Best Tall Narrow Dressers for Bedroom Reviews

Need to store little things so that it doesn’t get lost? Or do you have space crunch? Then tall narrow dressers are a right solution. These storage spaces indeed come with various segments or drawers for keeping your important stuff. Plus, one can also use it as a decorative piece for the room. Sometimes it also acts as a perfect space to put your lamps, showpieces etc. So what are the choices of colour and style that you should go for?

The top tall narrow dressers brands listed below will make it easy for you to select. Now have fool-proof knowledge and get your hands on the best.

Table of the Best Tall Narrow Dressers Reviews

10. mDesign Dresser Storage Tower Textured Print – 4 Drawers

Tall Narrow Dressers

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mDesign has designed its drawers so that you can use it for various purposes. Plus, these are not just limited to using it as a dresser. It has a small form and the narrow shape lets you place it anywhere in your home or anywhere else. Next, it has a frame that is constructed out of steel, hence, it can last you for a long time.

Unlike iron, you won’t have the steel being vulnerable to natural elements and getting oxidised easily. It can resist rust and corrosion and bear a lot of weight without adding too much bulk. Furthermore, the top surface is made from multi-density fibreboard which is a much better alternative than particle boards. The drawers are made from a synthetic fabric which is breathable in nature. In fact, it certainly has a fabric handle attached to the front. So you can easily pull it out and access it with minimal effort.

Key features:

  • Feet rather have plastic protectors to shield your floor from scratches and marks.
  • Cleaning and maintaining the drawers of the vertical tall narrow drawer is easy.
  • You get a total of 4 drawers that is removable.

9. Sorbus Tall Narrow Dressers with Drawers – Vertical Storage for Bedroom

Sorbus Narrow Dresser Tower with Drawers - Vertical Storage for Bedroom

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Sorbus gives you versatility like no other brand with their innovative furniture sets. You can use this vertical dresser as one unit or use the narrow dresser tower drawers individually for storage. It has an ultra strong frame made from steel. Besides, it is rather coated with black powder to give it a sleek look and protect it from rusting.

Since the drawers are made from fabric which isn’t woven, they have a unique texture. Above all, it boasts greater strength and impact.

Key features:

  • Cleaning the fabric drawers is indeed hassle-free since it just requires just a wipe.
  • You can decorate the top made from MDF wood with a lamp or a photo frame.

8. KINWELL Vertical Dresser Storage Tower-Tall Bedside Table Narrow Dresser 

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Now you can organize and keep your clothes in a well-arranged setting which is easy to access with this dresser. You get a total of 3 drawers which slide you with a pull at the plastic handles. The front and bottom part of this dresser is covered by MDF boards which indeed have a thickness of 2mm. As a result, any sort of slack at the bottom and bends at the drawer while pulling is eliminated due to these two boards.

Moreover, you can also use the upper board which is made from strong walnut wood. Now use the space for keeping daily use accessories like watches or aviator shades. This way you don’t have to sort through the closet. Now you can notice them easily when you are preparing to go out. Unlike other sorts of wood, the walnut tabletop wouldn’t rot due to moisture. Lastly, it is much sturdier than most other alternatives like plywood.

Key features:

  • The tall narrow dresser fabric used for making the organizers doesn’t have any foul smell or toxic elements.
  • Easy to install and the most advanced tool you need in this installation is a mere screwdriver.
  • The frame is rather made from sturdy metal to last years of use.

7. WLIVE 3 Drawers Dresser Storage Organizer for Bedroom, Hallway, & Closets

WLIVE 3 Drawers Dresser Storage Organizer for Bedroom, Hallway, & Closets

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WLIVE provides you with a unique dresser that is used for multiple purposes. And has a wooden top which is resistant to water. Others often fail to provide you with this water-resistant wood top which leads rotting or expanding of the wood. Now you can also adjust this dresser’s feet due to the threading underneath the legs. As a result, it rather lets you twist the feet to raise or lower its position. So even if you don’t have a completely levelled floor it won’t be an issue.

Offering 5 different styles, you are certainly given the liberty to make your own pick. As a matter of fact, the floor remains unharmed cause of the plastic feet.

Key features:

  • Immense stability due to steel constructed frame.
  • Drawers are removable for using separately or for moving their contents.
  • The assembling process is indeed less time-consuming.

6. Kings Brand Furniture Wash 5 Drawer Tall Storage Cabinet

Kings Brand Furniture Wash 5 Drawer Tall Storage Cabinet

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Other manufacturers are opting for fabric which would fade out and aren’t that strong. However, this brand is providing you with wooden drawers with their amazing dresser. Thus,  you won’t face any flexing or slack while pulling out the drawer or storing things inside them.

