Best Plastic Storage Cabinets with Doors Reviews

Every home or office requires proper cabinets or shelves for storing necessary things. It is quite important to keep things well organized. Plus, it must be handy so that in time of rush, you do not spend excess time in finding. If you want a cabinet that can go well with your interior décor, then plastic storage cabinets are consumer favourite.

Here is the selection of the Best plastic storage cabinets to look into. Every single product has got the assurance of quality and each cabinet is aesthetically amazing as well. The detailed description will help you know the product better, making it easier for you to choose and buy.

Table of the Best Plastic Storage Cabinets Reviews

10. Rubbermaid 4-Shelf Resin Storage Cabinet with Double-Door

Plastic Storage Cabinets

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Plastic storage cabinets with doors are one of the most essential additions in any house. The undesirable space crunch and lack of storage options are a worrying factor for modern apartments. It is rather important to have the right options to keep your stuff organized and clean. Choosing a good plastic cabinet like this can benefit you in ways more than you can imagine.

Moreover, this is a double door closet where you have the option of locking if needed to store important things. With an impressive capacity of 21 cubic feet and 690-pounds of storage, a lot of things can go in this. In total, there are 4 shelves so that you can perfectly organize the storage for various different kinds of things.

Key features:

  • Appropriate used for the keeping of heavy materials as well.
  • High-density polyethylene construction is durable and strong.
  • Certainly features a dedicated storage container.
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9. Sterilite 01423V01 4 Shelf Plastic Storage Cabinets

 Sterilite 01423V01 4 Shelf Storage Cabinet

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An elegant and minimalistic looking furniture is certainly a great choice for most of the modern interior decors. Gone are the days when people used to fall in love with exaggerating designs and curves on furniture. This extremely simple yet elegant looking storage cabinet will sit perfectly in any corner of your house.

As it is designed and made in the USA, there is no compromising with the quality. Plus, the heavy-duty construction is will last you for numerous years while storing all your essentials in one place. Furthermore, the hassle-free assembly rather requires no tools or extra pair of hands for setting it up.

Key features:

  • Shelves have indeed rugged and feature heavy-duty construction.
  • Height adjustable plastic storage cabinet shelves let you store all types of things.
  • Have a total of 4 shelves.

8. Contico 4 Shelf Plastic Garage Base Utility Cabinet

Contico 4 Shelf Plastic Garage Base Utility Cabinet

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Need a cabinet that can fit perfectly in any house or any room? This is certainly one of the best choices to see. Coming from Contico, this storage cabinet is one solution for all your storage needs. Firstly, the entire cabinet is constructed out of heavy-duty resin and ensures you with unmatched durability. Resin is a good material that totally repels water. As a result, it does not fail due to load and extremely resistance to breaking as well. I

In terms of space, you get a total of 4 plastic storage cabinet shelves to keep things handy and at close reach. Use it for storing essentials at the garage or everyday stuff in your room. Finally, it is smartly designed cabinet will look smart in any given surrounding.

Key features:

  • Takes less than 30 minutes for a complete setup.
  • Each shelf has a rated weight capacity of 100 pounds.
  • Indeed includes built-in locking hasp.

7. Contico 2 Shelf Plastic Garage Base Utility Cabinet

Contico 2 Shelf Plastic Garage Base Utility Cabinet

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Undoubtedly, an everyday storage cabinet that will not eat up a huge amount of space at your room! On the other hand, it provides you with ample storage solution; this one is a really good choice to see. Perfectly shaped to sit in garage or basement, no more hassles of unorganized storage or things lying here and there. The two-door plastic storage cabinet design is easy to access.

As a matter of fact, on the inside, you get a total of two shelves for storage. While ensuring that you store everything easily, the cabinet also makes sure that whatever you keep is also safe. The 100 pounds of the weight limit on each shelf. Now you can keep heavy materials and types of machinery that were previously lying outside in your garage or basement.

Key features:

  • Safe to keep hazardous chemicals without having any risks of damage to the cabinet.
  • Extremely strong and durable resin construction is meant to last and serve for a longer number of years.
  • Rather designed with a lock built-in to the cabinet.
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6. Suncast Wall Mounted Storage Cabinet – Resin Construction for Garage Storage 

Suncast Wall Mounted Storage Cabinet - Resin Construction for Garage Storage 

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One of the most elegant and fine-looking cabinets in the market. Place this at your home you will be really glad to acknowledge your choice. From safekeeping of toys to keeping important tools and accessories properly organized, this can do all and also much more. The most amazing thing about this cabinet is its looks and styling. Apart from looking extremely appealing to the eyes, the thoughtful compact design is an added benefit. It is rather sleek in shape and can be even mounted on a wall without any difficulties whatsoever.

