Best Restaurant High Chairs for Baby & Kids Reviews

Every restaurant has chairs and tables to accommodate their guests but often lacks a dedicated chair for babies. Restaurant high chairs for baby are in popular demand at a lot of times, especially when people walk in with newborn babies. If there is no dedicated chair to sit the toddler, the dinner time becomes really difficult. And both the staffs as well as the parents really have to struggle a lot.

Take a look into the top 10 restaurants high chairs which you can buy now from online. Every single of these chairs is made of premium quality materials and will always serve the customers need well. Also, you can read through the detailed descriptions to know more about each chair.

Table of the Best Restaurant High Chairs Reviews

10. Winco CHH-103 Wood Restaurant High Chairs

Restaurant High Chairs

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Willing to make some interior alterations inside your restaurant? Well getting hold of premium quality made wooden restaurant high chair can serve you in multiple ways. Although commonly you will find a regular high chair, this one is specifically designed for sitting of babies and toddlers. In many occasions you will see new parents walking into the restaurant with a baby, so accommodating them is a challenge.

However, this chair will certainly help you with the case and designed to meet the needs perfectly. It has a stackable frame so that you can have more than one chair but not have a space crunch. The overall square shape measures around 20” X 20” and sits perfectly wherever you want it to be.

Key features:

  • The appealing and impressive Mahogany finish indeed looks incredible.
  • Wood construction is meant to last.
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9. Rubbermaid Commercial Sturdy High Chair for Child/Baby/Toddler

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Restaurant chairs are something you use and keep aside when the utility is served. To make sure you can make the most out of these situations, this chair is constructed with a stackable design. It is relatively easy to stack, undo stacking the chairs and store it at any corner with ease.

In addition to that, it rather features multiple different kinds of safety features for the safest sitting comfort. The 3 point restraint belt and permanent T-bar resistant help your child relax and have fun without any associated risks. Even it is designed with high stability legs for enhanced safety. With a maximum restaurant high chair weight capacity of 33 pounds and the age gap of 0-3 years, it is perfect for any growing baby.

Above all, the entire chair is made in the USA, thus high-end quality is ensured in all given directions. The chairs are even ASTM F404-18 compliant for the peace of mind of parents.

Key features:

  • Has a built-in handle on the back side for hassle-free manoeuvrability.
  • Made of microban material for safety against bacteria growth and easy cleaning.
  • It designed for certainly placing it under a table.

8. Tezzorio Tabletop Service Stacking Restaurant High Chairs for Baby

Tezzorio Tabletop Service Stacking Restaurant Wood High Chair for Baby

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An excellent choice of a restaurant high chair for babies which is designed with precise craftsmanship. Are you willing to get a high chair that can accommodate children between 1 to 3 years? Then this one makes a good choice to consider. Constructed entirely out of wood, the whole chair is very strong and guarantees an unquestionable service life. Also, along with the reliability of wood, the entire design is well-thought out.

Moreover, the stable pyramid design ensures the chair remains in the right position no matter how much restless the children are. It will not topple or tip even when there is a lot of movement going around. Plus, the 9-inches of highs seatback is indeed combined with a wooden slat. As a result, it is broad enough to make sure the babies are always sitting in the right position.

Last but not least, it has rounded corners that effectively reduce the risks of injuries and accidents.

Key features:

  • Extremely secure 3-point safety strap system assures safe sitting always.
  • Uses non-toxic mahogany finish that is not certainly harmful and even eliminates risks of the splinter.
  • Huge weight capacity of 40 pounds.

7. Excellante Wooden Baby High Chair

Excellante Wooden Baby High Chair

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A rubberwood constructed high chair to make your and your customer’s life easier, this you can put up anywhere. A perfect addition to your bar counter or restaurant, whenever your customers walk in with their baby, you can provide them with a place to sit.  Next, the use of premium quality rubberwood in the construction of the chair makes it very durable and sturdy.

As a matter of fact, the beautiful looking chair has a mahogany finish that readily adds to the overall appeal. Also, if you are buying more than one unit, you can indeed stack the chairs over one another. Hence, now save a lot of space. With the no-brainer installation process and the ease of assembly, the chair is ready to work in the lease time.

Key features:

  • Includes a restaurant high chair safety harness strap to keep the baby safe always.
  • Smart and thoughtful pyramid design keeps the chair stable on all occasions.
  • Rather designed with non-skid rubber padding to minimize hassles of slipping.
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6. LA Baby Restaurant Natural Style Stack-able Wood High Chair

LA Baby Restaurant Natural Style Stack-able Wood High Chair

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Imported and top-notch quality, no matter what your requirement is, the chair comes in handy to serve the need. It also passes all the CPSC and ASTM safety standards to ensure a safe and risk-free product for babies use. Along with that, the overall restaurant high chair design and shape are quite brilliant. Featuring smooth radius corners on all sides, it sits perfectly beside the table and creates no hassles whatsoever.

