Best Film & Slide Scanners Converting Slides into Digital Reviews

Innovation is touching new boundaries every day. It is most likely to be a situation where you think you know a lot of these innovations but then, in reality, there is much more. Imaging has seen a total transformation from past to present. Gone are the days of using manual cameras where you need films or negatives to capture images. Now, that everything is digital you might wonder how will you retrieve your old negatives? Well, with slide scanners you can do that with ease. These scanners are new technology that has been designed for old things.

You can now transform and convert the negatives and films into digital images effortlessly. You will make the right choice by investing some time to read the reviews.

Table of the Best Slide Scanners Reviews

10. KODAK SCANZA 35mm Digital Film and Slide Scanner – Film Negatives and Slides

Slide Scanners

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Who doesn’t like having a handy design that can transform your challenging things to easiest utilities. It is one such product that can help you with getting hold of a digital picture out of a hard-copy. Transform your film or slide into a JPEG format picture in just a few seconds with this scanner. Workable with different sizes of negatives that are used in the market, if you have a scanner like this at your disposal you can do a lot of things easily.

It features a very bright and large 3.5-inches TFT LCD slide scanner display where you will get to see your image nicely. On the built-in HD colour display, you can even adjust the brightness and tilt the screen for convenient viewing of the image always. Also, this is compatible with your PC and MAC and comes along with all the necessary adapters and cables.

Key features:

  • Equipped with a helpful tray and insert directory for better user comfort in all situations.
  • Fast and flexible operation is guaranteed by the big one-touch buttons and the multiple display features.
  • Comes along with a brush that you can use for cleaning the dust and speckles off the lightbox.
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9. Magnasonic 22MP 35mm Film Scanner, Converting Slides & Negatives into Digital Photos

Magnasonic 22MP 35mm Film Scanner, Converting Slides & Negatives into Digital Photos

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Converting your negatives into digital images may sound like a very challenging job but if you have a high-resolution slide scanner like this, it is effortless always. Now you can get high resolution and premium 22MP digital pictures directly out of the compatible types of negatives. Also, after conversion, you can even check out the images nicely on the bright and vibrant 2.4-inches display. The unit uses LCD display for better colour representation and comes with a cable for direct TV output.

Without the help of any computer or similar devices, you can convert your prized negatives into digital media that you can store safe. The 128MB of onboard memory lets you store up to 100 images right on the scanner.

Key features:

  • Extremely easy to use plug-play interface lets you edit the pictures on the scanner itself.
  • The size of the memory can be easily expanded if you use an SD card for memory.
  • Is combined with one-touch scanning software for quick and easy saving of the pictures.

8. Wolverine Titan High-Resolution Film to Digital Converter with 4.3″ Screen and HDMI Output

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Your slide scanner is your ideal companion when it comes to digitizing your pictures. So, back in the days, cameras used to use negatives for pictures but converting them to digital pictures seemed difficult. With this slide scanner, from 35mm films to APS slides and even 126Kpk negatives are readily changed into digital pictures.

Also, the whole process is amazingly fast and takes just about 3 seconds per picture. The most amazing thing, although it is doing the job of a computer, this digital slide scanner is a stand-alone unit. You do not require any computer or software to make it work perfectly.

Key features:

  • Equipped with a bright and intuitive 4.3-inches large colour display for viewing of the pictures.
  • Designed with a unique speed-load adapter for hassle-free loading of slides and negatives.
  • You can view the picture in high definition on TV with the new HDMI cable.

7. Wolverine Titan 8-in-1 20MP High-Resolution Film to Digital Converter

Wolverine Titan 8-in-1 20MP High-Resolution Film to Digital Converter

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Yet another amazing scanner from the house of Wolverine, it is an extraordinary choice blessed with amazing features and technology. Comes in a package that includes many different kinds of useful adapters in it, this is an ideal choice for people who love to preserve their memories. No more running around or safe-keeping of your prized negatives that have all the memories.

When negatives are kept for a long time without proper care, they turn into something that cannot be used. Quickly convert those films into 20MP high-resolution pictures that you will love to see.

Key features:

  • You will get a cleaning brush along with tall multiple types of cables for easy using of the scanner.
  • Takes just 3 seconds per picture for conversion.
  • You will get an SDHC 32 GB memory card for storing of innumerable pictures.
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6. Digitnow Slide and Negative Scanner for Photo

Digitnow Slide and Negative Scanner for Photo

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Just not the conversion of images but now you can even view your converted images on this well-designed scanner. It has a big 2.4-inches LCD screen which will be true to the colours and let you have a better look at your images. Also, if you are willing to watch on a big screen, you can connect it to your TV and watch the memories roll by.

