Top 10 Best Automotive Snow Tire Chains for Trucks & Tractors In 2020

Driving through the snow can be extremely hard. Plus, it is very risky too. The normal rubber tires often skid while running on the snow. As a result, they can become the reason for a big accident. If you enter the road without any protection, then you just hope that you don’t end up in the hospital. With the addition of the snow tire chains, you can obtain control. These made of high-quality materials provide friction and stability to your tires. Thus, they eliminate any risk involved in driving through the snow.

As a matter of fact, the variety in features as well as durability in very crucial before selecting. The list of tire chains for trucks and tractors will give a complete insight into the possibilities and expectations.

Table of the Best Automotive Tire Chains Reviews

10. KONIG CB-12 090 Snow chains

Tire Chains

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Konig brings you the classic steel tire chain which is reliable and trusted for decades for driving on snowy and frozen roads. It uses a lot of well-built chain links in a diamond pattern. As a matter of fact, it covers most of the tour tires for superior grip. As a result, it performs without doing any considerable damage to your tyres.

Furthermore, it also includes convenient tensioning and adjusting stops to ease up the process. Offering on-the-tread-clearance, the package comes with two products.

Key features:

  • Has a lot of certifications including Ö-Norm 5117, TÜV and UNI 11313
  • Lightweight at around 1 pound.
  • The tire chain for snow rather has an interior of 12mm.
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9. Mannice Traction Mud Snow Chains for Car and Truck

Mannice Traction Mud Snow Chains for Car and Truck

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During the winter season, icy roads are really dangerous without tire chains. Especially if you are climbing uphill the wheel might just slide off at any moment. These anti-slip tire chains from Mannice really help you to avoid such situations. In just four easy steps, you can install them on your tires and get ready to go. Just get the chain to go through the blanks in your rim over the tire. Next, you slide the strap through buckle really tight. Whatever extra useless portion remains goes through the tightening ring. So within a minute or two, you are done with each chain. In fact, one doesn’t need to go through the struggle that comes with traditional chains.

You indeed get a 10 piece pack so that both the wheels that are driving the car are fully covered. However, the alloy nails used in this chain is robust. It has a humanized design so that your tires can better grip the road and you are safe from danger. Even when the temperature outside is as low as negative 50-degrees these chains would work fine.

Key features:

  • Accommodates tires that have a width between 7.2-inches and 11.6-inches.
  • Certainly compatible with most rims.
  • Made from durable TPU material and steel.

8. TerraGrips Steel Tire Chains

TerraGrips Steel Tire Chains

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The primary goal of the Terra Grip is to give additional traction needed to get the job done. And that also without damaging your driving surface. It really comes in handy in professional spaces where you are working your vehicle for loading, construction or other purposes. Traditional steel chains would damage the driving surface due to its hard uneven texture. You can install it easily on your tractor tires and do your job without any worries. With TerraGrips, you won’t be just limited to using it during winter.

However, it also works its magic in muddy or gravely fields. Steel chains have another major flaw where they cause massive damage to the tires and reduce their life. But TerraGrips uses rubber slats which are made from similar material like the tyres doesn’t reduce the lifespan. The steel components used in these chains don’t affect your traction. In fact, it helps to stabilize and tighten the chain around your tyre for a snug and secure fit. All components are either immune or resistant to rust and will really last you for a really long time.  Moreover, the rubber slats are made of recycled tyres which make this an environment-friendly product

Key features:

  • Proudly manufactured in the USA contributing to the American economy.
  • Other chains might require tools, but you don’t need any additional hardware for installing these chains around your tyres.
  • Have an impressive tire chain size ranges to fit maximum tyre types.

7. OakTen Set of Two Chain Tire

OakTen Set of Two Chain Tire

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OakTen uses interlocking metal links for constructing this chain which makes it highly robust without adding a lot of bulk. This also makes the chain use the least volume for covering the most surface area. So you get an unparalleled grip and don’t need to be hindered the cause of snowy roads.

Having two-link spacing, the traction is indeed increased to manifolds. The tire chain installation process requires no hardcore expertise.

Key features:

  • Fits tires of various sizes.
  • The chain is indeed plated with zinc.
  • Rather comes in a set of two for your driving wheels
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6. Zone Tech Premium Quality Strong Durable Car Snow Chains for Car, SUV and Pick Up

Zone Tech Premium Quality Strong Durable Car Snow Chains for Car, SUV and Pick Up

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As long as you have tyres that have a width range of 7.2-inches to 11.6-inches, these chains would fit nicely. They cover a lot of your tyres and have elevated dots on them for supreme traction. The inner sides that touch your tyres are flat and don’t cause any damage to your tyres. Having a high-end steel construction coupled with thick TPU, the tire chain fastener promotes aluminium alloy built.

Moreover, you are surely going to obtain a firm footing whenever an emergency situation arises. Hassle-Free installation is guaranteed.