Due to its high-quality build, you can rather store a lot of objects other than clothes in these drawers. Above all, you can even use this dresser as stationary supply storage for all your artwork or for the kids.

Key features:

  • The slim product makes this tall narrow storage dresser a beautiful inclusion.
  • Pristine white finish with a symmetrical pattern at the front rather looks amazing.
  • Fits at any corner of the room and takes minimal floor space.

5. Homyfort Vertical Tall Narrow Dressers

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Everyone uses a steel frame for their dressers but Homyfort stands apart due to their high-quality thick frame. So this dresser would be more stable than others. To prevent the drawers from falling off you also have a fastening system around the steel wires at either side. It rather uses non-woven fabric to construct the drawers.

Along with that, this is a versatile product and has appropriate to accommodate your belongings.

Key features:

  • The tall narrow dresser’s plastic handles allow you to easily slide out the drawers.
  • 4 fabric drawers have a unique pattern that accentuates their look.
  • Indeed a mess-free and smell-free way to handle things.

4. LANGRIA Home Dresser Storage Tower Clothes Organizer with Drawers

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The frame is very unique in this vertical dresser since it is not just made from sturdy metal. Next, it has two metal bars in criss-cross shape to improve structural integrity. So the durability of this dresser is increased by a few notches due to this intelligent design. The drawers indeed boast an interesting design as well. As a matter of fact, they have MDF board at the front. So when you pull it out you would experience the least amount of flex that is unthinkable with other manufacturers.

The faux linen used for making the drawers is also very smooth and feels premium to the touch. With a cardboard lining, your drawers wouldn’t experience a lot of sagging even when they are full. To extend the lifespan of this dresser it is coated with paint. Therefore, it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals. Finally, it doesn’t release an irritating smell that you might find on models with the cheaper build quality.

Key features:

  • The top wooden board gives you extra room for decoration or just keep things within quick reach.
  • Each drawer rather reaches a height of 8-inches while the dresser itself has a height of more than 3 feet.
  • You can adjust the plastic feet for a stable position on an uneven floor.

3. mDesign Gray/White Dresser Storage Tower with Drawers

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Another great dresser from mDesign that flawlessly blends style and functionality to give you a high price to performance ratio. It has a top surface which is laminated with wood. Moreover, it is sturdy enough to act as a platform for keeping daily accessories like shades, pins or watches.  In fact, one can even place house decor like a table lamp or art piece.

Moreover, you get a total of 2 large drawers and 3 smaller ones that give you immense organisation capabilities. Above all, they are easy to clean and maintain as well due to their fabric construction.

Key features:

  • Floors are always protected from stains or scratches due to the plastic feet.
  • The lightweight design certainly makes it easy to move to any room.
  • High strength frame made out of steel makes your dresser highly durable and long-lasting.

2. mDesign Narrow Vertical Dresser Storage Tower

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mDesign offers you a product that helps you cut the clutter and organise your belongings in a neat fashion. You get a total of 4 drawers which is completely removable from the dresser. Besides, you have the option of using them as individual storage bins or with the dresser. The drawers are rather made from high-quality and strong fabric that can take a significant amount of weight. Therefore, other than clothes if you want to store heavier object like workout accessories, it wouldn’t be a problem.

Furthermore, this narrow dresser lets you take advantage of its compact design and use tight spaces that are otherwise unused. You can certainly make every real estate dollar count with this minuscule investment. At the top, you get a wooden surface which gives you space for keeping various items including belts, lamp etc. Lastly, each drawer also has an integrated handle for easily pulling the drawers out.

Key features:

  • Feet have plastic covers that protect your expensive flooring.
  • Ships with all the necessary hardware for installation.
  • The steel frame rather gives it high durability and corrosion resistance.

1. ITIDY Multi-Purpose Narrow Storage Cabinet

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With densely packed apartments and small space, this sleek and modern vertical dresser is one of the most practical furniture. It has a width of two-thirds of a foot. Next, it gives you a lot of organisational capabilities while taking up the least amount of space. However, the drawer chests are made from fabric.

Besides, it has the adequate depth for storing your clothes or other goods. If you have an uneven floor, you can adjust the plastic feet by twisting and adjusting them to your requirements.

Key features:

  • Plastic feet prevent scratches on your floor.
  • At just 9 pounds it is very lightweight compared to most vertical dressers in the market.

Now decorate your home as per your will. Buy a tall narrow dresser for your home and create a beautiful interior.

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