Best Foldable Tire Steps for Trucks and Pickups Reviews

Accessing the roof rack or high positions of your truck or SUV can be very difficult. You need to climb up to it if you do not have any other means. Frankly, that is very risky too. Thus, the brilliant minds in the industry came up with the idea of creating tire steps. The tire steps safely wrap over your tire and make it easy for you to reach the heights. They use high quality, durable yet lightweight materials in their construction. So, you can stay completely worry-free about the robustness of these steps.

Even though there are a lot of options available in the market, finding an authentic product is challenging. Hence, we are curating this list of best tire steps in order to help you out. Have a look at the list below to find the right one.

Table of the Best Tire Steps Reviews

10.  Alltrade 647596 Truck Tire Step

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If you own a truck you must be aware of the problems which come with owning a truck. Most of these issues arise because of the height of the vehicle. It might get difficult to reach the roof or even get to the engine. Alltrade has come up with a wonderful solution for such problems. It’s truck tire step acts as an actual step that you can use to lift yourself up. Cleaning the top, loading it and even tending to the engine will be a piece of cake with the help of this product.

You can adjust the step into four different settings as well. This step is better than any tool as it offers you incredible support powered by its 3ton farm jack.

Key Features:

  • The steps highly durable and they Can fit any tired with diameter up to 12 inches deep.
  • The product is characterized by a high-grip surface that prevents slipping. It resembles a cheese grater which is the main reason for this feature to work out.
  • You can simply fold the product and store it in a compact space.
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9. WINTOOLS Adjustable Folding Tire Steps for Truck & SUV Wheel 


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WINTOOLS’ foldable tire step is just the thing that every truck driver needs. With three different settings to choose from, you can adjust the height and width according to your truck. The step can allow you to change wiper blades, clean the front and work on the vehicle’s engines easily.

Managing a truck has never been this easy. Just step on it and you’ll be in a different world. The step uses strong metal that can hold your weight with ease. Also, the black powder coat protects the metal body from corroding.

Key Features:

  • To store the product, fold it flat into a compact size and put it away to use it another time.
  • Rubber stops along the body prevent friction between the metal bodies.
  • A one year guarantee on the product makes it all the more attractive.

8. Heininger Black HitchMate Tire Steps

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If you have an SUV, RV or even a light truck, then Heininger 4260 tire step is the one product you should own. Mount this on any of the tires on the vehicle to reach heights you have never set foot on. The product helps you with cleaning and tending to your truck without hassle.

It will fit onto any tire which has a diameter up to 12.5-inches wide. This is the one item that truck owners should not miss out on. Finally, the adjustable tire step is minimized as well as maximized in three different positions.

Key Features:

  • The metal body comes with black powder coating that not only gives it a shine but also protects the metal.
  • The anti-slip feature prevents anyone standing on it from slipping and hurting themselves.
  • You can fully trust this step as it can hold up to 400lbs in weight.

7. Oklead Pickup and SUV Tire Steps – Universal Big Truck Tire Mounted Step

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The Oklead’s product cans a stylish addition to your truck accessories. It not only helps you to keep your truck clean but also looks fabulous. You will not want to climb a boring tool anymore after using this product. It fits right on the tire and hence you do not need to worry about wobbly ground anymore.

Unlike tools, the universal tire step fit tightly and stay put unless you remove them. The product is made of heavy-duty steel that offers durability for its users. The best thing about this step is that it can fit onto tires with a diameter ranging up to 13.8-inch.

Key Features:

  • The black coat on the step prevents any rust to form, thus keeping the product shiny all the way through.
  • You can adjust the truck tire within 4 settings, according to the height of your truck.
  • A one year guarantee is assured with the purchase of this product.
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6. SUBARU Genuine Portable Tire Wheel Step with Bag

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This product is made especially for all Subaru car and truck owners. Being a genuine Subaru product, this portable tire step is not something you can find defects in. It goes above and beyond any other brand as it uses high-quality steel which is both durable and attractive. The special bag that comes with the purchase allows you to fold the step and pack it in after you are done using it.

