Top 10 Best Trail Cameras for Hunting and Shooting Reviews In 2019

Nothing is more fun, fascinating and amazing like enjoying the scenery of nature, more so, the wildlife. Well, if you are a hunter or an extreme wildlife enthusiast, you will find the act of immersing yourself in the outdoor space more fulfilling. In order to keep track of the wild animals and master their patterns, you need a trail camera. With the ever-improving technology, it is now possible to leave a camera out there in the wild unattended and capture several footages. Whether you plan to buy a trail camera for fun, professional reasons or hunting, you won’t deny the fact that choosing the best trail cameras can be overwhelming. With countless models out there, picking the best is not a walk in the park, especially for newcomers. Fortunately, we have put together a lot of useful information in our post to help you make a wise decision.

Table of the Best Trail Camera Reviews

10. Waterproof Campark Trail Camera for Hunting & Scouting

Trail Cameras

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First on the list is the Campark that boasts several robust recording features. Whether you intend to use this trail camera for hunting, home security, farm monitoring or for fun in the wildlife space, you will capture every fantastic moment. Unlike regular trail cameras, Campark T45 boasts 14 megapixels and captures videos with 1080 resolution allowing you to enjoy crystal clear pictures. The 2 passive infrared sensors use less energy and take about 0.3 seconds to be ready when triggered within a range of 20meters.

The super infrared night vision gives you a clear view of the wildlife at night without scaring the animals with bright flashes. Most impressive is the 120° wide-angle detecting range that allows you to get footage on a broader view. Moreover, this cam boasts an extremely fast 0.3s trigger speed, a crucial feature in ensuring you never miss the most exciting moments.

Special Features

  • 120-degree wide angle lens for a wider view
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent sensitivity
  • Crystal clear pictures with 1080 resolution and 14 megapixels
  • Lower power consumption
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9. Full HD Wildlife Foxelli Wildlife Scouting Hunting Game Camera – 14MP 1080P

Full HD Wildlife Foxelli Wildlife Scouting Hunting Game Camera – 14MP 1080P

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This is another high-quality trail camera that will ensure you never miss a thing. For both photos and videos, this camera boasts excellent 14MP photos and 1080P resolution for crystal clear videos. For wider coverage, this camera has a 120-degree wide angle lens. The unique combination of the 42 low-glow IR LEDs and the 65-ft detection range creates the perfect atmosphere for capturing fantastic footages at night. Using this camera is pretty simple, you simply insert a 32GB MicroSD and 4-8 AA batteries and the camera is ready for a roll.

It has an energy-efficient operating system and is IP65 water resistant making it the perfect sit-out in the woods. The quality 2.4” LCD colour monitor is versatile for easy operation. Other functionalities of this trail camera include real-time replay, interval recording, time stamps and much more. For trail games, hunting, monitoring of the wildlife, this camera is worth the bucks.

Special Features

  • Has password protection
  • 65-ft detection range
  • Superfast PIR motion sensor
  • Short 0.5 trigger time
  • Excellent 14MP and 1080P resolution

8. Campark Waterproof Wildgame Innovations Trail Cameras for Wild Scouting Home Security

Campark Waterproof Wildgame Innovations Trail Cameras for Wild Scouting Home Security

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Capture every detail with this camera thanks to the high-quality FHD 1080P video resolution. No so many cameras can give you crystal clear pictures but this is different with Campark trail camera. Expect full-colour resolution for the ultimate wildlife experience. With the full automatic IR filter functionality, you can record colour videos and photos with sound during the day and record black & white with sound at night. Equipped with 3PIR Sensors, this trail camera boasts quick triggering speed and a wider detection angle implying you won’t miss a moment.

Plus, the faster 1-second recovery rate means every movement is captured accurately. Any hunter will appreciate the long trigger distance of 65ft which gives you excellent footage even in total darkness. Being IP66 waterproof not to forget the sturdy shell implies this cam is prepared for the tough outdoor environment. Even at the darkest moments, nothing will scare away the animals courtesy to the 26pcs low-glow IR LEDs.

Special Features

  • 0.3s trigger speed
  • 3 PIR Sensor
  • Both day and night time shot
  • Long triggering distance
  • IP66 waterproof

7. Campark Waterproof Game and Hunting Trail Camera – 14MP 1080P 

Campark Waterproof Game and Hunting Trail Camera - 14MP 1080P 

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When it comes to buying products. We all have different preferences. However, if you are out there in the market looking for an IP56 Waterproof Hunting Camera with 42PCS IR LEDs Infrared Night Vision of up to 72ft, look no further. You will be amazed at the quality of the digital surveillance offered here, thanks to the high-quality 1080P video and 14MP images. The trigger speed is amazingly fast, it takes only 0.5 seconds implying you won’t miss the animal’s best moments.

Another adorable aspect of this camera is the low power consumption. On full 8AA batteries, this machine can be on standby for up to 8 months. Plus, the 120-degree wide-angle PIR Sensor achieves maximum coverage for better monitoring. You will find it easy to operate this trail camera, especially with the 2.4” Color TFT LCD Screen.

Special Features

  • High trigger speed (0.5s)
  • 42PCS Low Glow Infrared LEDs
  • IP56 Waterproof Level
  • Great night vision range of up to 75ft
  • Maximum coverage
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6. Meidase Waterproof Wildlife Hunting Cellular Trail Camera – 16MP 1080P

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There is just too much to like in this amazing trail camera. To begin with, you can fulfil all your wildlife adventures courtesy of the full 1080P videos and the clear 16MP pictures. Unlike other trail cameras, Meidase trail camera doesn’t use glow at night but rather uses invisible flash illumination technology. Surprisingly, even when night darkness is at its peak, this camera boasts a night vision range of up to 20 meters. Plus, the fast trigger time of 0.2 seconds and the long trigger distance of 25M ensures no fantastic moment goes uncaptured.

