Top 10 Best Triple Beam Balances for Kids & Adults Reviews In 2020

A lot of different kinds of equipment are mandatory in the laboratory of schools, colleges, and other places. Measurement of various materials and liquids, in terms of their weight, mass, as well as volume, is one of the most common practices in a laboratory. Triple beam balances are a mass measuring device that understands the need for high order accuracy in different kinds of experiments. These are a type of mechanical balances that are constructed with one primary thing in mind, the need of accuracy. Some of the balances are even capable of measuring things that crosses the 2kg mark and still deal with accuracy always.

For helping you the receive only the correct readings, we have zeroed down the 10 best triple beam balances based on their quality of construction, reliability, and efficiency when it comes to measurement in laboratories.

Table of the Best Triple Beam Balances Reviews

10. Ohaus Specialty 610g Capacity Triple Beam Balance

Triple Beam Balances

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When you want to find out the accurate mass of an object without any added weight of other things, a triple beam balance unit is highly efficient. Ohaus Specialty is known for manufacturing scales and balances and this balance is capable of weighing up to 610 g with an impressive accuracy of 0.1 g. Owing to the design that has sliding weights, notched and tiered beams, you get accurate readings is guaranteed every single time.

Key features

  • The compensator is needed for zero adjustments and spring loaded that allow finer modifications.
  • Metal construction in the base and beam makes the balance very durable.
  • Magnetic damping speeds increase the productivity while working with it.

9. Walter Products B-300-O Triple Beam Balance w/ Tare, 610 g

Walter Products B-300-O Economy Triple Beam Balance

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A mechanical type of balance that can come in handy in many places like the laboratory of the school or a workshop, the Walter Products beam balance is a rugged model that has die-cast construction and has precision ground edges for better workability. The large stainless steel weighing platform has a capacity of 610 g but if needed the triple beam balance capacity can be extended to 2610 as well. Besides, it has an accuracy of 0.1gm for perfect results.

Key features

  • The dual magnetic damping system slows down oscillation.
  • Weight sets are also included.
  • The weighing platform is built of stainless steel.

8. Frey Scientific Triple Beam Balance – 610g Capacity

Frey Scientific Triple Beam Balance

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There is a wide range of measurement experiments that need to be conducted in the most accurate fashion and this balance assures you with extremely accurate results cause of the 0.10 gm accuracy it has. Also, the weighing platform measures 6” and is made of stainless steel that keeps it new and away from scaling as well as corrosion. The three notched, tired beams function quite efficiently for impressive results.

Key features

  • Magnetic damping enhances workability to produce correct results.
  • Enameled metal construction improves the durability of the balance.
  • A secured loop is included in the balance.

7. Yescom AMW TB-2610 Triple Beam Mechanical Balance Scale

Triple Beam Mechanical Balance Scale 0.1g Weight Lab Business Home AMW TB-2610

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Approved by CE, the Yescom beam mechanical balance comes with the benefit of three attachments weights that is capable of increasing the weight capacity to 2610 gm from 610 gm. It assures you very precise results always as the knife edges on the balance allows for the calculation of repeatable results as well. Plus, it has a built-in magnetic dampening feature to reduce swing, thereby coming up with more accurate results.

Key features

  • The platform is made of stainless steel and has a big 6” surface.
  • Aluminium alloy construction improves durability while keeping the unit lightweight.
  • Two attachment weights can be hanged simultaneously.

6. Walter Products B 350 Triple Beam Balance Scale

Triple Beam Mechanical Balance Scale

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The B350 model of beam balance from Walter Products holds onto the fine construction and features for providing an enhanced experience while performing experiments. It has a standout feature that has a dial to speed up the process of weighing and even deliver much more precise accuracy every single time. Furthermore, the magnetic damping is made for slowing down the oscillation thus making it capable of faster calculations.

Key features

  • Measuring capacity can be extended from 610 gm to 2610 gram.
  • Weighing platform made of stainless steel to eliminate risks of scaling, corrosion, and rusting.

5. Ohaus Triple Pro Mechanical Triple Beam Balance – 2610g Capacity

Ohaus Triple Pro Mechanical Triple Beam Balance

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Designed with precision and care, this precision-grade triple beam balance scale from Ohaus is certainly one of the best in the business. With a huge weight measuring capacity of 2610 gm combined with 0.1g readability, this will provide you with the exact measurements always. Also, it allows adjustments of spring-loaded tare for eliminating risks of accidental changes to the setting. Then the stainless steel weighing platform is also safe from corrosion as well as rusting.

Key features

  • Has an inbuilt storage lock that prevents damage when being moved.
  • The base is provided with a compartment to store the mass sets.
  • Rod plus clamp assembly measures specific gravity as well.

4. Ohaus Dial-O-Gram Triple Beam Balance with Tare and SS Pan

Ohaus 1610-00 Dial-O-Gram Triple Beam Balance with Tare and SS Pan

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A classic model of mechanical balance, the beam balance from the house of Ohaus assures high-order functionality and long life as well. The precision and durability of Ohaus make it a reliable model for constant use in school and workshop laboratories without any risks. Besides, the tiered beams which are three notched are provided with centre reading for a better user experience.

Key features

  • Comes with a zero adjust compensator that is also spring loaded.
  • The weighing rate is enhanced by the use of magnetic damping.

3. Ohaus 760-000 Triple Beam Balance

OHAUS 760-00 Triple Beam Mechanical Balance

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The name of Ohaus is quite popular in the market of scales and mechanical balances as they manufacture devices that can measure weights in a highly accurate fashion while the build quality is extremely great for long years of running without damages. In this unit, it has notched beams so that weighing and reading the measurement never becomes a challenge while the rod and clamp assembly allows for easy specific gravity calculations.

Key features

  • Has counterbalancing knob that guarantees a fast zeroing feature.
  • Non-tip zinc base makes up for the heavy-duty construction.
  • Has magnetic damping to reduce swing and increase the rate of measurement.

2. Fristaden Lab MB-2610 Triple Balance Beam Measurement

Fristaden Lab Triple Beam Scale - Triple Beam Measurement

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Searching for a triple balance beam scale that understands the need for accuracy and user-friendly design for trouble-free readability? Then this one from Fristaden Lab is well suited to serve your purpose. The simple-to-read units make every measurement fast while the extendable weight capacity of 2610 gm from 610 gm means, you are never short of options to conduct any given experiment that requires precise measurements.

Key features

  • Beams are made of aluminium alloy while the pan is made of stainless steel.
  • The accuracy of 0.1 gm is pretty impressive for versatile applications.

1. Ohaus Dial-O-Gram Stainless Steel Mechanical Triple Beam Balance 

Ohaus Dial-O-Gram Stainless Steel Top Loading Mechanical Triple Beam Balance

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Even the best triple beam scale comes from Ohaus and it is what you can rely on for extensive uses but still maintaining the accuracy with innumerable repetitions. The notched and tiered beams make reading the measurement a simple task while the positive poise positioning aids in conducting repetitive sets. For enhanced workability, a single weighing unit can also be used on this model.

Key features

  • Base and beam are made of metal whereas the plate is made out of stainless steel.
  • The platform is large and can be used under worst conditions.
  • Rugged design.

Take triple beam balance advantages fully for obtaining correct results every single time.

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