Top 10 Best Snowboard and Ski Helmets for Adults Reviews In 2020

Skiing is just more than a passion for certain individuals but a dedication. Once skiing, you need to get fully dressed and equipped to ski in utmost safety. And in order to protect your head, you need the sturdy ski helmets. It gives overall protection to your head, therefore, even if you fall down, it would do no harm. A safety gear that will enhance your fun rides in the snow, it is amazing.

So, which factors should you consider before buying? The ski helmet guide lists all the characteristics that make the given products impeccable.

Table of the Best Ski Helmets for Sale Reviews

10. WildHorn Outfitters Drift Snowboard and Ski Helmets

Ski Helmets

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Wildhorn is a company which has earned its name while being the supplier of the US Ski Team and also a renowned freestyle champion Ashley Caldwell. The new product launched by Wildhorn is already famous in the market due to its high-quality performance. As a matter of fact, it will certainly fit your head perfectly. Next, the ski helmet material is so lightweight that you’ll feel very comfortable while using it.

The ultra spongy interior provides you with ultimate comfort while you are skiing down the slopes. The outer shell has a hardy material construction which makes this product much more resilient than others.

Key Features:

  • It has a temperature control ventilation system which keeps it much more ventilated and avoids sweating of your head.
  • This product indeed comes up with an ear pad which is audio compatible.
  • It is suitable for all level of snowboarders and skiers due to its comfort factor and safety features.
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9. OutdoorMaster KELVIN ASTM Certified Safety Ski Helmets for Men & Women

OutdoorMaster KELVIN ASTM Certified Safety Ski Helmets for Men & Women

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If you are looking for the ideal helmet that has all the features and will easily solve your purpose, then you are looking at the right product. The new product manufactured by OutdoorMaster has all the features in it that you required for an ideal helmet. Besides, it is ASTM certified for safety. It is available in various colour combinations.

Moreover, the outer shell is long-lasting and robust material which enhances the safety of the skier or the snowboarder. The lightweight ski helmet and the ergonomic design rather give it a perfect fit.

Key Features:

  • It features 14 individual vents for ultimate skiing experience.
  • Has a size adjustment dial for a perfect fit.
  • It certainly has reinforced abs shell and shock-absorbing EPS core to provide ultimate protection to your head.

8. AKASO Ski Helmets & Certified Snow Helmet for Men & Women

AKASO Ski Helmets & Certified Snow Helmet for Men & Women

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Customer feedback plays a huge role in the marketing of a product. Hence, this product by AKASO has gained huge popularity because of the positive customer feedback. Style and safety, this two are the main features required in a helmet. Given, the new product has mastered in both of these departments. The ASTM safety certification makes it one of the safest helmets in the market. Furthermore, the outer shell has a durable and hardy material construction.

The EPS foam inside provides ultimate comfort to your head so that you can do hours of skiing. The ski helmet’s tension dial at the back indeed lets you adjust the helmet. As a result, it fits perfectly on your head.

Key Features:

  • It rather has a detachable fleece liner and ear pads.
  • The vents on top are adjustable which lets you decide how much warmth you need inside.
  • Plus, it is impact-absorbing foam which provides ultimate protection to your head.

7. Giro Ledge Snowboarding Helmet

Giro Ledge Snowboarding Helmet

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The new product launched by Giro is always the top contender in the market for the best helmet. It serves all the purpose that a person requires for a safe skiing experience. The shock-absorbing foam increases the safety factor for this helmet. However, the ski helmet’s ergonomic design will perfectly sit on your head.

It certainly has an auto-lock 2 fit system for on the fly vertical tuning. The helmet has a number of vents for proper ventilation which keeps the temperature inside much suitable for skiers.

Key Features:

  • The removable goggle retainer indeed protects you whenever needed.
  • It has removable ear pads and is also compatible with Giro audio systems.
  • The hard material of the outer shell assures ultimate protection.
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6. Smith Optics Unisex Holt Snow Sports Helmet for Adult

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In the category of a snow sports helmet, this product by Smiths Sports is always the first choice for customers. The ASTM certified ski helmet has caught the eye of the customers because of its high-level safety features. Lightweight and sporty look also makes this product a customer favourite. This helmet is rather used in all weather conditions whether in a snowy slope in winter or a skate park in summer.

Along with that, it has a convertible pad kit which helps you adjust the pads according to your wish. The outer shell provides you with ultimate protection and the high-quality material contributes to its strength.

