Best Pool Vacuum Heads Reviews

Pools are still one of the most sought-after places for people of all ages. No matter how the weather looks, people love taking a dip in the pool whenever possible. Often, you can see people complaining about the cleanliness of the swimming pools. That is a matter of concern for most people as it disrupts the hygiene and often leads to health issues. But you may have heard about the advantages of pool vacuum heads. So, dig a more into its details.

We will help you keep your pool clean as you can easily buy one of the best pool vacuum heads. These are technologically superior devices that can clean the pool in the easiest manner possible. Find yourself the most ideal option that can help you with the cleaning process and never make you feel left out.

Table of the Best Pool Vacuum Heads Reviews

10. Milliard Sea-Thru Triangle Weighted Spa and Pool Vacuum Heads

Pool Vacuum Heads

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Who doesn’t love the idea of spending amazing moments in the pool? The best escape to scorching heat and unbearable weathers, swimming pools will never lose its popularity. Cleaning the pool, on the other hand, is a challenging task and requires a lot of your efforts in every way. This triangle pool vacuum head can actually help you make pool cleaning easier and less troubling. With spring load locking clips on the handle, it will be relatively easier to attach a standard extension.

For better cleaning along the walls and deep cleaning in the corners, the overall design helps. It has a triangular plastic body with a see-through finish that enhances the manoeuvrability and offers sure cleaning. Also, the same head uses ABS plastic, meaning this will last for long years without any damages whatsoever. There is no need to worry about the chemicals that are in the pool as the ABS plastic takes care of that too.

Key features:

  • Gentle yet deep cleaning is possible by the nylon bristles on the head.
  • Have rubber bumpers on the sides so that the vinyl pool liners do not sustain scratches or damages.
  • Workable both with ports of 1.5-inches and 1.25-inches.
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9. Milliard Extra-Wide Flexible Pool Vacuum Heads with Ball Bearing Urethane Wheels

Milliard Extra-Wide Flexible Pool Vacuum Heads with Ball Bearing Urethane Wheels

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If you like your pool beautiful and clean even after long use, you should get hold of the right cleaning tools. Many different accessories can help you with the cleaning but a flexible pool vacuum head can accelerate the process. With aluminium handle adapter, for most of your extension poles, this head will work. Even better, it has spring load clips that help with the attachment process too.

Talking about the durability and service life, this head has a flexible plastic body that does the job well. So, it promises to last for a long time. The body has curves so that the suction remains consistent across all angles and surfaces of your pool.

Key features:

  • 19-inches wide cleaning surface with a 1.5-inches port connection assures hassle-free cleaning always.
  • With urethane wheel, it makes sure that the surface of the pool gets no scratches or scrapings.
  • ABS plastic construction for unquestionable durability and long years of service.

8. Fibropool Professional Flexible Swimming Pool Vacuum Heads

Fibropool Professional Flexible Swimming Pool Vacuum Heads

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This professional pool vacuum head from Fibropool will do what’s best for your pool. It comes with the benefit of a large cleaning area. Hence, you can do a lot of work without having to work much more for it. Featuring an amazing thermoplastic body every curve, corner, and contour of the pool’s surface will receive cleaning equally always.

Even better, on the bottom, there are long-lasting urethane wheels that have metal ball bearings. No risk of the vacuum head causing any sorts of damage to the pool surface in any possible way.

Key features:

  • Comes with 6 integrated weights. Hence, there is always a consistent and sure sealing on the pool surface.
  • The suction port can connect easily to the regular 1.5-inches hose for more convenience.
  • Metal handle has chrome plating and easily attaches to extension poles of standard sizes.

7. U.S. Pool Supply Concrete Swimming Pool Vacuum Head with Pole Handle

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A weighted pool vacuum head, this is a great choice for all kinds of people. It is a 14-inches head with the convenience of being superiorly flexible for better applications. The head is swivelling in nature. So, you can easily use it with 1-1/4-inches and 1-1/2-inches hoses. The manufacturers even back you up with a full one year warranty on the vacuum head.

If at any moment in this time period you feel something is wrong, you will get a complete refund.

Key features:

  • Innovative aluminium spring-action pole handle enhances the overall user comfort.
  • Body of the vacuum head is heavy with weights so that the unit stays underwater always.
  • Uses durable wheels and metal wheel bolts for optimum performance guarantee.
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6. Hayward SP1068 Pool Vacuum Cleaner Head

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Being innovative, this has a “See-thru” design that paces up the cleaning process by great margins. The overall design is quite smart. Plus, it even has some amazing features to increase the efficiency of the clean. Moreover, the overall shape has a contour that readily allows you to easily clean the corners and steps in your pool.

