Top 10 Best Truck Bed Tents for Camping Reviews In 2020

Camping under the clear sky and witnessing the beauty of stars may appear to be an alluring idea. But one needs to make proper arrangements before setting off for the trip. And if you own a truck, then the truck bed tents are an affordable solution. You can just set-up the tent at the back of your truck and enjoy a comfortable time. However, checking on the quality factor is really crucial.

Thus, we have jotted the best of best in this truck bed tent buying guide so that you do not feel cheated. So, get a bit of second suggestion from us before you finalize anything.

Table of the Best Truck Bed Tents Reviews

10. Napier Backroadz Pickup Truck Bed Tent for Camping

Truck Bed Tents

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Going for a long weekend trip? Well, here comes a tent that clearly boasts of no less than 4 windows and allows ample ventilation. Waterproof and easy to assemble, this tent from the house of Napier protects the user from any debris or dirt and surely starts to pool the rainwater in case of excess rainfall.

Perfectly suitable for 2 people, it has comfortable flooring that is sewn into the floor. Made from durable polyester taffeta, it is not just strong but also durable in terms of nature. As a matter of fact, its colour-coded poles ensure that the setting up of this tent is easy.  Plus, it is most popular in terms of choice by campers.

Further, known specifically for its 3-seasons comprehensive usage, the truck bed tent camper comes with additional poles and strapping. Finally, it added a storm flap on the floor with a rainfly in order to maintain privacy levels.

Key features:

  • Its headroom of 5.6’ ensuring a large internal space.
  • Has a 1-year warranty period and you can contact its customer service 24×7.
  • The buyer will receive a carry bag for filing it in.
  • Equipped with a toolkit for emergencies.
  • The windows indeed have corded fibre glasses giving it a perfect ending.
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9. Guide Gear Full-Size Truck Bed Pop up Tent

Guide Gear Full-Size Truck Bed Pop up Tent

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Coming at the lowest of the rates and being ideally termed as a truck-bed, this product is truly worth noting given its comfort standard, ventilation levels and adaptability. Minus the whistles and bells, it is constructed of solid polyester and is inclusive of the floor within this bed.

Known for its versatility, this is suitable for 2 people and is extremely easy to customise. With dual storage pockets, this includes colour-coded poles waterproof coating up to 1500mm. Furthermore, providing 5.25’ of headroom, this green-hued tent is lightweight and is marked with a 190T standard of polyester. Has an additional rainfly to protect against rainfall. There are poles which are paired with straps for safety issues. The fibreglass truck bed tent is shock-corded with a suitable fitting for full-size beds.

Key features:

  • Includes meshing windows to enhance ventilation levels as well as D-shaped doors.
  • Weighs just 11.4 pounds with polyester flooring for stability.
  • Inclusive of a weather-resistant carry bag.
  • Certainly can fit in any full-size pickup truck.

8. Rightline Gear Full-Size Standard Bed Tent for Pickup

Rightline Gear Full-Size Standard Bed Tent for Pickup

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As a dedicated brand for making car’s accessories, Rightline has made a prominent name for itself. Firstly, this full-size tent for the truck bed is a manifestation of its quality. With a capacity to accommodate 2 individuals, it has a floorless design making it a unique piece amidst its counterparts.

Plus, its decision to omit the flooring, naturally installation process is comparatively easier and on the whole. Needless to say, it lowers the weight (albeit a mere 9.3 pounds). Having colour-coordinated poles and a strap ensures an extra level of stability while the polypropylene cover protects the vehicle’s paintwork.

Given its range of advantages, counting from non-removal of gear from the truck’s back to tent acting as a mesh for the dirt preventing it from creating a mess on the truck bed, this is one gear that you cannot miss! Relish the view under the stars while camping when the bed is set!

As a matter of fact, the construction is from water-resistant fabric (2000 mm PU) with seams being strip sealed. Nevertheless, it comes packed with the user guide, removable rainfly for protection in harsh conditions, tent and water-repellent storage bags.

Key features:

  • Known for its good ventilation standards.
  • Enabled with a lantern hook and zipper pulls that glows in the dark helping to light up the camp.
  • Has geared storage pockets for additional help.
  • Wide sleeping area with smooth buckles and straps.

7. Milliard Standard Truck Tent 6.5ft Bed

Milliard Standard Truck Tent 6.5ft Bed

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When consistency is the first concern, nothing can beat the magic of Milliard!! Easy to set with a user manual guiding you, this truck tent is specifically known for its privacy features. Given the mesh windows and doors, it not only improves ventilation standards but also provides complete privacy to its users.

Furthermore, it has a floor sewn in specifically for removing the dirt and a rainfly to deal with sudden weather changes. Well, this is ultimate in terms of durability and consistency. Just ensure that your bed is measured with the tailgate closed to make it fit the 6.5 feet standard format.

