Top 10 Best Plastic Storage Drawers Reviews In 2020

Metal or wooden drawers cost a lot. Hence, if it is for integrated closets or your room decor, then that kind of premium materials are the best. However, we need easily accessible plastic storage drawers at our reach for frequently accessing the essential items. These drawers are pretty huge and it acts as a good solution to quickly get your items. Sometimes these are see-through while sometimes it comes in colours. Well, the performance remains the same.

To have a clearer knowledge about the products in the market, the plastic storage drawers buying guide will help you. The study, compare and get the best!

Table of the Best Plastic Storage Drawers Reviews

10. Sterilite Wide 3 Drawer Cart with Clear Drawers & Black Casters

Plastic Storage Drawers

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Searching for a small plastic storage drawer for keeping blankets or laundry? Then Sterlite has an excellent solution for you. It is completely made out of high-quality plastic and is quite translucent which gives you a clear view inside it.

However, for something minor like laundry or a place for keeping indoor slippers nothing is better than this drawer system. It has a fractional cost and unlike those materials doesn’t suffer from exposure to natural elements like water or dust. Plus, it wouldn’t puff out and lose its strength or rust at any point in time. Using them is also super easy since they have large ergonomic handles and wheels. Hence, that lets you transfer this to any room with minimal effort

Key features:

  • Since you can see everything inside you don’t have to waste time looking through each drawer.
  • Manufactured in the United States.
  • Certainly, includes black casters for portability.
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9. Boby 4-Storage Plastic Drawer Organizer Cabinet on Wheels for Bathroom

Boby 4-Storage Plastic Drawer Organizer Cabinet on Wheels for Bathroom

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Boby has created a slim and longitudinal drawer system. Now, you have the full functionality that durable drawers bring without sacrificing precious real estate. You get a total of 4 tiers and these are roomy enough to store multiple accessories, toys or other products. They will fit nicely in a compact space.

Moreover, it also has partitions inside the drawer to let you store everything in an organised manner. Featuring a slide-out design just like trolley, the plastic storage drawer organizers will perfectly match the aesthetics of any room.

Key features:

  • Castors near four corners rather lets you move the drawers easily.
  • Made from PP plastic that is good for the environment.

8. IRIS 4-Drawer Rolling Plastic Storage Bin with Organizer Top

IRIS 4-Drawer Rolling Storage Bin with Organizer Top

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In terms of versatility and functionality, it is really tough to beat this drawer set from Iris. You get a total of four plastic drawers with two being deep while the other two are shallow. Next, the drawer set works as a perfect addition to the study table. You can use the larger drawer for storing bulky tools and instruments. Whereas the smaller ones are used for storing files, documents or project outlines. You don’t need to worry about the drawers sliding or falling off since they include drawer stops at each level.

Mobility is a big issue when it comes to desks or drawers with study materials. To tackle that issue, this drawer comes with four wheels that are detachable. As a matter of fact, you can remove them if you want to. And when you change your home setting, you can just roll this to any room or a specific position. Lastly, mall items like pens, scissors and wires are stored at the top which has sectioned areas for organizing everything.

Key features:

  • Two organizers with frequent use items are indeed within your hand’s reach.
  • Deep drawers have a weight capacity of 10 pounds while shallow drawers can hold 2.5 pounds.
  • Clear plastic storage drawers facilitate in keeping a check without even opening.

7. Sterilite 3-Drawer Medium Plastic Storage Cart

Sterilite 3-Drawer Medium Plastic Storage Cart

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This drawer cart from Sterlite brings you two drawer carts with three drawers on each cart. These drawers are easily accessed with a sliding motion as you pull them with easy to reach handles. Each cart has four wheels at the bottom. It certainly gives them tremendous mobility so that you can move them around with little to no effort.

Furthermore, they are also extremely affordable and you get two drawer carts at the price of one.

Key features:

  • The plastic storage drawers weigh around 14 pounds.
  • Contents of the drawer are visible from outside die to see through plastic material.
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6. IRIS 17 Quart Stacking Plastic Drawers

IRIS 17 Quart Stacking Plastic Drawers

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Iris always likes to stay ahead of the competition and always comes up with products that really have a big effect on your lifestyle. With this product, they are offering you a modular set of drawers that you can use according to your needs. Instead of a permanent plastic storage drawer frame, each drawer has a mini frame of its own. As a result, this lets you stack them however you like. You can stack them in various combinations including 1×4, 2×2 or 4×1. Have a small apartment? Then you can go for this by stacking all of them vertically to fit inside a narrow space.

