Best Portable Gas Grills for Camping & Picnic Reviews

When you are out for camping or planning to have a feast at your backyard, you need to have a gas grill that can accompany you to your desired destination whenever you need. A portable gas grill is a wise choice that will help you to make mouth-watering meals without worrying about anything. From steaks to burgers, your food journey will be pretty delicious as anything and everything can be made on this grill. Further, for making it extra portable, the legs and stands can be folded thus making it easy to transport. The locking system assures that you have an undisturbed and clean cooking experience. But there are many other features that will tell you about its quality. Thus, the review of portable gas grills by providing you with a clear idea about what to buy and how to buy without wasting your time.

Table of the Best Portable Gas Grills Reviews

10. Cuisinart CGG-180T Petit Tabletop Gas Grill

Portable Gas Grills

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For those looking to cook a large quantity of fish and meat on a portable grill, this 5500 BTU tabletop grill is your machine. Having stainless steel burners and porcelain-coated grate that supports even heating, this gas grill can cook steaks and burgers (8 to claim), around 3-4 pounds of fish and up to 10 chicken breasts. Your family meal now can be cooked in a small space and in style!

Key features

  • Has a grilling area of 145 square inches.
  • Comes in a briefcase style format that is easy to carry.
  • Its integrated lid lock helps in the safekeeping of the lid and aluminium legs will keep it steady.
  • Fuelled by propane, its compact size helps to keep heat close to the cooking surface (clearly energy efficient).
  • The grate is removable and dishwasher safe.
  • Weighs 13.5 pounds.
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9. Coleman RoadTrip LXX Black Portable Propane Grill

Coleman RoadTrip LXX Portable Propane Grill

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Planning a long road trip? Well, this propane grill is the one to carry! Coming with porcelain enamelled grilled surface, the portable gas propane grill has stainless steel table inserts making it durable. With a grilling power of 22,000 BTU and cooking surface of 285 square inches, it has dual burners that can be adjusted and an inbuilt thermometer. Plus, the InstaStart ignition format supporting matchless lighting makes it easier.

Key features

  • Folding legs and wheels for easy transportation.
  • Attached grease tray available thereby helping to collect the drippings.
  • Its PerfectFlow technology ensures consistent heat output thereby favouring cooking in low temperature.
  • Has 3-year limited warranty period.
  • Added utensil hooks and stainless-steel side table.

8. Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill

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From the manufacturers of Weber comes this grill running on liquid propane with a cooking area of 189 square inches. Having an ignition with a push-button format and infinite control burner valve settings, this single-steel burner gas grill is suitable for cooking up a small meal. Its control knobs, large grip handle and ergonomic side handles are a real winner.

Key features

  • Dual format: Stay at home grills or runs on disposable LP cylinders.
  • Heat production level is of 8500 BTU.
  • Cooking grates are porcelain coated.

7. Coleman Sportster Propane Grill

Coleman Sportster Propane Grill

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Coleman presents one of its kinds a propane grill with collapsible stand and compact storage format. With a spacious 225 square inch cooking area and 11,000 BTU of cooking power, this has a lift and lock system for securing the system. Also, the added benefit is that it has a matchless lighting format with InstaStart ignition and one cannot dream more.

Key features

  • Removable steel grates and drip tray for easy cleaning.
  • Includes wheels and specific latch.
  • The stand for portable gas grill can be collapsed.
  • Can cook meals for a family.
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6. Weber Q1200 Black Liquid Propane Grill

Weber 51010001 Q1200 Liquid Propane Grill

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Making a perfect carry-on grill for parties and picnics, this propane fuelled grill brings a heating capacity of 8500 BTU/hour. With an infinite control burner valve setting and easy-to-start electronic ignition, this has aluminium body and lid and the cooking grates are coated with porcelain.

Key features

  • Has a cooking area of 189 square inches.
  • The cook boxes are extremely durable with minimal maintenance required.
  • Constructed out of stainless steel and rust resistant, the burner tubes steal the show.

5. Weber 1141001 Go-Anywhere Gas Grill

Weber 1141001 Go-Anywhere Gas Grill

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As the name suggests, this is a gas grill that will help you cook food at almost anywhere that you carry this. Installed with a singular stainless-steel burner producing 6500 BTU/hour and cooking area of 160 square inches, this has a push button for reliable lighting facility. The porcelain coating of the cooking grate stops the occurrence of any flare-up, thereby helping in proper heat distribution.

Key features

  • High-end lock system with steel-plated legs.
  • The Tuck-Away lid holder is perfect for holding back the lid during usage.

4. Blackstone Table Top Grill – Portable Gas Griddle

Blackstone Table Top Grill - 17 Inch Portable Gas Griddle

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Looking for fast heating from a portable grill? Blackstone is the brand to rely on! Besides having an electric igniter and inbuilt grease catcher, this offers a heavy-duty cooking area of 260 square inches. Added to that, the ‘H’ burner and 12,000 BTU heat production capacity is perfect for hunting and other outdoor activities. Tailored according to your requirements, this grill is coated with black powder and the cooking surface is rolled in steel.

Key features

  • Has a built-in grease catcher and electric ignition.
  • The table for portable gas top grill griddle makes cleaning easy.
  • Storage is not an issue as the griddle can be stored upside down and other ways.
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3. Giantex Propane Stainless Steel Foldable Tabletop Gas Grill

Giantex Propane Tabletop Gas Grill Stainless Steel Two-Burner BBQ

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An ideal portable set-up for BBQ grillers, this product has a lockable lid system, foldable legs, 430 stainless steel construction and easy-to-clean surface. The heating capacity is placed at 20,000 BTU and has dual push-and-turn ignition burners (self-adjustable) for easily starting up the grill. The 2 burners and CSA approved standards make for a perfect set-up.

Key features

  • Uses Universal LPG and has a locking hood for transportation and storage facilities.
  • Weighs pretty light.
  • Can be used for camping, boating etc.

2. Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared Propane Gas Grill

Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill

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This Char-Broil gas grill brings with itself the no-flare-TRU-infrared cooking system which ideally weighs less than 20 pounds but ensures a cooking space of 200 square inches. Powered by a heating capacity of 9500 BTU and having a built-in push-button ignition, this tabletop grill is a game changer when you wish to have a portable one! The LP cylinder can be disposed when exhausted and the infrared cooking system helps to ensure cooking even during chilly weathers.

Key features:

  • Firebox and lid made of cast aluminium having dual stainless-steel latches.
  • Have dual cool-touch handles that also resist heat.
  • Stainless-steel cooking grate promises longevity and needs minimal efforts to clean.
  • The black porcelain finish being rustproof improves the life of this grill.
  • If convective heat destroys the food moisture barrier, infrared heat locks in the natural flavours.

1. Cuisinart CGG-240 All Foods Roll-Away Gas Grill

Cuisinart CGG-240 All Foods Roll-Away Gas Grill

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Customised to be carried for multiple occasions, the gas grill from Cuisinart has a heat capacity of 15,000 BTU and cooking area of 240 square inches. The TwistStart electric ignition helps to distribute the heat evenly and foldable stainless-steel side tables make it a hassle-free job to transport the grill.

Key features

  • Cooking grates are porcelain coated helping to maintain the temperature standard
  • The inbuilt thermometer helps to provide precise readings and manage the intensity of the flames.
  • No need to use matches as the gas can be ignited just by twisting it to start.
  • Have two side shelves which can be further folded.

Reviwing the best portable gas grill and stove is a user-friendly option for cooking scrumptious meals even when you are on the go.

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