Top 9 Best Star Shower Laser Lights Reviews In 2018

The most exciting events in life are best celebrated with some excellent décor and light. Christmas brings families together and should be celebrated with a blend of star shower motion laser lights to add some excitement. Choosing the best star shower laser lights will help you get ready for any big events at home. These lights are a must for every home during the festive season. However, most people are faced with the difficult choice of choosing the best shower laser lights out there.

In this post, we are narrowing your search of the leading star shower laser lights to just ten. Go right ahead and choose one that will brighten your home and make the event a hit.

Table of the Best Star Shower Laser Lights Reviews

9. Star Shower on TV Motion Laser Lights Star Projector

Star Shower Laser Lights

This is the leading star shower laser light on the market with a broad range of features to fully decorate your home. It is a quality light that will dance stars right before your eyes. It is a pretty simple laser light with a simple operation through a motion sensor button.  The light features a built-in daylight sensor to detect daylight and shut off automatically. It then turns on automatically at night helping save energy. It is a quality buy with lawn stakes for outdoor use and a flat base for indoor use.

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  • The bulb uses 3R and 5mW
  • Built-in daylight sensor for automatic shut off
  • Simple button activator motion sensor
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor lawn use

8. Outdoor Star Shower Motion Laser Light by BulbHead

Star Shower Motion Laser Light by BulbHead

This is another excellent way to decorate for the holiday with minimal hassles it is an excellent star shower laser light with sparkling green and red lasers.  The light delivers a star shower motion leaving your home looking stunningly beautiful. You also have the option of two modes of still or dancing lights. This is a simple plug and plays projector ideal for use anywhere. You can order with confidence knowing it will impress.


  • Two still and dancing light modes
  • Easy plug and play projector
  • Sparkling red and green light
  • Easy and tangle free installation

7. BulbHead Star Shower on TV Laser Lights Star Projector

BulbHead Star Shower As Seen on TV Static Laser Lights Star Projector

This is a safe star shower laser light that installs easily and operated without dangerous hanging ladders. It is an excellent choice with wide 600 square feet coverage to create a brilliant image of the beautiful star. The light is weather resistant and can be installed outdoors without worries or bad weather. It is a great way to create a festive look at your home with minimal hassles.  The light delivers a light show of green, red and a combination of stars.

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  • Weather resistant
  • 600 square feet coverage area
  • Green and red lights
  • Easy and simple installation

6. Bulbhead Indoor Star Shower Motion Laser Light

Star Shower Motion Laser Light by BulbHead

This is another high-quality indoor star shower laser light to help transform your home with amazing, dazzling lights in minutes. It is a perfect choice for holidays, ambient night lighting indoors, festive indoor laser and year-long outdoor ambiance.  The light sets up easily and features a weather resistant case. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.  The laser light has two color settings of red and green and two laser settings.


  • Two-laser settings
  • Two color settings or red and green
  • Easy to install
  • Thousands of stars to transform your home

5. BulbHead Outdoor Star Shower Laser for LED Laser Light

Star Shower Laser Magic by BulbHead

Star Shower Lasers Magic is an excellent way to decorate your home in minutes. It is an excellent star shower light from BulbHead, and one will brighten your festive season. The lights feature two color options of green and red.  It also features six-holiday designs of Halloween bat pattern, Christmas Santa pattern, Halloween ghost pattern, Christmas snowman, dot pattern and much more.  With wide 3200 square feet coverage, you have no reason not to buy these lights. They also have a further six built-in laser images.


  • Two color options of red and green
  • 3200 square feet
  • Six built-in laser images
  • Six-holiday designs

4. MYCARBON Outdoor Laser Light projector for Christmas Lights

MYCARBON Outdoor Laser Light Projector

This is a multicolored outdoor laser light projector with red, blue and green color options to give the brightest color possible. It is a durable and weather resistant light laser projector with a simple and easy installation. The light projector is safe to use, and FDA, ROHS, FCC, and UL certified for safe use. They come with a long six feet power cord and are IP65 waterproof.  You also have the option of remote control for easy use. Overall, this is a quality star shower laser light projector with static and flash modes.


  • Timer control feature
  • Remote control
  • Blue, red and green light
  • Waterproof and weather resistant
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3. StarTastic 1827 Holiday Laser Light Show

StarTastic 1827 Holiday Laser Light Show

With a simple 30-second setup, the StarTastic shower laser lights will keep you safe from hanging string lights and ladders. It is a top-rated choice with beautiful illuminations to leave your home showered with thousands of twinkling stars.  The light features an adjustable lawn mounting stake for precise aiming and easy setup. This is a versatile star shower laser light to use outdoor and indoor for parties. It covers an amazing 4000 square feet.


  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Beautiful twinkling stars to shower your home
  • 400 square feet area coverage
  • Adjustable lawn mounting stakes

2. JD Laser Lights Landscape Projector for Christmas Holiday Lights

 JD Laser Lights Landscape Projector Laser

The JD laser lights are a dynamic option of red and green laser lights to shower your home with beautiful Christmas decorations. The lights leave a beautiful sparkling effect with little hassle. They feature an automatic 4-hour time for easy setting. This also ensures a long-lasting lifespan. This is a pretty simple laser light to decorate any setting in minutes. The light is IP65 waterproof for safe use outdoors.  It covers 600 square feet of space leaving your outdoor space bright and lovely.


  • Up to 99 % energy saving
  • Weather and water resistant
  • Covers 600 square feet area
  • Red and green color option

1. Starry Motion Star projector with RF Remote for Garden

Starry Motion Star Projector with RF Remote

The Starry Motion star shower laser light brings an end to our list of excellent features. It is a waterproof laser light ideal for Christmas lighting.  The light features a power RF remote control for easy operations without hassles. You can easily choose from the available single green, single blue, and the green-blue color options. The laser lights cover a wide 3900 square feet area. You can also choose from flashing or stationary lights.


  • Energy saving
  • 3900 square feet
  • Red and green laser lights
  • Powerful RF remote control


Don’t let any holiday celebration pass without getting these amazing star shower laser lights. These are the best star shower laser lights on the market currently to buy with excellent light options. Choose one from our list and order right away with confidence. Read more about the LED spotlights.

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