Key features:

  • Belt strap with metal lock for a secure fit
  • Swift and effortless installation.
  • Be sure to experience a reduction on slipping without having to brake.

5. WELOVE Adjustable Snow Cable Tractio Tire Chains

WELOVE Adjustable Snow Cable Tractio Tire Chains

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Outdoors don’t need to be a challenge anymore during the winter season. Now with these chains from Welove you can drive safely and with optimum performance. It has small steel nails which have grooves with an interesting pattern. As a result, it really holds to the frozen road while you are driving.

Nevertheless, it also doesn’t damage tyres or the driveway if you accidentally drive into your garage without removing the chains. Fully crafted of 100 % gum rubber, the slip-proof nails will not rust or experience corrosion. To your surprise, it can withstand a temperature as high as 50-degrees C.

Key features:

  • A total of 10 straps that is sufficient for two tyres.
  • Also ships with gloves and a small shovel.
  • Inclusion of anti-lock brakes is amazing.
  • Indeed an adjustable product.

4. Besteamer Snow Car Tire Chains for Car, SUV & Truck

Besteamer Snow Car Tire Chains for Car, SUV & Truck

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Besteamer has made a unique product which doesn’t just facilitate smooth driving on snowy roads but all sorts of terrain. Be it sand, mud, beach or a dangerous narrow gravely uphill, it gives you strong traction on all surfaces. Chains made of only metallic components bring a lot of vices along with the good traction. It is noisy, damages the surface you drive on, really bad for your tyres and reduces their longevity. But these chains from Besteamer uses Dichotomanthes material so it doesn’t damage your tyre. Plus, with the steel nails, you get the added grip.

Even in extreme conditions where the temperature has reached as low as minus 50 degree Celsius, these chains don’t fail. It doesn’t matter what kind of a vehicle you own, this chain is designed to fit most tyres. Finally, it is nicely connected to your tyres with the help of double clip and tension straps.

Key features:

  • It will not wear or get damaged and even eliminates the risks of skid.
  • With these on you can drive up to a safe limit of 40 miles per hour.
  • The chain is pretty wide and thick thus certainly making it sturdy.
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3. Security Chain Peerless 0154505 Tire Traction Chain

Security Chain Peerless 0154505 Tire Traction Chain

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This chain from Security chain is designed to do just one thing, improve your winter driving. Even experts can’t say that they don’t worry about the tightening of their traction chains. You have to often stop and retighten the chains for a safe drive. Now with the dual tightening ratchets of this chain, those worries will become a thing of the past. This brand uses high impact polycarbonate tighteners and makes most of your installation process automatic.

Position your instructions nearby and then sneak the chain behind the tire. Next, you need to spread it out over one of your drive tires with the tighteners facing out. Finally, you connect the ratchets and just press down on the levers to install. These ratchets and very simple to use but really tough to crack. They are extremely durable and continually pull the chain tight and centre it improving the overall chain performance.

Within just one revolution the ratchets start their magic. And you can even hear the soft popping sound as they adjust if you are outside the car. They are also equally easy to remove after a safe and satisfying drive. Just lift the lever up and the chain releases grip to come off.

Key features:

  • Instructions are waterproof so that they don’t get damaged when you lay it out on a snowy surface.
  • Diamond pattern contributes to the smooth ride as well.
  • A weight of 10 pounds.

2. Security Chain Super Z LT Light Truck & SUV Tire Traction Chain

Security Chain Super Z LT Light Truck & SUV Tire Traction Chain

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Now you don’t need to bother with stopping frequently and tightening the chains around your tyres. These chains are made of rubber materials they don’t damage your car components in any way. Rather, the inherent elastic nature doesn’t require you to tighten the chain. It is super durable and also passes S.A.E’s class S standards.

Furthermore, it will last you for ages and the overall performance of the traction is enhanced. The anti-lock brakes get extra support and will truly meet all your purposes.

Key features:

  • Only weighs 13 pounds.
  • Better grip and performance compared to traditionally designed chains.
  • More compatible with ABS and AWD.

1. MowerPartsGroup 2-Link Tractor Tire Chains

MowerPartsGroup 2-Link Tractor Tire Chains

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This chain uses a two-link system which gives you traction that you can rely on. Not just snow and ice, but even mud wouldn’t be able to hold your progress. Next, you don’t need to get down and apply manual force to get your car out of a bad situation. You can also adjust this chain for a perfect and tight fit around your car for avoiding slippery accidents.

With high-quality design, the traction of the vehicles experiences a major difference. The chains are indeed extremely easy to install.

Key features:

  •  The 23 pounds weight makes it super strong.
  • Fits a lot of 26-inch, 24-inch and 25-inch tyres.

The risks are many when on the road. And the top-rated tire chains help to lessen one of the risks.

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