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With the rise of urbanisation, you will see more and more people opting for desk jobs either inside their own home or in a cubicle. Although this a regular scenario, the health gets seriously affected in the long term. You must incorporate that important balance between working and activity. And if you cannot do that, then you can get hold of the best adjustable standing desk converters. With these, you can work standing and sit as per your wish.

Check out our standing desk converters’ comparison and make your life much better and healthier. No more relentless hours of sitting on your desk and causing all the unnecessary pain, sprain, and fatigue.

Table of the Best Standing Desk Converters Reviews

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10. SHW Height Adjustable Stand Desk Riser Converter Workstation

Standing Desk Converters

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There is something about innovative technology that people like to have at their reach. A standing desk riser converter is an outstanding invention that will help you do your desk-job in a better way always. Long hours of sitting and working not only create make your life difficult it also tires your body from inside. With this desk converter, you can quickly and conveniently transform your sitting stance into standing. It is height adjustable in nature so that you always can choose between standing and sitting as per your need.

Moreover, it is quiet and spacious for accommodating a couple of monitors side by side without an issue. Have all the delight of a big working space that can work as per your need in the most helpful manner.

Key features:

  • The desk is spacious, well-designed, and has dedicated space for keeping things.
  • Solid structure construction is very durable and sturdy for use on a regular basis.
  • Good weight capacity of 30 pounds for risk-free working.

9. VIVO Height Adjustable Desk Converter – Sit to Stand Dual Monitor Riser

VIVO Height Adjustable Desk Converter - Sit to Stand Dual Monitor Riser

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The demanding schedule of work and equally demanding pressure forces us to spend the major part of our day working. To make sure that this unhealthy schedule does not affect your health, you need a good desk converter like this. You can conveniently place it on your current desk and have the benefit of a riser that can allow you to work standing as well. The dual gas spring force makes sure the transition happens in a smooth motion and in an effortless way.

Even better, the simple touch height locking mechanism is quite fantastic for effortless switching. The height is easily adjustable from 6-inches to 17-inches and never makes you feel uncomfortable when you are standing and working.

Key features:

  • Requires no extra hassles of assembly or installation, the product is almost ready for using out of the box.
  • Spacious desk space for easy working with all your set up.
  • Reliable standing desk converter weight limit of 33 pounds assures good working comfort.

8. FlexiSpot M3B Standing Desk Converters – Stand Up Desk Riser

FlexiSpot M3B Standing Desk Converters - Stand Up Desk Riser

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Flexispot has designed this smart desk converter is extremely flexible in all your needs and provide you with the service without an issue. Spacious enough for accommodating two screens of 27-inches, the desk measures 47-inches in width and will never cramp your working space. When it comes to the converting part, the desk is very advanced in terms of technology.

Certainly a one-hand standing desk converter design, you can safely adjust the height without putting any efforts or strength. The height adjusts very easily and you will not have any complaints regarding the service it provides you. As a matter of fact, there are 12 different levels of height adjustment. As a result, there is an option for everyone no matter how tall or short they are.

Key features:

  • Has a full-size keyboard tray that can hold a keyboard, mouse and even a mouse pad.
  • Keyboard tray has quick-release benefits so that you can open it when easily when you do not need it.
  • Compact and space-saving, the desk rises and folds vertically so that you do not need to do any special arrangements whatsoever.

7. Seville Classics AIRLIFT Ergonomic Standing Desk Converter Workstation

Seville Classics AIRLIFT Ergonomic Standing Desk Converter Workstation

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A smart Airlift standing desk converter that can work with all brands of computers and monitor in the market, this is very flexible and ideal for day to day working. The large working space can hold a lot of items like monitors, iPads, extenders etc. Blessed with an amazing rising capability, the height on this converter can reach up to 19.2-inches from 6.2-inches.

Owing to this, you will face zero challenges or hassles when you are standing and working on your project. From cubicles at your workplace to those classroom and home set-ups, this can work anywhere and never complain.

Key features:

  • Designed to meet the safety standards of BIFMA and ANSI for a risk-free operation always.
  • Vertical lifting design does not tilt forward when you are raising it.
  • Comes pre-assembled with all the necessary tools so that you can make use of it almost instantaneously.

6. FITUEYES Standing Desk Converters for Dual Monitor Sit to Stand

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The most minimalistic looking desk converter that is ideal for domestic and professional applications as well. With the press of one lever and a bit of pressure, the desk is converted from sitting to standing in a jiffy. You must find yourself the balance between standing and sitting.

