Best Ceiling Mounted Rain Shower Heads with Handheld

Taking a shower is one of the most refreshing things that you can think of after a long tiring day. However, you need to have a perfect showerhead in order to get the refreshment. This is one of the reasons why you need to opt for rain shower Heads. The showerheads have excellent construction from high-quality materials. As a result, they do not easily corrode in contact with water. Plus, they provide you with an unparalleled showering experience. In short, you can just stand under these showers and all your tiredness will wash off.

Now, you need to check on the nozzle count, construction and various other features that contribute to the overall quality. To have a better understanding, read our rain showerheads review. The queries are answered and you have the best solution right in front of your hand.

Table of the Top Rated Rain Shower Heads Reviews

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10. MeSun Square Rain Shower Heads with Adjustable Extension Arm

Rain Shower Heads

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MeSun has made a luxurious and high-quality shower of premium 304 stainless steel. It gives you unrivalled performance every year without suffering from rusting. The stainless steel showerhead is large and shaped in the form of a 12-inch square with equally distributed water nozzles. These nozzles are of silicone instead of metal materials that can get corroded not just by the water, but the sediments that get accumulated overtime on the nozzles.

Due to silicone construction, they are self-cleaning and flexible. You don’t have to deal with clogging or dripping problems anymore. The large square design also helps to cover most of your body and gives you an experience similar to rainfall. Finally, the arm is of solid brass construction. As a result, is durable and won’t break or cause leakage even after a prolonged period of time.

Key features:

  • Rubber gasket seals out the threaded nozzles for leak protection.
  • You don’t require any tools for installation. Connecting points are already threaded and can be installed within mere seconds.
  • With a 5 year warranty period covering this product, there is no doubt that MeSun has strict standards of quality and production.

9. SparkPod Modern High-Pressure Rainfall Shower Head for Bathroom

SparkPod Modern High-Pressure Rainfall Shower Head for Bathroom

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SparkPod has created this modern rain showerhead with ABS plastic which is free from toxic materials. Therefore, has complete immunity to rusting with a high level of resistance against corrosion. It is durable and lasts you for a prolonged period. The 6-inch showerhead is affordable.

It certainly offers a lot of value for your money with 90 silicone showerheads that produce thin stream similar to rainfall. As a matter of fact, it is a universal product that takes only 5 minutes for installation.

Key features:

  • You can certainly title it to any given angle.
  • For reducing your water expenditure, this shower head also comes with removable water restrictors.
  • Free Teflon tape that is often required during most installations in the bathroom.

8. Luxe RainLuxe High-Pressure Flow Waterfall Shower Head

Luxe RainLuxe High-Pressure Flow Waterfall Shower Head

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For installing this, you don’t need to have any plumbing skills or professional help. It has been designed to allow you a tool-free and hassle-free installation and gives great performance due to its new raindrop technology.

Its 143 nozzles and special spraying capabilities offer you an almost spa-like experience which is even better than 5-star hotels at the fractional cost. The universal rain showerhead features a chrome finish that looks pretty elegant. It will stay free of any rust cause of high-quality construction.

Key features:

  • This showerhead has a unique connector which allows 360-degrees swivelling and maintains stability at any angle.
  • The USP of this product is its no-leak installation. So no more of unwanted leakage.
  • Affordable price and available in 3 different sizes.

7. DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury Rain Shower Heads with Handheld Combo

DreamSpa Ultra-Luxury Rainfall Shower Head with Handheld Combo

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With products from other brands, there is suspicion about the sourcing of materials and quality of the product after construction. But you can buy without any worries or doubt when you buy a Dream Spa product. Like a lot of their other products this shower head from the brand doesn’t lack in style, design or functionality and has unprecedented quality.

Dream Spa is also confident enough in their production to back it with a lifetime warranty period. Along with the rainfall showerhead, you also get a handheld shower that is very useful for cleaning of targeted and hard to reach areas.

The hand shower has a premium push-button feature that allows you to control the flow of water. No need for complicated dials. Change the flow with the press of a button. Overall the product also looks very luxurious due to its design and chrome-plated finish.

Key features:

  • Aeration massage throws a shower at you with mixed in air bubbles that gently caress your skin
  • You can adjust the angle of the chrome rain showerhead with the adjustable overhead bracket.
  • With a flow rate of 2.5 gallons per minute, showers would be quick and satisfying.

6. Voolan Adjustable Ceiling Mount Square Rainfall Showerhead

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The nozzles on this showerhead have a cone shape and are made from a flexible silicone material that prevents blockage due to sediments of hard water and is extremely easy to clean. It also features a metal filter at the connector which is rust-resistant and blocks out as many impurities as possible.

