Best Commercial Small Chest Freezers for Sale Reviews

Whenever you are a feast with your friends or on a trip, you certainly need a place to keep your beverages chilled. A refrigerator is never a convenient option as it is pretty big in size. However, what if you can get a refrigerator in small size? Surprised? Well, the small chest freezers will surprise you more. Having the small functionality as a refrigerator, it is perfect for carrying in road trips as well. It is small in size but spacious enough.

The list of benefits will go on and on. It’s time you enjoy the amazing features of the portable mini chest freezers. Study our article and your search for the perfect one will stop here.

Table of the Best Buy Small Chest Freezers Reviews

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10. Midea WHS-109FW1 3.0 Cu Ft Upright Freezer

Small Chest Freezers

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Media offers you a mini chest freezer of the highest quality that has all the required features you need. It has a clean cuboids’ shape and comes in attractive colours that include all white, all black or stainless steel finish. This freezer has a door with an innovative design which allows you to open it from both the left and the right side.

You also get a wide range of small chest freezer’s temperature adjustment with mechanical control. As a result, lets you adjust between a minimum of -11.2 degrees to a maximum of 8.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Key features:

  • It has two shelves with fixed positions that give you ample space to store all kinds of ready to eat food or desserts.
  • It is highly energy-efficient and has certification from Energy Star
  • With a 12 month warranty period, you can make this purchase without any worries.

9. Arctic King 5 Cubic Foot Chest Freezer

Arctic King 5 Cubic Foot Chest Freezer

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This mini chest freezer from Arctic King has a capacity of 5 cubic feet. It is indeed compact enough to fit inside small apartments without hogging up too much real estate. Next, it works with any regular wall outlet or surge protector. Just plug it in and it’s ready to use. No need for complicated electrical installations.

The freezer has a simple dial control which goes from minimum to maximum and off position. Really simple to use and easy to reach for most. Arctic king also stands out from most other competitor brands with its convenient design. This freezer has a top door instead of a side opening system. So when you try to bring out a cup of ice cream, the ready to eat meals don’t spill out onto the floor.

Key features:

  • For defrosting the fridge you also get a drain port at the side which is covered by a protective cap.
  • Comes with a removable tray made from metal wires and glides along the top rim.
  • The door also has a large groove for ease of opening.

8. Whynter CUF-110B Energy Star Chest Freezer with Lock

Whynter CUF-110B Energy Star Chest Freezer with Lock

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Whynter has made a small chest freezer with a lock that is great for those who are living alone, looking to save some space or want an effective freezer within close reach in their garage or mancave. It is perfect as a personal mini freezer and has more than enough space for storing a few chilled beer bottles, ice cream and more.

Compared to most other mini freezers in the market this one doesn’t create a loud vibrating noise that is common in freezers. In fact, it operates at less than 42 decibels so that you don’t have any annoyance to deal with while you are focused on your work. It also boasts a swing door which allows easy access and is opened from either side.

You also get the optimum cooling performance that can start from 2 degrees Fahrenheit, all the way down to -10 degrees Fahrenheit. A locking mechanism with a pair of keys lets you save some beer or favourite food from getting stolen in the dorm.

Key features:

  • Comes with free Amazon product support for up to 3 months for a worry-free purchase
  • With the dial control, you can manually set up the cooler to be at any one of the 6 temperature settings
  • Wire shelf allows for customised space adjustment

7. Whynter CUF-112SS Energy Star Lock-Stainless Steel Small Chest Freezers

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Whynter has provided small cylindrical feet for this freezer. Therefore, adds more stability while standing upright and also protect your expensive flooring from scratches. The door has stainless steel construction and finishes which makes it highly resistant to corrosion from external elements.

You also get a dial control which has 1 as the lowest setting, with 6 as the maximum. For ultimate safety and saving your food or alcohol from getting stolen in a shared setting, you also get an integrated lock.

Key features:

  • You don’t have to worry about lost keys when they come in a pair of one
  • Weighing just around 40 pounds, it is certainly easy to move and transport
  • The stainless steel small chest freezer has a reversible swing door for smooth opening as well as closing.

6. Avanti CF35B2P 3.5 cu ft Chest Freezer

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Stainless steel construction instead of cheap and fragile plastic is what sets this freezer apart from the rest. It has a premium design and isn’t affected a lot from exposure to natural agents of corrosion. Its fabulous look is further accentuated with the top door design that has integrated handles for easy lifting and closing the door.

