Best LED Underwater Pool Lights Reviews

Beautification of your pool plays a major role when you spend a lot of time in the water. Although a majority of the crowd prefers swimming in the morning, a lot loves to chill in the pool after long days of work. For pools that stay busy in the evening and night, getting hold of the LED underwater pool lights are the best thing to do. These lights are designed to stay underwater, illuminating the entire pool, thereby making swims easier and more fun always.

The underwater swimming pool lights fixtures are designed with premium quality materials that brighten the pool, make it impressive and even improve your swimming sessions after sunset. Each and every light is constructed to assure no risks of water seepage and even eliminate risks associated with short circuits. Get one for your pool and make swimming a healthy habit at any time of the day.

Table of the Best LED Underwater Pool Lights Reviews

10. Pentair 78448100 Amerlite Underwater Pool Lights – 120 Volt

Underwater Pool Lights

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When it comes to pools, it becomes almost necessary to dress it up in the most beautiful way so that all your times in the water stays memorable. A lot of people prefer taking a dip after the entire day’s work and that’s when a bright underwater pool light plays an important role. With this light, you get a very good construction of stainless steel face ring which has a Uni-tension ring. The advanced technology of the light allows you to change the bulb even without taking the water level down.

Key features

  • Constructed with prismatic tempered glass lens which helps in efficient light diffusion.
  • When water is low, the heat sensing cut off keeping everything safe.
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9. Hayward SP0583SL30 AstroLite Swimming Pool Light

Hayward SP0583SL30 AstroLite Pool Light, Stainless Steel Face Rim

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Evenings will be all the more luring when you light up your pool with this smart underwater light for a pool. Designed with a patterned lens that reduces the glare and thermoplastic material to make it efficient, this underwater light makes swimming more fun. Also, the face rims are made of stainless steel making it safe against risks of corrosion and rust.

Key features

  • Comes with E-Z lock clamp.
  • Reflector assembly makes revamping easier.
  • Available in a wide range of cord lengths.

8. Pentair 78458100 120 Volt Underwater Pool Light

Pentair 78458100 Amerlite Underwater Incandescent Pool Light

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When you are concerned with an underwater light for your pool, quality is the primary factor as risks are always associated with electric and water. The Amerlight model packs that surety against risks and makes the pool look lit-up always. With the medium blue lenses, the pool looks appealing and even ensures the light is diffused in the best way. The stainless steel face ring is safe to use for a long time without damages and hassles.

Key features

  • The lens is made up of prismatic tempered glass.
  • Gold diffused technology for low water cut off is very safe and secure.
  • Uni-tension clamp keeps it secured in place.

7. Cheesea LED WaterProof Underwater Swimming Pool Light

Cheesea LED Swimming Pool Light

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A remote-controlled underwater swimming pool light that not only lights up your pool but also makes it more appealing with the 7 different colour options it can produce. All you need to do is switch the remote control to change the various colours available on the light. The same remote can also be used to switch the light on/off when needed. For added protection, the flawless bezel of the light is made of stainless steel enhancing the durability of the entire unit.

Key features

  • Underwater sealing assures safety.
  • Ease of installation is guaranteed.
  • 24W of power makes the lights are very powerful and bright.
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6. Coolwest Waterproof Underwater Swimming Pool Lights – 12V AC/DC 

 COOLWEST LED RGB Underwater Swimming Pool Light

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Who doesn’t like a pool that looks beautiful and colourful even when the sun is down? With the Coolwest underwater pool light, now you can have as many as 11 different colour settings that come with a smooth colour transition as well. Play with the various colours with a remote controller whenever you want. The stainless steel housing ensures safety even if there is any water leakage and the 20 ft power cord makes it easier to install it to a place of your choice.

Key features

  • The entire assembly is resistant to temperature and corrosion.
  • IP68 waterproofing is extremely safe to use.
  • 54 W of power assures you of a bright light always.

5. Ipoolight Universal Large LED Underwater Pool/Spa Light 

Ipoolight Universal 30 Feet Cord Large LED Color Changeable Underwater Pool/Spa Light

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Being well-designed and feature-rich underwater pool lights in the market, this can be controlled with your smartphone and has Bluetooth compatibility. It works well both on iOS and Android platforms and has a range of 20 different vivid colour combinations. So next time you decide to make your pool the most beautiful place in your house, just tweak the control to set a light that looks extremely pleasing in every way. Also, as the transformer is present in the control box, there is actually no need for an extra set-up.

Key features

  • Designed with an outdoor control box for ease of usage.
  • Extremely reliable IP68 waterproofing.
  • Consumes at around 86% less energy.

4. SmartPool NL35 NiteLighter Underwater Lights for AG Pools

SmartPool NL35 NiteLighter Underwater Light for AG Pools

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Do not let your pool lose its glamour when the sun sets down, as you can make the pool look appealing by just installing an underwater light which serves for both beautification and ease of swimming. The long life halogen technology used in the light keeps it bright and shining always and even comes with a 6 months manufacturer warranty for your convenience.

Key features

  • The lens is chemical proof.
  • 12 V transformer is equipped on the outdoors.
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3. Pentair 601101 IntelliBrite LED Underwater Pool Light

Pentair 601101 IntelliBrite 5G White Underwater LED Pool Light

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Pentair is a profound name in the market of underwater LED pool lights and the Intellibrite is one of their best models that is well-designed and comes with a wide range of impressive features aimed at making your night swims better. It uses advanced technology that rewards you with up to 86 percent of energy saving and a really perfect lens geometry. Also, it has an exclusive reflector design which widens the beam size and enhances light diffusion also.

Key features

  • Lets you control between a wide and narrow beam pattern as the lens can be rotated about 180-degrees.
  • 300 W of power makes the pool extremely bright.

2. Intex 110-120V LED Pool Wall Light

Intex LED Pool Wall Light

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Designed for above the ground pools, it has a very simple and unique design that looks good in itself even without being on. The LED light illuminates your pool when natural light is missing and being magnetic, ease of operation is guaranteed in every scenario. Further, the unit uses good quality LED light so that you never have to compromise with the brightness or long life of the lights. It is a modern looking underwater swimming pool light above ground level that readily elevates the beauty of any pool.

Key features

  • Consumes very low electricity level.
  • Has inbuilt flotation feature to eliminate hassles if separated from the magnet.

1. Pentair IntelliBrite Underwater LED Swimming Pool Light

Pentair 601010 IntelliBrite 5G Color Underwater LED Pool Light

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An upgraded model of pool light that makes it to the top of the list, the Intellibrite 5G from Pentair is exclusively designed to make your pool one of a kind. It offers 5 different colour modes to reflect on your mood and 7 different combinations that can be altered as per your choice. The unit uses the most energy efficient and brightest LED lights to make your pool time all the more fun and enticing.

Key features

  • Superior reflector design guides the light towards the floor of the pool to reduce glare and enhance brightness.
  • 180 degrees rotatable lens to alter the beam pattern.
  • 30 ft long power cord for larger pools also.

Eliminate darkness in and around your pool area with LED underwater pool lights assembly and now, even the darkest lights will appear appealing.

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