Best Portable Refrigerators | Mini Fridge for Car Reviews

Make your travel plans even more fun and thrilling. Just get hold of the right set of equipment for your travel arsenal. If you like to drink some cold and fresh drinks while travelling, you need to have portable refrigerators in your car. These compact fridges may seem small but the functionality is the same as the standard fridges. It is specifically made for on-the-go purposes and you can have easy access to your drinks.

Do not waste any more time thinking and deciding whether or not to buy as. We have prepared a list of Best portable refrigerators for you. We know how difficult it is to buy things without proper understanding. Hence we have highlighted the best features and all the details of each product. Have a look at these models and find out which one appeals to you the most.

Table of the Best Portable Refrigerators Reviews

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10. Whynter FMC-350XP Portable Refrigerators – AC 110V/ DC 12V True Freezer for Car

Portable Refrigerators

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Until you have used a compact portable refrigerator, you will not know how much it can add value. And how majorly it can contribute to your life. Firstly, it must have all the qualities of a good refrigerator while being easy to move around. Sized perfectly, the total capacity of this refrigerator is a huge 34 quarts. As a result, making it suitable for as many as 48 cans.

The working temperature range on this is -8°F to 50° and at -8°F, it has the benefit of Fast Freeze also. Compatible 12/24V DC and 110V AC power, this unit is installed directly on your car or RV. Therefore, you can have all the benefits on the move too. Also, it weighs just 42 pounds, thus not adding to your weight while you are out there exploring the world.

Key features:

  • ETL approved assembly is very safe and reliable to use on a daily basis.
  • Many benefiting additions like a 10ft DC power cord, couple of removable baskets, lids and walls insulated.
  • The outer housing is tough and of solid plastic and has a rubber mat on the bottom to prevent hassles of slipping.

9. Knox Electric Cooler and Warmer for Car & Home with Locking Handle

Knox Electric Cooler and Warmer for Car & Home

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People love exploring the outdoors whenever and however possible. Look around and you will see so many people choosing to be on the road and travelling whenever they can. Although fun, in order to ensure your travels are fun and safe, you need some good travel accessories. This portable electric refrigerator is a must-have for people who like to have chilled drinks, pre-cut foods and cold cuts.

The large size provides you with ample space so that you can keep the drinks cool always. Moreover, just not cooling, it can even keep all the items hot if you like it that way. As it has a 25 litre of capacity, you will not have to suffer from the hassles space crunch. Keep as many as 30 cans in one single space and never run out of cold supply ever.

Key features:

  • Very innovatively shaped slick design makes it an ideal addition to your vehicle.
  • Locking handle has a flip-up functionality for easy opening and closing.
  • The cold storage compartment is there for dealing with all kinds of food and drink items.

8. ARB Portable Electric Powered Mini Fridge for Car, Boat, Truck, SUV & RV

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The world is witnessing a major rise in innovation and technology. This ARB classic portable refrigerator is one such example of innovation that delivers. This refrigerator is your ideal companion if you are travelling mostly in your vehicle through the unlikely roads. Who doesn’t love to sip on a fresh and cold drink on the move? And for you, this unit is a perfect option.

Capable of holding onto 0° temperature, this will keep the drinks and food the way you wish to. In terms of construction, the lid you get is a two-piece injection-moulded and also UV stable. Furthermore, even if the vehicle is off, the fridge will keep on cooling your contents, making it even more suitable for a road journey.

Key features:

  • Adjustable automatic battery protection system assures the battery of the vehicle is never running out.
  • Comes along with two power cables for both DC and AC output.
  • Wide range of cooling capacity from 0° to 50°.

7. Ausranvik Portable Car Fridge – Small Fridge Freezer

Ausranvik Portable Car Fridge - Small Fridge Freezer

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An extraordinary portable car refrigerator that not only does the job perfectly but also has a commendable design. It comes with a beautifully designed LED display that shows you the current running temperature of the cooler. Also, the touch control panel is easy to use and this can cool anywhere between -4°F to 68°F as well. Even better, if your smart devices are running out of power, there is a USB port. As a matter of fact, it can put the chargeback into those.

Capable of working both in 12/24V DC and 110V AC, it lets you use it anywhere from your home to your vehicle without any hold-ups. Both the power cords are included in the package for easy setting up. Owing to smart memory function, you will not have tweak temperature even when you are changing the power source.

Key features:

  • Keep it clean and fresh easily always. There is a drain plug at the bottom through which you can drain out the cleaning water.
  • Smart energy-saving design, as it reaches the set temperature it will stop eating more energy.
  • No risks if the car battery running down ever as there is adjustable battery protection.