There is also a rubber gasket thick enough to prevent any leakage. But the best feature about this is probably its grand and luxurious design that can completely change your shower experience.

Key features:

  • High quality and reliable customer service that is always ready to answer all your queries.
  • The adjustable rain showerhead won’t corrode and most importantly, no corrosion. Therefore, you do not have to spend hours cleaning it.
  • Have a water flow of 2.5 GPM and a total of 144 nozzles.

5. RongMax High & Low-Pressure Overhead Waterfall Showerhead

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If you are thinking about buying a wrench, screwdriver or any other tools for installing this shower head inside your bathroom, then there is no need. RongMax has designed it with unique tightening nuts that have a long enough contoured extension outside for allowing you to rotate it with hands. The nuts are of solid brass and can easily support the arm and shower head without any problems.

It also comes with a water restrictor that allows you to cap water flow at around 2.5 GPM. This can translate into a lot of dollars saved on your utility bill.

Key features:

  • Comes with a complimentary Teflon tape for use at every connection.
  • The realistic feeling helps in staying extremely relaxed under the shower.
  • Made from environment-friendly BPA free products to prevent health hazards.

4. SR SUN RISE Stainless Steel Ceiling Rain Shower Heads

SR SUN RISE Stainless Steel Ceiling Rain Shower Heads

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SR SUN RISE has made a really brilliant and efficient showerhead that exceeds all your expectations by a great margin. It has a ball connection head that lets you adjust the showerhead to different angles without loss of stability. You can keep it tilted or straight depending on the placement and enjoy a full comprehensive shower.

Unlike other showerheads, it doesn’t just rely on water and nozzle size to create high pressure. It has advanced air injection technology that aerates the water with vapour and sprays air bubble induced water on your body. So the waterfalls on you at high pressure but feels soft instead of stinging your skin. A long cold shower under this showerhead would help you relieve stress and fatigue that has built up over the busy day.

Key features:

  • A super-thin spray of 2mm from each nozzle on the showerhead.
  • Connecting head has a mesh filter made from stainless steel to block out impurities.
  • The G1/2 inch thread connector is standard in most households and makes installation easier.

3. Qomolangma Brushed Rain Shower Heads

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While other brands plated their shower head with shiny but vulnerable metals that easily get chipped off, Qomolangma likes to do things differently. It has a shower head with brushed stainless steel finish that looks lustrous and doesn’t leave a fingerprint when you touch it.

Under this showerhead, you would feel as if you are under a tropical torrential rainfall. It has 16 nozzles on each side which brings the total to a whopping 256 nozzles that leave no blank spots. Finally, the product is 2mm thick and it even comes with 5 replacement nozzles whenever the need arises.

Key features:

  • These silicone nozzles can flex and are easy to clean.
  • As it has a square shape, it will cover a large area.
  • Can tolerate high temperatures since they are great insulators and don’t react with hard water.

2. Derpras Brushed Nickel Shower Head for Bathroom

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This large shower head from Derpras mimics rainfall by spraying water through its numerous nozzles placed on the large square-shaped rain shower head. You would really feel refreshed after thin high-pressure jets of water come out of its 324 spray nozzles to gently massage your body. As a result, get rid you of any accumulated fatigue.

Even if you have a low-pressure water line, this showerhead injects air and mixes it with the water to create high-pressure sprays. It is indeed an Air energy technology that helps in providing the best bathing experience.

Key features:

  • Ultrafine stainless steel head has an edge that is super thin at just 0.075-inches.
  • It comes with a total of 5 replaceable nozzles that reduce your future maintenance costs.

1. Suguword Ultra Thin Waterfall Full Body Rain Showerhead

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Suguword always creates fine products that are well worth your money and doesn’t disappoint in any way. This rain shower head from the brand is one such example that packs in quite a heavy bang for each dollar. It comes in the form of probably one of the largest showerheads available in the market. With square shape and sides that measure over afoot, you won’t have any complaints regarding the water coverage area.

The streaming jet of water from the showerhead will cover your whole body without leaving any dry spots. Due to SUS304 stainless steel construction, it is going to last you for a very long time and has high resistance to rusting and corrosion. The connector on this shower head has a swivelling design that lets you adjust the angle of the showerhead.

However, the best part is that at any angle the showerhead doesn’t wobble or shake, but remains stable and sturdy.

Key features:

  • Chrome plating with a mirror finish has an exquisite look.
  • Silicon nozzles are cleaned with just a gentle rub from a soft brush and can withstand high temperatures.
  • Head can swivel within an angle of 15-degrees.

A wonderful luxurious bathing experience and that also in your very own bathroom. The rain showerhead kit helps to set-up the dream bathroom that you have been seeking for.

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