A perfect gift for old age people who have stored their negatives and love to watch their old pictures. In terms of the quality of the picture, it can deliver up to 22 MP of resolution for ideal conversion. As it uses software interpolation, the images remain the way they should be and also become high-definition.

Key features:

  • Compatible with all kinds of mobile devices, Windows, and Mac.
  • A maximum slide scanner storage capacity of 32GB but you will have to buy the memory card.
  • Converts films and slides into JPEG format in just 2 seconds.

5. Qpix Digital Film Negative Scanner – 35mn Negative Photo Scanner

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One of the easiest and most convenient scanners, the Qpix digital model has all the latest features and innovation packed into it. Extremely compact in terms of the shape and very lightweight as well, carrying this around will never pose a challenge in any way whatsoever. It comes with a built-in software interpolator so that the quality of the pictures is readily improved to 22MP.

There is even internal memory where the pictures are saved and you can even attach an extra memory card if you need more space. Ideal gifts for people who have loved clicking pictures but never got enough time to print them down.

Key features:

  • Have extra and helpful editing tools that work at RGB levels and colours.
  • Video out convenience lets you watch the pictures directly on your TV.
  • Extremely easy to use functionality, there is a scan button which is all you need to use for converting.

4. KODAK Mini Digital Film & Slide Scanners – 35mn Slide Converter

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Kodak is undoubtedly one of the most popular names that have ruled the photography and camera industry for the major part of the time. Every single product made by them has always grabbed the right kind of attention. And likewise, this mini slide scanner from them is equally amazing. Comes along with an extended accessories pack, you will get a universal power source for US, EU and UK compatibility.

Although it doesn’t have a memory card, you can practically use any 32 GB memory card in it and do the needful. The one press scanning and faster menu navigation leave a remarkable impression on people who use this.

Key features:

  • Has many interesting benefits like continuous loading, easy user-interface, and view and edit options etc.
  • Always provided very sharp, clear, and detailed 22MP images after conversion.
  • Has adjustable brightness on the 2.4-inches LCD screen and also lets you do reverse/flip functions.
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3. Zonoz FS-Four Digital Film & Slide Scanners with HDMI Output 

Zonoz FS-Four Digital Film & Slide Scanners with HDMI Output 

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Bring home this scanner and make all your negatives, films, and slides into safe to store bright JPED files forever. If you like enhancing and printing your old photographs, this is your best choice of a device that can do that for you. Compatible with both your MAC and PC, you will be able to convert the pictures in a jiffy always.

In the package, you will get multiple types of adapters, cables, and even a brush for cleaning the lightbox on the scanner. Furthermore, you can even edit the images according to the RGB format and have yourself crisp and clear images that you will love to see.

Key features:

  • The extremely intuitive and interesting user interface for effortless handling of the unit.
  • Memory is expandable up to 32GB for storing and saving of more pictures on the device.
  • Operates on its own, you do not need a computer or software to deal with it.

2. Pyle Digital 3-in-1 Photo, Slide and Film Scanner – Converting 35mm Film Negatives & Slides 

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Save yourself some time and effort if you are using this scanner from Pyle. It can ideally turn your negatives and slides into digital images in no time. The front control panel is where you will get to have a look at all the available functions and benefits.

As it is a standalone product, you do not even need any help of computer of any software for the work to be done. Capable of itself, the scanner can convert 35mm of films, slides, and negatives into images you will like to see. It has a super high-resolution of 5.1MP as well.

Key features:

  • The full-colour LCD display of 2.4-inches shows you all the pictures at one place.
  • You can also do file management easily with the included software CD.
  • Easy transfer of the pictures through the USB connection on the scanner.

1. Magnasonic All-In-One 35mn Slide & Film Scanner into Digital Photos

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This all in one scanner from the house of Magnasonic is perfect for the job you are looking for. No complications or expenses, you can convert, edit, and save your old films and negatives right on this scanner. You will not even need a computer to do any of these works perfectly. T

The 64MB internal memory can store some pictures, but when needed you can use an SD card of up to 32GB for storing more. There is an SD card slot built into the unit itself.

Key features:

  • Extremely fast and hassle-free scanning takes just about 5 seconds.
  • Designed with a built-in 2.4-inches LCD display to view the images and even edit them.
  • RGB edition benefits for better edition right on the scanner.

If you are having second thoughts about the brands to go for, then consult the above article. Therefore, buy a slide scanner that will do justify your photographic expectations.

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