Also, if necessary you can resort to using the optional weight package. With this weight package, your pool vacuum head will stay underwater easily.

Key features:

  • Offers long-wearing brushes so that the algae spots quickly get loosened.
  • Innovative 360° swivel connector ends help eliminate tangling of the hose.
  • Options of 1-1/4-inches and 1-1/2-inches hose connections for more benefits.

5. Aquatix Pro Professional Vacuum Head for Pool with Wheels

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Top-notch in every aspect, this pool vacuum head with wheels from Aquatix pro is something you can depend and rely on. It is perfect for all kinds and shapes of pools. Thus, it never makes it challenging for you when you are willing to clean them nicely. The 1-year guarantee is an extra benefit where you get the extra reliability of using it without any sorts of worries.

Perfect for heavy-duty applications, the entire construction is amazing and very durable. Having strong and long wheels, an all-aluminium handle, and a flexible handle, it is always fun to use it. Perfectly reliable, the vacuum head also has EZ clips that get the job done well.

Key features:

  • The weighted head design ensures that it always sticks to the ground for better coverage of the area.
  • Compatible with most telescopic poles and pool hoses as well.
  • You can use it to clean even the corners without any challenges.

4. Poolmaster AIR Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool Vacuum Heads

Poolmaster AIR Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool Vacuum Heads

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This vacuum head has a very different and unique design but offers equally amazing functionality always. If you are unhappy about all the unwanted debris in your pool, this vacuum head is best for you. It will always clean in the most efficient fashion and make your pool good as new.

Also, you can use it with vacuum hoses and standard pool poles that are available separately for buying. The overall build quality is fascinating and has a very strong and durable ABS body.

Key features:

  • Weight of the body assures that you have a more secure movement and cleaning.
  • 13-inches width of the body eases and accelerates the cleaning process greatly.
  • You can control the suction on this with the air-relief valve present on it.
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3. VIGIND Flexible Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner Head with Brush and EZ Clips

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Triangular vacuum head that will efficiently pick up the debris, clean the stains, and make your pool clean. Owing to this shape, now you can clean the corners of the pool more conveniently and easily. Also, it has a wide cleaning surface of 11-inches for more cleaning in less time always.

In terms of compatibility, you can ideally use it with most types of extension poles easily. The spring-load locking clips help in attaching the head to extension poles. Furthermore, the vacuum port fits 1-1/2-inches and 1-1/4-inches standard vacuum hoses for better performance.

Key features:

  • Vacuum head has weight. So, the entire thing remains at the bottom of the pool and does the job efficiently.
  • Rubber bumper sides help you in keeping the pool walls and surface scratch-less and nice.
  • The see-thru body ensures that you can see the debris that it is picking.

2. Daveyspa Professional Pool and Spa Vacuum Head with Wheels

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From the house of Daveyspa, this vacuum head is best for a wide range and types of pools. Cleaning your pool has never been easier as this. Now, you can have a vacuum cleaning device that can do the cleaning without demanding much effort or challenges.

If you like combining your vacuum head with standard pool extension poles, the handle adapter will come in really handy. For easy lining up, use the removable spring-load clips and adjust it as per your convenience.

Key features:

  • Features a very durable yet flexible plastic body. So, you will be able to easily use it along the curves of the pool floor.
  • The urethane wheels move very smooth and do not harm the surface of the pool.
  • Weight of the vacuum head helps in keeping it underwater always.

1. ATIE Heavy-Duty Flexible Weighted Pool Vacuum Head with Chrome Handle & Ball Bearing Wheel 

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This vacuum head from Atie is a perfect option for all your needs. For easier application, you can connect it to 1.5-inches vacuum hose and start with the cleaning process without any issues or challenges. On the bottom, the long-lasting and durable urethane wheels have ball bearings for the smoothest rolling on all surfaces.

As a matter of fact, it works perfectly on both concrete as well as plastered pools. So, no reason to feel hesitated while cleaning the pool.

Key features:

  • Assures easy and comfortable manoeuvrability owing to the chrome-plated metal handle assembly.
  • The flexible body helps you in cleaning through contoured and curved areas.

The hygiene of the pool lies on its cleanliness. And the heavy-duty pool vacuum head will uproot any struggles related to pool cleaning.

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