6. Wagan EL6224 24 Liter Portable Electric Car Cooler and Warmer

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One refrigerator that can double up as a warmer as well, this is the choice for a newer generation. The 7.5ft cord length makes it easy to set up the machine inside your vehicle anywhere. Also, it has a 24L capacity, there will never be any shortage of space for keeping soda bottles and drinks.

Furthermore, it is tall enough to accommodate four 2l bottles vertically and side by side. The insulation is provided by Polyurethane foam and perfectly retains the temperature of your choice. In just 30 minutes of your time, your food and drinks will be cooled to your desired temperature.

Key features:

  • Is certainly used for heating items at a massive temperature of 140°F.
  • The portable refrigerator’s indicator light has been provided on the hot/cold/off switch for easier understanding.
  • Can go as low as 36°F below room temperature for the most efficient cooling.

5. Astro AL Best Mini Fridge –  AC/DC Powered Cooler and Warmer

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It is just not super efficient in the way it works but is also super safe and super reliable. Certified by the safety standards of CE, FCC, ETL and RoHS, it will work effortlessly and never cause any sorts of travel or damage to you. Moreover, it is backed by a 3-year warranty from the brand’s end. Therefore, it lets you enjoy a trouble-free experience.

On the inside, you get a semi-conductor refrigeration chip which is freon-free and environment-friendly for all-around satisfactory performance. In addition to that, the quiet technology used by the product is a marvel in its own. Finally, it never increases the working sound over 25DB.

Key features:

  • Assembled with technology for unrestricted applications using with both AC and DC output.
  • The impressive carrying capacity of 4 litres stores all you wish to carry along.
  • The shelf on the inside is removable for more flexibility and easy organizing.

4. Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer

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Easy and convenient to use, this refrigerator features a thermoelectric system. As a result, it allows fast and easy switching from cooling to heating and vice versa. One can use it at their home or vehicle, it can hold 6 cans of regular size always. As it comes along with AC and DC power adapter, one can easily connect it to the 12V cigarette adapter in a vehicle.

Also, it has a USB cord and is smart enough to work when current is provided from a 2A power bank.

Key features:

  • The matte finish and sleek body make it a perfect addition for your home, office, RV, or car.
  • Completely free of freon, you can use this refrigerator without any risks or troubles.
  • Magnetic self-lock latch door is incredibly easy and effortless to use.

3. ICECO Portable Refrigerators – Small Car Fridge Freezer with APP Control

ICECO Portable Refrigerators - Small Car Fridge Freezer with APP Control

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In the current era, people love smart technology and machines. Why compromise on your refrigerator when you can have this one from Iceco.  Having Bluetooth technology, you can connect it to your smartphone and use the app to control temperature, fast cooling etc. Also, it has been certified by SAA and ETL against safety. Plus, it uses a high-quality German SECOP compressor on the inside.

If you are worried about the reliability, the brand offers you a long 5-year warranty on the compressor. Apart from that, a 1-year warranty on all parts.

Key features:

  • Adjustable working temperature range of 0°F- 50°F for satisfactory results.
  • The impressive dual working mode of Max and Eco for both power and energy saving.

2. Alpicool C20 Portable Refrigerators for Car, Truck, RV, Boat

Alpicool C20 Portable Refrigerators for Car, Truck, RV, Boat

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Designed to secure your road journeys the right way, the 20 litres of capacity on this refrigerator is well-suited for road trips. As it can hold as many as 25 cans of cola, you will never be short of drinks. The freezer can work at -4°F for the most efficient cooling and best results.

It doesn’t matter where you wish to use it as the package includes a couple of power cables for both AC and DC output. Finally, it has strong yet lightweight plastic material construction for risk-free carrying and transport.

Key features:

  • Unrestricted usage on 12V/24V DC and 110V to 240V AC current source.
  • Is certainly used with your small system and provide uncompromising cooling.
  • You get as high as 21 quarts of capacity in this.

1. Alpicool CF55 Portable Refrigerators – Mini Fridge Freezer

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This refrigerator from Alpicool has a great storing capacity of 55 litres for accommodating as many as 60 soda cans. The compressor is extremely powerful and can even cool stuff at as low as -4°F also. The temperature is adjusted both while working as a fridge or a freezer.

Furthermore, it features thick and high-density foam insulation for an impressive experience always. It has a reliable design with secure sealing property construction for the best results.

Key features:

  • Has a built-in LED and internal basket for more convenience.
  • Works both on AC and DC current source for both home and car usage.

For your road trips or summer parties, the portable mini-refrigerators can stack in all sorts of beverages. Sip on the drinks and enjoy at your happy place!

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