With sturdy and easy to use handles, you can pull out the drawers in a smooth gliding motion for access. Moreover, you don’t have to waste time drawing each and every drawer for identifying whatever you have stored inside. They are certainly made from plastic and are see-through in nature. Hence, it lets you a quick peek inside the drawer instantly.

Key features:

  • High volume with 4 drawers having a total capacity of 17 quarts.
  • Includes drawer stopping features to avoid sudden falling outs.
  • No tools or assembly required.

5. Sterilite 3-Drawer Unit with Clear Drawers

Sterilite 3-Drawer Unit with Clear Drawers

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Weighing at just around 3.25 pounds, these drawers are extremely lightweight. So anytime you want to shift them to any room you will face no problems. With three compartments they provide adequate organisation space and it is used for multiple purposes.

However, each drawer has a handle. It means you can access each and every one of them individually. The front panels are transparent as well which gives you a quick look inside

Key features:

  • You can simply stack it on each other.
  • The clear drawers will always help in quick identification of the items without even opening.

4. HOMZ Plastic 4 Drawer Medium Cart with Smoke Tint Drawers

HOMZ Plastic 4 Drawer Medium Cart with Smoke Tint Drawers

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Homz has created the perfect drawer solution that would fit right in anyone’s budget and would last for years. Firstly, it has a frame made out of heavy-duty plastic for making it ultra durable. Now you can support the drawers along with everything that you put inside them. Four drawers fit inside this frame and boast quite an aesthetic edge over generic see-through or colour blocked plastic drawers. They are translucent with a smoked tint which makes them appealing but doesn’t take away the functionality of see-through drawers.

However, two of these drawers have greater depth than the other. Hence, it will be used in different ways. All these drawers have handles which are easy to grab and lets you quickly access to the drawers. Finally, you can even use these drawers for transporting things from one room to the other.

Key features:

  • Certainly doesn’t require any sort of assembly.
  • You can store large toys, diapers, etc tools inside the deeper drawers. Whereas art supplies, small festive decorations can go into the shallow drawers.
  • Four caster wheels which let you roll them in any direction for a change in the position
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3. Sterilite Plastic Drawer Cart with Clear Drawers and Black Casters

Sterilite Plastic Drawer Cart with Clear Drawers and Black Casters

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Now you can buy two drawer sets in this great deal. This drawer set is manufactured in America and you can keep trust on the quality. You get two sets of three drawers that come with caster wheels for easy and effortless movement. They won’t be damaged by water or dust either since they are made from plastic.

The caster included in the bottom gives the liberty of transporting it anywhere. As a matter of fact, it is accentuated with a white frame and hence the beauty is maintained.

Key features:

  • Perfect to be used in any location.
  • Wheels rather enhance the portability factor.
  • See-through drawers let you see everything inside.

2. STERILITE 4-Drawer Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Unit

STERILITE 4-Drawer Heavy Duty Plastic Storage Unit

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Another incredible product from Sterlite that does not only gives you immense storage space but also look excellent with the modern design. You can use this several places, be it at work or at home. You can use it to store garment in shared dorms or for storing all kinds of tools in your garage. Plus, you can even use it in your baby’s room for storing diapers, napkins and all other baby supplies. Next, you get a total of 4 drawers stacked on top of each other. They have plenty of space for even keeping bulky things.

Unlike other manufacturers, Sterlite uses very high-quality plastic for constructing these drawers. Hence, it won’t give you that cheap feeling that comes from poor quality light fragile plastic furniture. Due to the matte black colour, it has a bold look. And it allows you to use it with all sorts of home decor setting. It will blend right in and accentuate the overall aesthetics

Key features:

  • Handles are ergonomically designed.
  • Hidden rollers give it high mobility.
  • Over 25-inches in length.

1. Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart & Organizer with Plastic Drawers

Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart & Organizer with Plastic Drawers

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With a chrome frame, this drawer set is sturdy and will last for a long time. The chrome finished frame with its lustrous and attractive look goes well in any room and all settings. It has 12 plastic drawers with adequate space for storing anything and everything you want.

Furthermore, you can use it in your kitchen, bathroom and kid’s room or at your office. Both your domestic and professional storage needs are satisfied with this value for money drawers. But the semi-transparent drawer gives a good view of the essentials stored inside.

Key features:

  • Rolling wheels enable it to move it around easily.
  • Wheels help to lock it in place.

Arrange it neatly in the drawers. The plastic storage drawer cabinets are an effective way to meet your organisation goals.

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