You can definitely rely on this product for managing your truck. The step is also highly excellent when it comes to preventing any scuff and scratch on the truck tire.

Key Features:

  • The rubber bumpers on the step keep the friction between the tire and the step minimal.
  • It will fit onto any Subaru model of 2000-2019.
  • The step can also fit onto Ascent Outback Forester Crosstrek 2019 and 2020.

5. Bully AS-600 Universal Truck Aluminum Side Hoop Step

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To make life easier for you, Bully has come up with a product that offers you the liberty to reach every nook and corner of your truck. It may get difficult to even reach the truck door at times. Worry not; AS-600 is here to the rescue.

The product is highly durable due to its aluminium body which makes it lightweight as well. You can fit it onto almost every truck and get going. Don’t wait; get your hands on of these beauties right away.

Key Features:

  • The sides of the step have a matte finish while the bottom of it has a great look. This prevents the user from slipping and falling off.
  • On purchasing this product you will receive a bunch of hardware that you can use to set the steps onto the truck tires.
  • From Chevrolet, Ford, GMC to Toyota and Nissan, this can fit into almost any tire.

4. RBP R1S1001R Black Universal Hoop Step

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With the RBP R1S1001R, you can get access to all the high parts of your truck. Often the roof and other high areas of the truck remain unnoticed and untended. This product will help you do away with that dilemma. A product made of aluminium cast; it provides support to raise you up to the top of the vehicle.

Also, the product is super light and hence in any way does not add to the truck’s weight. A simple solution for your truck problems.

Key Features:

  • Its matte-finish sides and the robust step area is the key to not slipping while working on the truck.
  • The installation will be the least of your headaches as the product comes with hardware that you can use to set it up.
  • The black look and the RBP cutout logo take the step to another level of chic.
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3. Top Line TH2100 Tire-Hopper – Tire Steps

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Topline TH2100 Tire Hopper gives you the support that you need to step up. It is a user-friendly product that is simpler than any other tire step. You only need it to latch it onto the tire and you’ll be good to go. Take some time off from your daily problems with cleaning and reaching the topmost accessories of your truck.

This product has been crafted to make life easier for you in every way. It can fit onto any OEM truck tires. The crinkle texture that lines the step offers full support so that you do not slip and injure yourself.

Key Features:

  • The hopper can fold flat for easy storage.
  • It has a sleek design and the monochrome colour of the product make it look ravishing.

2. Bully BBS-1101S Universal Aluminum Truck Hoop Step

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Driving safe is not the only thing you should keep in mind while driving a large vehicle. Stepping in and out of the vehicle has to be kept in mind too as it can be dangerous if you do not focus while doing so. To save you a few injuries, Bully BBS-11-1S has come up with a wonderful product.

This universal truck step gives you a push up so that you can reach the high doors and even roofs of your trucks with ease. It’s a rational investment which is comparatively inexpensive. You only need to use the hardware provided with the product to install it in your truck.

Key Features:

  • Having aluminium cast construction, it is a durable product that is efficient enough to hold your full body weight.
  • You’ll get the universal look from the matte sides. The textures on the step keep you from falling off the step.
  • The step is suitable for any truck including SUVs.

1. Carr 103994-1 Aluminum Truck Step – Step Bars

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Carr 103994-1 is one product to look out for as it is one solution to all your height issues when it comes to trucks. The aluminium alloy that it uses in making the step gives it a long life. It prevents the product from corroding and rust to form on it upon regular usage. The texturing of the step allows you to stay put on it while you are working.

This means you do not have to worry about slipping and falling from such heights while working on your truck. You will get a lifetime warranty with this product although you may never need it. The steps are resistant to scratches and peeling off.

Key Features:

  • You can get this product in various finishes like XM3, XP3 AND XP4.
  • The multi-mount system makes it more attractive as you can put it into many settings according to your convenience.
  • In order to get a precise fit you just need to turn the mounting heads for some time. These heads are made of zinc-plated steel.

Install a tire step and make movements easier. Climb up or down your vehicle and miss no footing at all.

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