Also, the chair is designed to go with standard table heights. Thereby making adding more convenience to the feeding time. Furthermore, the chair is constructed out of sturdy wood. And it indeed provides you with the complete surety when it comes to durability and reliability. Lastly, the wide sturdy base improves the all-around stability and balance by great margins. As it has a natural wood finish, the chair will complement all kinds of interior décor well.

Key features:

  • Has a safety belt combined with crotch restraint made of solid wood for best of safety.
  • Maximum rated weight capacity is 40 pounds.
  • Is indeed cleaned easily with a damp cloth as it has a no-crack design.

5. Thunder Group Children’s Commercial Wooden High Chair

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An excellent choice of restaurant high chair designed and manufactured by the reliable name of Thunder group. Designed to deliver unparallel performance when it comes to commercial needs, this chair will sit at your restaurant. As a result, it lets the customers appreciate your selection.

Now every child will get the luxury of sitting and enjoying a meal with their parents without any challenges. As it features a safety harness strap coupled with a solid handlebar, the child will always sit safely on it.

Key features:

  • Smart pyramid design improves the stability and sturdiness of the chair.
  • The stackable design certainly helps you keep multiple chairs together without requiring much space.
  • Solid wood construction is durable and very easy to clean as well.

4. Update International WD-HC High Chair

Update International WD-HC High Chair

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One of the most simplistic and elegant looking options for high chairs, this one is a good choice. Perfect for any kind of interior décor, the design blends in perfectly with vintage, modern and everything in between ambiences. As a matter of fact, the sitting height on the chair is 30-inches. Therefore, making it ideal for most standard height of dinner tables.

Now the parents can certainly feed their baby while they are also enjoying their own platter. Weighing just about 10 pounds in itself, moving the chair from one table to another is very easy and hassle-free.

Key features:

  • Elegant looking natural wooden finish.
  • The entire chair is rather made out of wood.
  • Requires no assembly and comes ready to use.
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3. Keekaroo Modern Height Right Restaurant High Chairs with Tray

Keekaroo Modern Height Right High Chair with Tray

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A masterpiece both in terms of design and build quality, from the house of Keekaroom this a supreme choice. The chair has got the certification of quality from JPMA, thus making it a reliable option. Moreover, it is designed to make sure the eating time for your baby feels nice and less troubling.

Featuring an eating tray at the front, handling the dishes will feel much easier owing to this. The tray even has a tray cover which is also dishwasher safe. Hence, making it less challenging to clean and maintain it. Also, it comes in choices of natural and mahogany wood colour. Therefore, you have the right product to go with your décor.

Key features:

  • Latex-free construction as well as has anti-microbial protection for fool-proof safety.
  • Indeed comes with a cloth cushion seating for high-end comfort.
  • Foot and seat plate are completely adjustable.

2. Update International WD-HCM19 Wood Baby High Chair

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A beautiful, elegant, and simplistic option of a high chair for the toddlers, the feel of it is highly admirable. Firstly, it has a striking mahogany finish which readily appeals to the eyes of your customers. And will always attract their attention. The 30-inches of height go well with most standard tables and give the parents a worry-free feeding time.

At a self-weight of 10 pounds, the chair is lightweight to take it around and place it wherever you wish. Furthermore, it has a pyramid shape and the base is much wider than the sitting area. Above all, this brilliant design eliminates risks of tipping over even when there is significant movement.

Key features:

  • Entirely made out of wood for high-end durability.
  • Have safety straps and handlebar for enhanced protection.

1. TableCraft Products 65 Unassembled Wooden High Chair

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This high chair from Tablecraft is certainly one of the finest choices to consider and buy. The overall durability of the chair is certainly amazing and will serve you for a significant number of years. Having a safety strap has durable material construction. And when a baby is sitting, you can be sure of the safety. The strap attaches with the help of a buckle and securely holds the most restless babies as well.

Nevertheless, the straps are replaceable and come in various options to perfectly blend in with the décor of your restaurant.

Key features:

  • Durable hardwood construction is rather meant to last and serve for long.
  • Extremely easy to clean with just a damp cloth.
  • Huge weight capacity of 150 pounds.

Make good use of high-quality restaurant high chair and sit comfortably. These chairs will meet your purpose in every way.

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