantly, the remote control makes it extremely convenient.

Key features

  • 5mm thick tempering glass for better safety.
  • A power rating of 750W/1500W.

1. Northwest 80-422S Mahogany Fireplace with Wall Mount & Floor Stand

Northwest 80-422S Mahogany Fireplace

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This is a marvellous electric wall fireplace by Northwest that respects and cherishes the classics. Metal undoubtedly looks good on the front panel but nothing can beat that mahogany finished panel that has a natural feel and artistic depth. During summer or hot days, you don’t need the heater but that flame effect with mesmerizing visuals can be operated independently. The thermal cut-off device assures your safety and facilitates controlling through remote.

Key features

  • Heat setting has 2 options.
  • 71-inches power cord, so you don’t have to install a new plug.
  • Flame brightness is customisable.

Plan your winter nights by enjoying the heat produced through the best wall mounted electric fireplace heater and have a comfortable time.

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