Transform your regular wall into something of more utility and beauty by setting this cabinet up directly on the wall. However, both the shelves have a great 50 pounds of weight capacity, thereby allowing you to keep tools and equipment. In addition to that, the supreme construction makes it safe from rusting, warping and even denting due to unfortunate impacts.

Key features:

  • Shelves are provided with metal reinforcements for added holding capacity.
  • Double wall resin construction indeed provides enhanced durability.
  • Are used for keeping of valuables as this has lockable doors.

5. STERILITE 4 Drawer Heavy Duty Storage Unit

STERILITE 4 Drawer Heavy Duty Storage Unit

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Everything in the modern era is designed to be practical and effective. Do you have a storage cabinet that has paid more attention to the looks and less on the practicality? It will rather make your life difficult. With this 4 drawer plastic storage cabinet, you indeed get yourself a smart storage solution for your office or home.

Each of the 4 drawers is provided with good capacity, thus making sure whatever you do you. Hence, you will never have to struggle with the storage space. Nevertheless, these are quite advanced in their design and open as well as closes in a gliding fashion. As the drawers are equipped with hidden rollers, smooth opening and closing are always assured.

Key features:

  • Entire cabinet and shelves are rather constructed out of durable and heavy-duty plastic.
  • Has easy to grab handles on the front of each drawer for easy access.
  • Compact and convenient shape for small homes.

4. Sterilite Adjustable 4-Shelf Storage Cabinet with Doors

Sterilite Adjustable 4-Shelf Storage Cabinet with Doors

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Why settle with just another storage cabinet when you have an amazing option like this to choose from. This large and adjustable cabinet designed is not only good looking but also extremely suitable for various needs. Apart from providing you with good storage space with the 4 shelf design, this features an innovative design. As a result, it allows you to adjust each of the shelves individually also.

Moreover, the doors have in and out swing too. Thus, when you close it nothing from inside is at the hassle of falling down.

Key features:

  • The heavy-duty plastic storage construction enhances the service life of the cabinet.
  • Comes in a pack of 2.
  • Each shelf has an individual door.
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3. Sterilite Wide Drawer Cart – White Frame with Clear Drawers

Sterilite Wide Drawer Cart - White Frame with Clear Drawers

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This imported cabinet is a great choice for making rooms more organized and neater. The smart design of the drawers lets you store multiple types of things like clothes or books and even toys. Also, it has a very smart see-through finish, thereby making sure you always have an idea about the inner contents.

However, the elegant white finish is rather appealing to the eyes and fits in perfectly to any kind of interior décor.

Key features:

  • Have caster wheels for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Designed along with 1 cart.
  • Easy opening and closing of drawers with the ergonomic handles.

2. Suncast Base Plastic Storage Cabinets to Store Belongings

uncast Base Plastic Cabinet to Store Belongings

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Bring home this elegant looking and beautifully designed cabinet. It will make sure you have enough room to store multiple utilities in an organized and neat way. Next, it is amazingly stable and has great strength to it owing to the design of the multiwall panel. Also, the overall construction is made out of resin which makes it extremely safe against rusting, dents, and scratches also.

As a matter of fact, when you buy this, it is assembled like a breeze without any tools or challenges. Finally, there are 2 doors on the front side for easy access. And both the doors are Padlock ready for enhanced security and safety.

Key features:

  • Each shelve is certainly designed with metal reinforcement for added strength.
  • Weight capacity on the shelves is 75 pounds individually.
  • Designed with foot latch for secure closing of the doors.

1. Suncast Portable Outdoor BBQ Entertainment Storage Table Prep Station

Suncast Portable Outdoor BBQ Entertainment Storage Table Prep Station

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A not so regular storage cabinet that can transform into something more useful and important! This Suncastplastic storage cabinet is undoubtedly a top-notch choice. It is a cabinet that can double up as an outdoor party station. Are you a fan of outdoor barbeque sessions? Having this at your closest reach will provide you with the space to put your preparations and even store equipment.

On the top, you get drop leaf extensions which provide you with more space and transform into a compact frame when not in use. Moreover, moving it from place to place is easy with the assembly of 2 locking and 2 non-locking caster wheels.

Key features:

  • Countertop indeed has a big 40” length for added space.
  • Perfectly designed upper as well as a lower cabinet for different types of materials.
  • Durable plastic construction is weatherproof and long-lasting.

Organize and keep your essential stuff safely inside the cabinet. Get one of these for making storage neat as well as hassle-free.

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