Long hours of sitting and working can damage your health from the inside and give rise to complications that no one enjoys. Therefore, next time, whenever you have a backache or you are sitting for a long time, quickly raise the desk and stand. Furthermore, there is no practical need for assembly or set-up on this converted. Finally, it comes ready for use and one can start to work on it from day 1.

Key features:

  • The working space holds dual monitors, laptop and all other items.
  • Height is adjustable between 2.2-inches to 16.1-inches for a good convenience working comfort.
  • Superior construction with sturdy triangular steel frame, non-slip scratchpad, and a balanced footpad.

5. VARIDESK Pro Plus 36  Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converters

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Simple and elegant, the Varidesk desk converter is something you would love to have at your workspace for more efficiency. Switching between standing and sitting has never felt easier as this desk will allow you to work easily in both ways.

The heavy weighted base combined with the highest quality of materials makes it one of the most amazingly built desk converters. It has 1 different height setting to suit your needs well and also the spring-loaded lift is an added benefit. This is a patented design by the brand and guarantees safe working always.

Key features:

  • Is used as soon as you receive it, no need for any installation or set up.
  • Ergonomic movement, the desk uses rowing-lift raising mechanism for up and back movement.
  • Two spacious tiers, 2 monitors will fit perfectly on the working surface.

4. FEZIBO Stand Up Desk Converter with Height Adjustable

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Bring home this height-adjustable standing desk converter or set it up in your office for your personal health benefits. It is extremely reliable and incorporates a very sturdy design for long term usage without any issues.

Having a 10-year warranty and tech support, this is the desk you can depend on for everyday use. The solid structure helps the desk stay sturdy even when you are extremely focused on the work you are doing. It is suited for a maximum weight of 28.6 pounds, thus assuring ease of usage in all conditions.

Key features:

  • Innovative gas-spring hovering system for easy adjusting and transition.
  • Height adjustable between the ranges of 4.5-inches to 19.3-inches for usage by everyone.
  • The wide working surface for easy and hassle-free working.

3. FITUEYES Sit to Stand Up Desk Tabletop Workstation for Dual Monitor Riser

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Very strong and reliable in terms of construction, the desk converter is capable of holding 33 pounds of weight with ease. It comes fully ready, when you get the package, you can start with your work almost right then.

Standing and working not only enhances the overall productivity of your work but also ensures that you have a better health-work balance. It moves in a straight up and down manner and perfectly suits all your needs.

Key features:

  • Can rise to a maximum height of 19.8-inches for more flexibility and benefits.
  • Non-slip scratchpad and protect sponge pad protects both the desk and the product from damage.
  • Has a table slot on the front side for keeping cell phone, pens, etc.

2. SLYPNOS Adjustable Desk Riser with Keyboard Mouse Deck & Cup Holder

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A desk converter improves your posture of work, thereby reducing eye fatigue, neck pain, sprains, and also improves blood circulation. With this desk converter, you will get a top-notch product that has some amazing and useful features. Constructed out of E0 MDF, the material is amazing and is eco-friendly as well. The steel used in the frame is very strong and the desk even has a 3.0 cm thick base for enhanced support.

However, it can work with a maximum weight of 33 pounds without any issues. There is even a cup holder where you can keep your beverage you like sipping on during working. The anti-slip TRP pad ensures your desktop does not get scratches.

Key features:

  • A mouse and keyboard tray is built on to the desk converter.
  • Has an embedded groove for keeping mobile phone, tablet, pens, and other nifty items.
  • Height adjustable, the maximum and minimum height are 15.5” and 4.5”.

1. EleTab Standing Desk Converters Sit Stand Desk Riser & Desk Tabletop Workstation

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The Ele tab standing desk converter is extraordinary in every sense. From the design to build quality and even the features, this score top in all verticals. Having a sturdy and high-grade steel construction, the desk is very reliable to be used on a daily basis. As it comes with a 3-year warranty, you will not have to worry even if something goes wrong.

In terms of the space, it measures appropriate for holding a couple of monitors easily. Moreover, the big and well-sized lower deck is spacious for better organizing of your keyboard and mouse.

Key features:

  • Height is adjusted between 4.2-inches and 19.7-inches and you will have no problem while standing and working.
  • Straight uplifting is very space-efficient and does not require any extra work on it.
  • Has a storage tray on the front side for extra holding nifty items and mobile phones.

The ergonomic standing desk converter will help in increasing the efficiency of your work and concentrate fully without any distraction. Therefore, improve your work presence and reap the benefits.

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