It is also user-friendly, thanks to the 2.4inch LCD colour screen and the TV remote style keypad that improves your interaction. Being IP66 waterproof implies you can always count on this trail camera even when the outdoor environment is at its worst. Overall, it is a reliable unit boasting several excellent features.

Special Features

  • Excellent and user-friendly functions
  • IP66 waterproof
  • Has TV remote style keypad and 2.4” LCD Color Screen
  • Clear still photos and full HD videos

5. TOGUARD Trail Camera & Game Hunting Cameras for Wildlife Monitoring and Home Security – 14MP 1080P

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When you want to monitor what if of interest to you, the TOGUARD H40 is another amazing trail camera you may want to consider. When it is dark in the woods, the slightest movement will trigger the camera in 0.5 seconds. You can be sure you won’t miss a moment even when far away. Enjoy super-crystal clear picture with the H40 14MP and 1080P recording features.

Another adorable feature is the 850nm low glow infrared technology that lets you catch every single moment without flashing and scaring away the animals. No amount of dust or rain will compromise the functionality of this camera, it is pretty solid and also features IP56 waterproof capabilities. For an excellent broader viewer, 120-degree wide angle lens is used. Mounting and using this camera is a breeze.

Special Features

  • 14MP photos and 1080P video quality
  • Can be used for multiple applications
  • 0.5S fast trigger speed
  • 75ft super night vision range
  • IP56 Waterproof

4. APEMAN 16MP 1080P Wildlife Trail Camera for Night Detection Game Camera 

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This is another perfect trail camera that will deliver the best shots without missing out on any detail. It features several improvements compared to regular trail cameras. It is an ultra-powerful machine boasting a unique design, easy-to-use controls and records quality 1080P videos and 16MP images. Whether there is fast or slow motion, this camera has a flash range of 65ft and lightning-speed trigger to ensure nothing goes uncaptured.

Compared to its competitors, it does a pretty decent job in capturing quality nighttime images. No matter how extreme the weather gets, the waterproof and dustproof design of this camera guarantees you uncompromised performance at all times. In a nutshell, it is one of the best trail cameras that does a pretty decent wild monitoring job.

Special Features

  • Enhanced nighttime shooting
  • Flash range of 65ft
  • IP66 dust prevention design
  • No glow flashlight
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3. Campark 14MP 1080P HD Waterproof Wireless Trail Camera 

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If you want to venture into the unknown wildlife world, the Campark T70 Trail Camera is worth considering. It is a high-end model that captures excellent 14MP photos and 1080P FHD videos regardless of the time. You will enjoy viewing the colourful sceneries during the day and black and white photos at nighttime. With the amazing IR technology and the 44PCS LEDs, this machine deploys infrared flash illumination technology optimizing the quality of videos and photos.

Furthermore, the 20m trigger distance gives you more range for capturing the best moments. It is possible to have excellent footage of real-time events owing to the impressively fast trigger speed of 0.5s. You can install this camera anywhere in the woods courtesy to the mounting and the threaded tripod straps. It is pretty solid in design, IP66 waterproof and has various functions.

Special Features

  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Enhanced resolution (FHD 1080P Videos and 14MP Photos)
  • Superior IR technology
  • The fast trigger speed of 0.5s
  • IP6 waterproof

2. Professional 1080P 16MP Wildlife Hunting Game Trail Camera By Kuool

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We may have different opinions over what makes the best trail camera, but that won’t be the case with Kuool K3 Trail Camera. There is plenty of features in this camera that will make you switch your mind from elsewhere. You can be guaranteed of recording high-resolution photos and videos like never before courtesy to the full HD 1080P and 16MP capabilities. Unlike most of its competitors, it has a 130-degree wide-angle lens plus 22m night vision range implying you will have more coverage and superior footage.

Even better is the 48PCS Low Glow Infrared LEDs that ensure nothing is scared away. You also won’t miss a moment given that this machine has a 75ft detection range even in the darkest of outdoor spaces. The 0.2S trigger speed is impressively fast not to mention the 3 PIR Sensors that are designed to capture even the slightest motion. The long battery life of 8-12 months in standby mode is another cool feature.

Special Features

  • Water-resistant IP65
  • Highly versatile
  • IR Flash 48 Infrared LEDs
  • Impressively fast trigger time of 0.2s

1. Waterproof Scouting Moultrie Trail Camera 12MP 1080P – VICTONYUS

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Coming in a robust housing, this camera has plenty of likeable aspects. The first adorable thing you will notice is the crystal clear photos and the 1080P FHD videos recorded. Plus, it has a superior sound recording compared to most of its competitors. No single exciting moment will go uncaptured thanks to the 0.2 trigger speed and the 3 PRI Sensors. It is also possible to increase your monitoring scope with this camera courtesy of the 120-degree wide-angle lens.

Any slight movement within a range of 45ft will trigger this camera into action. So, you can be sure never to miss a single shot. Even better is the IP65 waterproof nature that helps withstand acidic rainfall and sand significantly increasing the lifespan of this camera. You can use this trail camera for monitoring any property, family, office and any other public place.

Special Features

  • Built-in screen for reviewing images
  • 42PCS No-Glow IR LEDs
  • Impressively fast 0.2s trigger speed
  • 12MP and 1080 resolutions
  • IP65 waterproof level
  • 3 PIR Sensors

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