Key features:

  • The truck bed tent installation is indeed easy and notable for its stability.
  • Has a lantern hook with a storage pocket for managing the extra light.
  • Comes with a strong ripstop and mesh ventilation screens.
  • The user manual is there to guide you at every step.
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6. SportZ Blue/Grey Truck Bed Tents for Camping

SportZ Truck Tent - Blue/Grey

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Known for its wide entrance and ample room space, this truck tent from SportZ is a class apart from its competitors. With headroom of 5.6-feet, it has mesh windows with side vents for easy ventilation process. Further, this truck tent doesn’t require any guide ropes and can be set up anywhere irrespective of the weather conditions.

For a summer sleep-out specifically, it has built-in air vents and a 4×4-inches shade awning to maintain the temperature levels. Being hassle-free in nature, this comes with a sewn-in-floor to avoid the dirt. Whereas, its strap protectors enhance the standards of durability as well as security.

Moreover, this tent is known for its colour-coded poles and a sleeve system that eases the installation process. While its backside access panel and high roof make it suitable enough for usage during long-term camping process.

Key features:

  • Comes with an expandable truck bed tent storage back to carry it easily at any time – any place.
  • Dual mesh windows ensure better ventilation process.

5. DAC Explorer 2 SUV and Minivan Truck Bed Tents for Camper

DAC Explorer 2 SUV and Minivan Tent

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For some additional space in your SUV, this tent from Explorer is a great option. Noted for some incredible features, this tent is suitable for both long day camping option and even a night of peace. As a matter of fact, it is enabled with plastic coated hooks and bungee cords to ease the setting-up process. Also, the door panel at the back is easily foldable for better ventilation and shut down while one needs privacy.

Moreover, its flexibility, 4.5-pound weight, an accompaniment of a carry bag and foldable exterior panels make it a must choose an option. With an arrangement of the ‘T’ layout and the dual zipper facility, entry and exit into it are managed with ease.

Key features:

  • Courtesy to the mesh insect screen, the insects are kept at bay.
  • Known for its durability standards.
  • Certainly used while the vehicle is connected to boat trailers.

4. Hasika Waterproof Large Pickup Truck Tailgate Tent with Floor

Hasika Waterproof Large Pickup Truck Tailgate Tent with Floor Blue/Grey

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Enabled with a capacity of 3 people unlike its competitors, this double-layered waterproof truck bed tent has both an awning and is also sewn into the floor. Besides polyester construction, this allows you to have access to the truck’s cab. While the entrance door is large enough to maximise ventilation levels.

Further, it is suitable for beds within the range of 5.6-5.7-feet. Plus, this tent can shield up all the associated products like chairs and tables along with the large shade that it makes up. Also, the frame material is made of steel as well as fibreglass and weighs a mere 11.4 pounds. Lastly, the window cover includes 3000 mm of PU coated polyester. And the general waterproof range of this product is within 2000-4000 mm.

Key features:

  • Certainly usable in multiple manners- truck bed tent, tent camper, truck outdoor accessories, truck bed covers.
  • The package includes a user guide, fibreglass poles, iron poles, carry bag, reflection ropes and inner tent
  • Uses 190T polyester material for the construction of this tent.
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3. Sportz Link Ground 4 Person Truck Bed Tents

Sportz Link Ground 4 Person Truck Tent

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Added with an expandable and lightweight carry bag, this mesh enabled tent with a large door. Also, it includes 3 windows which make it one of the best in town. With the attachment sleeve that connects this ground tent to the truck, one can surely thank SportZ for bringing a tent that is multipurpose in terms of usage.

Plus, the waterproof floor is notable for its 8×8-inches dimension. As a matter of fact, it can easily fit in 4 individuals with ease.

Key features:

  • Comes enabled with a rainfly to protect from rainfall or any untoward weather condition.
  • The setting-up process is pretty easy.

2. Kodiak Canvas Mid-Size Truck Bed Tents – 5-6ft

Kodiak Canvas Mid-Size Truck Bed Tent 5-6ft

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Created out of 100% cotton duck canvas, this is ideal for any weather condition. Known for its durability and enabled with 5 windows for ventilation process, this can fit into the truck of any category from Chevy to Toyota. Utilizing available space in the best manner and being waterproof and air-tight in nature, this tent has a D -shaped entrance.

Furthermore, its sealed entrance for protection from insects is notable and is secured with YKK zippers. Constructed from ¾-inches of the steel tube frame, this provides a durable position with clamp-on rails.

Key features:

  • Comes with a 2-gear storage pocket and cab access window.
  • Courtesy to the tunnel-shaped format, this has room enough for 2 people.
  • Steel poles and straps ensure complete durability.

1. Napier Outdoor Sportz Truck Tent for Small Bed

 Napier Outdoor Sportz Truck Tent for Small Bed

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Created out of polyester taffeta, this truck tent is not just easy to install but is sturdy enough to stand up to multiple weather conditions. Hued in beautiful colours, this 2-seater tent is a perfect fit for a compact 5-feet bed.

In fact, there is nothing to flinch about the installing process as it is pretty easy. Absolutely suitable for outdoor spaces, one can convert this into a space that can accommodate two individuals.

Key features:

  • Specifically works with prefabricated liners and sprayed liners.
  • A durable product.

Planning a trip in your truck? Buy a truck bed tent for sleeping or taking rest when you stop at the destination.

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