Key Features:

  • The AirEvac system helps in maximum airflow and prevents sweating and keeps the goggle free from fog.
  • This unisex ski helmet is certainly compatible with Skullcandy audio systems.
  • The buckle has a hardy material built that will last long.

5. Retrospec Traverse H3 Youth Ski and Snowboard Helmet

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If you are looking for a top-quality helmet, then you can check out the new product launched. Retrospec is a remarkable company in case of manufacturing helmets. The new helmet introduced by Retrospec has all the comfort and safety features required for a good skiing experience.

The exterior has durable ABS hard material built which protects your head from all the risks out there while skiing or snowboarding in a snowy downhill slope. Besides, the EPS foam provided inside absorbs shocks from all kind of bumps while skiing.

Key Features:

  • The helmet has plush earmuffs which provide extra comfort and warmth while skiing.
  • This helmet has a rear goggle clip which keeps your goggles safe.
  • It has an adjustable chinstrap, as a result, lets you adjust your helmet for perfect fitting. In fact, it is very much required for a comfortable skiing experience.

4. TurboSke Snow Sports Helmet & Snowboard Helmet for Men, Women & Youth

TurboSke Snow Sports Helmet & Snowboard Helmet for Men, Women & Youth

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You need a good quality of helmet while skiing for your safety. Turboske has come up with a new product to provide all the features that you need. Various safety tests have earned this product safety certification from ASTM. The outer shell is made up of ABS material which gives you extra protection while skiing.

It indeed has high-quality EPS foam which prevents your head from any kind of shocks and provides comfort also.

Key Features:

  • It has customizable vents which help in proper ventilation.
  • The helmet rather comes with an adjustable dial to adjust your size for a proper fitting.
  • The helmet has two durable and hardy reinforced layers which provide ultimate protection to your head.
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3. Oakley Mod3 Factory Pilot Snow Helmet

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While skiing is extremely exciting and adventurous, proper protection is required for the sport. The Oakley Mod3 skiing helmet helps in keeping your head safe so that your heart can enjoy fully. This matte black finish of the helmet gives off an enchanting vibe and makes you look sophisticated.

Moreover, the in-mould structure is lightweight so that you can have a comfortable time. The Modular Brim System makes the helmet feel soft on your head. Finally, you cannot go wrong with this purchase.

Key Features:

  • The magnetic fid lock buckle system allows you to fit the helmet on your head perfectly. Due to its magnetic buckle, you do not have to worry about the helmet falling off.
  • The boa fit system makes the helmet a perfect fit for you.
  • Ventilation inside the helmet certainly allows air to pass. Thus your Covered head gets the oxygen it requires.

2. Retrospec Traverse H1 Convertible Ski Helmets

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The Retrospec Convertible helmet is ideal for all your skiing adventures. It is the best companion for your ski set; this helmet has 10 air vents. These vents help in temperature regulation within the helmet, thus keeping your head comfortable.

Next, the interior portion is made of EPS which can absorb shock easily. Also, the exterior has a firm ABS shell which is resistant to breakage. Not only while skiing, but you can also wear this helmet while riding a bicycle and when on a snowboard.

Key Features:

  • While skiing, goggles and earmuffs can fall off. To prevent this, the manufactures at Retrospec have come up with an excellent idea. They have added a clip in the helmet which can hold the goggles and muffs in the proper place, thus keeping you warm.
  • With its special ErgoKnob adjustable dial, you can customize the fit of the helmet as needed.
  • The foam padding inside the helmet is interchangeable and can absorb shock.

1. Giro Nine MIPS Snow Helmet

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This Giro Nine MIPS helmet is made even for the coldest snow. The timeless look of the helmet is definitely eye-catching. As a matter of fact, the streamlined silhouette is the defining factor of this MIPS helmet. The in-mould of the helmet has a touch polycarbonate structure and also a shock-absorbing foam lining.

These features prove to be effective when you are skiing. Now you can impress everyone with your style and talent.

Key Features:

  • The helmet has adjustable vents which you can customize. If the weather is chilly you can shut the vent and if it’s too hot, you can open them up.
  • Often the warm air can cause goggles to fog up quickly. With the help of stack vent which is aligned to your goggle’s vent, you can have a clear vision throughout.
  • It is adjustable to the fit you want. The in-form fit system allows you to adjust the helmet to your head even with gloves on.

The adult ski helmets will certainly help you to live your passion. Ski through the snow and have the experience of a lifetime.

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