To keep the machine components safe and secure, it also features a high-quality heat sink with large vents at the side. For extra storage, you certainly get a removable basket where you can store vegetables and all.

Key features:

  • Power indicator light tells you if the freezer is in idle condition or running.
  • Has rating from energy star for its high energy efficiency.
  • The temperature remains fully under control as you can adjust it anytime.

5. Danby DCF038A1WDB1-3 3.8 Cubic Feet Mini Chest Freezer

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Danby has a unique feature with not just skid-resistant but adjustable feet. That means that other than floor protection, you also get to do customisation for setting up this freezer on uneven floor. Danby has also equipped this freezer with an R600a compressor that doesn’t emit any CFC gas and doesn’t contribute towards destruction of the ozone layer.

For controlling the freezing temperature you get a dial at the front which gives you a range between 10-degrees Fahrenheit and -11 degrees Fahrenheit.

Key features:

  • Both the lid and cabinet have been insulation for cooling with less power.
  • The compact chest freezer rather has a capacity of 3.8 cubic ft.
  • Has a removable basket made from thick metal wires

4. KUPPET  3.0 Cu FT Compact Upright Freezer with Reversible Stainless Steel Door

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Kuppet offers you a compact freezing solution for keeping your meat and other protein fresh and store other ingredients or food as well. It has a very small footprint and covers just around 440 square inches of floor space. So you can fit it inside small kitchens, garages, living rooms and other spaces without having to change the already set furniture layout.

This freezer is also suitable for mothers with newborn babies since it can increase the shelf life of breast milk. You can store it in bottles and keep it for use at any time of the day. This freezer is also equipped with a liner made from food-grade material that can prevent sudden slams and has high shock absorption and sealing. Due to its magnetic nature, the door has an even stronger connection and doesn’t open up accidentally.

Key features:

  • The control knob is located inside the freezer and has 7 levels of temperature control from -8 degrees to 7-degrees.
  • Sleek and stylish look with a magnificent finish.
  • Storage shelves are removed to make more space inside the freezer.

3. COSTWAY Commercial Chest Freezer for Car & Home

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For deep chilling and unparalleled cooling performance, this chest freezer from Costway won’t disappoint you. It can keep your veggies and protein fresh, beer bottles chilled and medicines safe for use. It requires very low power and operates at less than 45 decibels.

With its compact design, you can take it with you in your RV or car for camping, road trip and more. You don’t need to carry an extra power supply since it can work with regular wall outlets at your home and plug into the 12 V port in your car.

Key features:

  • Has a large capacity of over 150 litres.
  • This portable freezer has a beautiful LCD display that will show all the details.
  • Latches keep the top door closed even on bumpy roads.

2. Danby 3.5 Cu. Ft Front free Chest Freezer

Small Chest Freezers

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Danby delivers to you one of the best mini freezers that you can find in the market at an affordable price. It has superior construction to keep away external heat and maximize cooling performance. With high-quality foam insulation, the compressor doesn’t have to run at full power for maintaining a chilled temperature inside the cooler. So, you can enjoy more power savings without having to sacrifice convenience.

It also has a smooth and flat back instead of heat sinks made from thin metal sheets taking up space. This design feature lets you place the fridge easily against the wall. With a storage space of 3.5 cubic feet, you get more than enough room for the need of two people.

The freezer has a top door with thick insulation everywhere, including the side walls. Unlike other freezers, it isn’t too deep. With a height of just 33 inches, you can easily access anything stored even at the lowest level.

Key features:

  • Wire basket lets you keep frequently used ingredients within immediate reach.
  • Have indicator lights that display the working status of the freezer.
  • Large vent at the side to radiate extra heat and keep all components cool.

1. Koolatron KTUF88 3.1 Cubic Foot Small Chest Freezers

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Koolman delivers to you a highly efficient freezer that uses an environmentally friendly compressor. This compressor doesn’t just give you a flawless cooling performance, but also free from CFC emissions. Instead of a complicated digital control panel with tons of buttons.

Furthermore, you get a simple thermostat control that is used instantly with a virtually non-existent learning curve. At max settings, it can reach extreme cooling temperatures of -24 degrees Celsius.

Key features:

  • Large 3.1 cubic feet capacity makes it an ideal freezer for a small family.
  • Has four anti-skid feet which prevent floor scratches and add stability.
  • Works with any generic 110 volts outlet common in most American households.

Want to have a mini freezer as your travel buddy? Then the small chest freezers on sale will be affordable enough and easier to fit in any vehicle.

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