Best Outdoor LED Solar Security Lights Reviews

A security light that gets charged with the help of solar power can be a very good addition if you wish to keep your house and the surrounding area safe always. What a solar Powered security light does is that it keeps the place lighted up without consuming any electricity, thus cutting down on your hefty electricity bills. With the convenience of solar technology, the sunlight is enough to charge the battery on the lights for an undisturbed illumination for the entire night. Also, these solar security lights come with motion sensing ability to aware you by brightening up whenever motion is detected.

Each of the lights has been designed and constructed with great precision and care so that you do not face any uncertainty or trouble in the long run. So, we compiled a list of the best LED solar security lights for garden, yard, and garage which you can install in your home and live carefree further.

Table of the Best LED Solar Security Lights Reviews

10. LITOM 24 Outdoor LED Solar Motion Security Lights

Solar Security Lights

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To keep your area safe and secure, Litom has come up with this amazing set of solar lights that has a 24 LED set-up ensuring super bright illumination for wider coverage. Also, on either side of the unit, you get the benefit of 3 LED lights that make it a wide-angle design as they are placed in the corners to generate a much more effective luminosity. The advanced-design makes this an ideal security light for any area of your house.

Key features

  • No hassles of wire for set-up or functioning.
  • Three different modes of operation for different needs and different places.
  • Has the motion sensor to efficiently detect any movement from a distance of 26 ft also.
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9. Lemontec 62 LED Wall Solar Motion Light for Nightlight Garden

62 LED Wall Solar Light Outdoor Security Lighting Nightlight Motion Sensor Detector Garden

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Your home, backyard, porch etc will be in a much safer position if you install this set of LED solar lights from Lemonte. Apart from producing huge illumination owing to the combination of 62 big LED lights, the smart features like automatic motion detection and 12 hours of non-stop working will make things easier for your home. Besides, it has auto-off feature when the sun rises and automatically switches on at night, eliminating your efforts of manual functioning.

Key features

  • Has a PIR motion sensor that switches on the lights whenever motion is detected.
  • Multiple operation modes to meet your needs.
  • Constructed out of weatherproof and heatproof plastic, making it exceptionally durable.
  • Is an Eco-friendly choice and only requires 7 hours charge.

8. Lampat 90 LED Solar-Powered Motion Sensor Security Lights

Lampat 90 LED Solar-Powered Motion Sensor Security Lights

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The power of 200+ lumens on the solar lights from Lampat, this has a very clever and advanced design that allows you to operate it either on an “On” mode or “motion-sensing On mode” as it has PIR motion sensors integrated into the unit. This feature helps the lights to cover a wide angle of 120 degrees to detect any movement and switch on instantaneously. Besides, it has a polycrystalline material used in the construction that adds to the efficiency of converting sunlight into electricity.

Key features

  • Has a state of the art design and made of weatherproof materials for enhanced durability
  • Capable of producing 6+ hours of non-stop lighting even when the unit is installed in shade or there is overcast weather.

7. DrawGreen Outdoor LED Solar Motion Sensor Lights – 1400-Lumens

Outdoor LED Solar Motion Sensor Lights

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One of the most powerful units of wireless solar security lights dusk to dawn, this one from the house of DrawGreen packs amazing features like the great convenience of fast charging and an astounding 1400 lumens of power to flood your porch, patio or backyard in the most amazing fashion. Furthermore, the unit has a built-in photocell sensor that automatically shuts off the lights during the daytime. The aluminium alloy shell used in the construction of the light makes it highly durable.

Key features

  • Has PIR motion-sensing feature for wide-angle and long-distance detection.
  • 360-degree rotating solar light holder combined with an adjustable angle solar panel.
  • Constant current and steady voltage circuit board for a stable and secure output.
  • Has a lifespan of 50,000 hours.
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6. LEPOWER 950LM Outdoor LED Solar Motion Sensor Light

LED Solar Motion Sensor Light

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Scoring high in terms of looks and functionality as well, the security lights have a dual face set-up that is capable of producing an impressive 950 lumens of brightness for secured functionality. The intelligent heat dissipation ability of the unit assures you trouble-free working while the 1500mAh of the battery can be recharged by the silicon solar panel. Moreover, the motion sensors can cover a huge angle of 180 degrees with 49 ft of range for ultimate security of the area.

