Best Teak Shower Benches for Bathroom Reviews

The struggle to find the perfect teak shower benches that will meet your requirements is really hard. You definitely do not want to make your shower space look clumsy by including a bad-looking bench to it. Thus, numerous brands have released their range of teak bench for the shower that has an aesthetic appeal. The benches need to be sturdy enough to support your weight and it should be waterproof so that it can be your companion even in the long-run. With varieties of designs and sizes to choose from, you are not going to be disappointed with the options available. But quality always remains the main concern and it is hard to determine its quality if you have no knowledge of it.

So, we have selected the teak wood shower benches for sale based on their overall functionality and you will not find it hard to pick your choice.

Table of the Best Teak Shower Benches Reviews

10. Redmon Genuine Teak Wood Shower Bench

Teak Shower Benches

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Built of strong teak wood and generously coated with natural oil satin, the teak bench is made to last through all the ups and downs. It has a unique design and makes it a standout piece. And it has a slated bench which facilitates in comfortable seating.  Also, the lower-shelf provides enough space to store your daily essentials.

Key features

  • The wood can naturally resist water as well as mildew.
  • Can support a weight of a maximum of 350 lbs.
  • Got a shiny finish.

9. EcoDecors Natural Serenity Shower Stool

EcoDecors Serenity Shower Stool

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There is no need to doubt on this teak shower bench’s durability as only the best quality materials are used to make it. With a wood grain tone that appears to be pretty natural, you will not be upset by its strength. It won’t occupy much of your space as it has a compact size and you can keep it in one corner of your bathroom. Plus, the foot levers are made adjustable for helping you to place it on sloping floors.

Key features

  • Already assembled and so, an assembly is not required.
  • A storage shelf is there for keeping your toiletries or anything related to the home organization.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Have foot pads.

8. Aqua 15.5-Inch Corner Teak Wood Shower Bench

Corner Teak Shower Bench with Shelf

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The teak wood used to make this bench is sustainably harvested and so you can stay fearless about its longevity. It has used non-corroding hardware that is of stainless steel and rubber gripping feet have been included for providing steadiness. Further, it is an excellent choice for using both indoor and outdoor because the material of the bench has the property of staying naturally waterproof. Thus, it is a durable product.

Key features

  • Manufactured from 100% solid teak wood.
  • Featured in Architectural Design Magazine for high-end design.
  • Warranty of 5 years.

7. Aqua Teak Sumba Shower Bench

Sumba Shower Bench with Shelf

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Finding teak shower Bench for a corner is a real tough job because staying in constant contact with water will ruin its lifespan. But the bench from Aqua Teak is exceptional as the solid teak wood used is sustainably harvested. It has a classy design and will beautify your space. The rubber gripping feet do not only maintain stability but also allows adjusting it and stainless steel hardware assures no corrosion.

 Key features

  • Suitable for indoors as well as outdoors.
  • The wood resists water naturally.
  • Has an extra shelf.

6. Ala Teak Bath Shower Spa Waterproof Stool Bench

 Bath Shower Spa Waterproof Stool Bench

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Willing to own a shower bench crafted with 100% teak wood that is sustainably harvested? Then the bench designed by Ala Teak is what you are looking for. Besides using quality wood, it uses hardware that is corrosion-free and also built of stainless steel. Place it inside your shower or outside, it will not get a damaged cause of water as it is waterproof. Moreover, the eye-catching design will match your taste.

Key features

  • Grade-A quality of teak that is quite thick will last forever.
  • No assembly is required.
  • Environment-friendly product.

5. Redmon Genine Corner Teak Wood Shower Bench

Corner Teak Wood Shower Bench

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Some people like simple and elegant design while others prefer a distinctive piece. Thus this bench is for those people who crave for something extra. The extravagant design of the bench makes it the showstopper. Promising premium construction, it is made of 100% genuine wood taken from the teak tree. The bench’s appeal will stay intact even through the upcoming years.

Key features

  • Finished off with a classy wood grain touch.
  • A unique design.
  • Weighs only 12.75 pounds.

4. Aqua Teak Asia Shower Bench

Asia Shower Bench

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Teak bench for the shower has become easy when you bring home a beautiful looking shower bench created of solid teak wood. Its supreme design catches the eyes of every individual and so, had made its way to world’s top magazine, Architectural Digest. Add it to your outdoor shower or inside a bathroom, the material is water-resistant. It is a beauty combined with sustainability and the unmatched craftsmanship promises its long-lastingness.

Key features

  • Has versatile usage.
  • It incorporates a modern touch in ancient tradition.
  • Fully sustainably-sourced.

3. Aqua Teak Spa Teak Shower Bench

Spa Teak Shower Bench

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Aqua Teak has impressed the individuals with its amazing shower benches and the 17.5 lbs teak bench has been meticulously handcrafted by using only the farm-grown teak wood. The shower seat has a wide range of use so you can place it on your patio, beside the swimming pool etc. Only stainless steel hardware is used and the wood is waterproof. Furthermore, minimal assembly is needed which will consume only a few of your minutes. Indeed a great product for a dream home.

Key features

  • The rubbing gripping feet can be adjusted as per convenience.
  • High-quality product.

2. WELLAND 19.5″ Deluxe Teak Wood Shower Bench

Deluxe Teak Wood Shower Bench

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You will surely fall in love with this classy looking bench and carefully handcrafted out of high-quality tropical teak wood. As it is built of teak wood, it will not deform, get damages, start corroding or crack due to change of environment. The oiled slats help in the quick drainage of water and it comes with handles that can be used for hanging your towels, dress etc. Apart from supporting a weight of 250 lbs, the rubber-padded feet will assure steadiness and thus, you will obtain the utmost protection.

Key features

  • Has natural density besides is waterproof as well as resists mildew cause of oil content.
  • Long life and solid.
  • It is natural as well as environment-friendly.

1. Northwest 18-Inch Teak Designs Shower Bench

Teak Shower Bench

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The best always makes its way to top and Northwest is surely producing quality products. Being sustainably harvested, genuine solid teak has aided in the creation of such a genius piece. For gaining stability, the rubber grip is added under the feet and the wood is meant to resist water. Thus, you can sit on it or use it for decorating your home.

Key features

  • Comes with a storage shelf.
  • Has a height of 18-inches.
  • Only stainless steel hardware is used.

Make your home the talk of the town by even having a stylish bathroom and best teak shower benches.

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