Top 7 Best Fracture And Walking Boots Reviews In 2019

A fracture boot is a specialized device that’s designed to treat injuries to the foot by retraining it and allowing the healing process to take place. Such injuries may include limb fractures, strains, and tendon injury among others. One among the best ways to get your foot or ankle problem to heal is by resting it, but of course, it’s very hard to rest your foot and still go on with your normal activities. Fracture boots allow you to rest your foot while still walking around and doing your daily activities. Fracture boots are also referred to as walking cast boots, walkers, medical boot, Aircast boot, and walking boots.

Walking boots have been designed to use Velcro closures, and this means that they can accommodate any swelling on your foot by expanding. This is very convenient when you compare it with the ordinary cast, which can be very painful when your foot swells. The following is a review of the top 7 best fracture and walking cast boots. Remember, fracture boots are normally just a part of an overall treatment plan. It’s recommended that you visit a podiatrist for full treatment.

Table of the Best Walking Boots Reviews

7. Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot, Medium

Walking Cast Boots

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Going for an unbeatable price this fracture boot is a lifesaver. It’s very comfortable and helps relieve foot pain and allow a fractured foot to heal. Featuring adjustable Velcro straps, the boot provides excellent support to your foot and the low profile bottom promotes a natural step. If you put the boot on like it’s stated in the instructions, the fit is simply perfect. When using the boot for the first time, remember to remove the liner and place your foot into it then put your foot into the actual brace, ensuring you slide your whole foot all the way to the heel of the brace.

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6. Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot, Small

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Ideal for acute ankle sprains, stable fractures, soft tissue injuries, and post-operative use, this boot features a fully integrated air pump and release knob to help provide easy and tool-free inflation and deflation. This, in turn, helps accommodate the changes in the swelling patterns on your foot. The removable front toes cover provides extra protection and the Velcro straps directly adhere to the frame for easier use. It also features a wide footbed for increased stability and comfort.

5. Short Cam Walker Fracture Boot – Small

Fracture And Walking Cast Boots

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If you’re looking for a solid and sturdy boot to keep your fractured foot immobile, then this is the perfect choice for you. Despite its solid design, this boot is adjustable and very comfortable. The rubberized bottom helps maintain traction and you can wear it all through the week without any problem.

4. Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot – Medium

Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot

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This boot will serve you much better than you expect. In fact, it’s no different from the boots sold in pharmacies and hospitals. It’s very well-constructed and designed and provides great support to your foot. It’s also very comfortable and is ideal for anyone who wants a great walking boot at an affordable price. It does not dig into any particular place and features four thick foam pads that hold up very well. The boot is very lightweight and easy to put on and get off without causing pain to the injury.

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3. Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot, XL

Short Air Cam Walker Fracture Boot

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This cam walker fracture boot effectively protects your foot while healing from a fracture or any other foot injury. This cam walker is very versatile and you can adjust it to fit your own needs. The whole boot opens up completely and the Velcro straps can be placed where you can easily access it to open or close the boot. The air pump feature allows for a perfect snug fit, and the boot is very easy to get on and off.

2. Ossur Rebound Air Low Top Walker – Medium

Ossur Rebound Air Low Top Walker

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This boot features a special design to provide great compression as well as easy usage and application. Besides having an enhanced comfortable fit and feel, this boot is also designed to be rugged and durable. It covers the toes, but as an option, you can cut off the toe protectors for an open toe feel. It features ventilated panels that wick moisture to help prevent microbial buildup and improve the comfort of the patient.

1. DARCO Body Armor Walker II

DARCO Body Armor Walker

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This walker features a hard shell that provides circumferential protection with added flexibility for sizing. The soft, breathable lining wicks away moisture with the assistance of the raised air vents, which trap air into the walker while the patient walks. The walker’s flexible upper with integrated inner liner allows for easy access.

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