Key features

  • Has IP 65 waterproof rating for enhanced durability in every weather.
  • Environment-friendly products used in the construction of the unit.

5. Zooki ZOOKKI 28 LEDs Waterproof Solar Powered Motion Sensor Lights

Solar Motion Sensor Lights Outdoor, ZOOKKI 28 LEDs Waterproof Solar Powered Wall Lights

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Searching for a model of the solar-powered motion sensor light that meets with all the safety standards? Well, the Zooki set of solar lights meets or exceeds all the certifications tests by CE, TUV, FCC, RoHS. Also, this has a 28 LED light set-up that produces 400 lumens of light and a rechargeable 1200mAh battery that takes only 6-8 hours of charging time. Plus, it is a waterproof unit thus keeping it safe even when rain occurs.

Key features

  • Motion sensor ability that switches on with detection of movement.
  • High impact ABS used in construction to keep it safe even in harshest weather conditions.
  • Movements can be detected even when the object is 26-feet away.

4. Sunforce 150-LED Triple Head Solar Motion Security Light

Sunforce 82153 150-LED Triple Head Solar Motion Light

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An adjustable and flexible set of solar lights from Sunforce, the heads of the lamps can be moved in any direction thus rewarding the user with maximum coverage. The smart design of the lights makes it an ideal security light for almost any place of your house while the motion detection feature can detect movement in 180-degree angles as well. Certainly, one of the best choice of solar lights in the market.

Key features

  • Two modes of operation allow enhanced flexibility of usage.
  • 1000 lumens of output brightness and 30 ft of detection range.
  • Amorphous solar panel eliminates the need for direct sunlight for charging.
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3. URPOWER 20 LED Wall Solar Powered Motion Sensor Lights

Outdoor Solar Motion Sensor Lights

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The UR Power security light can be an ideal addition in your house for enhanced security measures to avoid discomforts. It comes with the reliability of 20 bright LED lights capable of efficiently illuminate the nearby area. On the inside, it is powered by a 1000mAh battery that can produce 10 hours of non-stop illumination with one full charge. Besides, the motion-sensing feature lights up the LEDs in a brighter fashion as soon as movement is detected.

Key features

  • The solar panel is detachable for easier maintenance of the unit.
  • Easy to install design.
  • Has a solid stainless steel construction that provides years of durability in various weathers.

2. Aootek 36 LED Solar Wireless Security Lights 

Outdoor Motion Sensor Waterproof Wall Light Wireless Security Night Light

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Featuring a very intelligent design, the set Aootek lights has some brilliant features like updated PIR sensor for motion detection, a powerful 2200mAh of battery and auto shut-off and auto switch-on features at different times of the day. Moreover, it has the reliability of IP64 waterproof rating and heat-proof construction that will keep the device working in its best condition for long.

Key features

  • LEDs are provided at the corners as well for superior brightness and area coverage.
  • Monocrystalline silicon solar panel for efficient conversion of sunlight into electricity.
  • 26 feet and 120 degrees wide motion detection range.

1. SANSI LED Outdoor Security Motion Sensor Lights

SANSI LED Security Motion Sensor Outdoor Lights

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The Sansi solar lights are featured at the top of the list cause of its top-notch functionality and reliability it provides the customers. Designed with a combination of 2 heads that features 8 LED bulbs, this unit is capable of producing 3400 lm of brightness and detects motion for up to 50 ft without any challenges. C

Key features

  • Auto-on and auto-off feature activate on detection of motion.
  • Can cover 180 degrees of motion sensing angle.
  • Comes with ceramic sealed lenses for added durability and smart heat dissipation.

Pick the best from the range of the best solar powered motion security lights and make your surroundings bright in an eco-friendly way.

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