Top 10 Best Outdoor Storage Boxes | Storage Containers Reviews In 2020

If you have a cluttered patio or gazebo and need to organize things, then maybe it is time you considered buying outdoor storage boxes for a garden. With limited space to store everything indoors, it makes perfect sense an outdoor storage box. However, you need to choose a box that will last the harsh weather elements outdoors and serve you for years. The good news is that the market is filled with a wide range of brands and models which are highly affordable.

However, choosing the best outdoor storage boxes can be a challenge due to the different models available. In this post, we will help you choose the best by narrowing your search to the leading ten storage boxes. Read our outdoor storage boxes reviews below and select one that best suits your needs.

Table of the Best Garden Outdoor Storage Boxes

10. Keter Patio Garden Westwood Plastic Deck Storage Box

Outdoor Storage Boxes

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This is a stylish natural wood finish storage box with a flat top lid that opens and closes easily. It is a pretty versatile box that also doubles as a bench for two people.  The box features a unique design that prevents objects from sliding.  It offers a storage capacity of 150 gallons helping you clear the clutter outside with ease. It is also sturdy and durable to serve you for years to come.


  • 150 gallons storage capacity
  • Doubles as a two-person bench
  • Easy to open and close the lid
  • Natural wood paneled finish

9. Suncast SSW1200 Mocha Resin Wicker Storage Seat

Suncast SSW1200 Mocha Resin Wicker 22- Gallon Storage Seat

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 This is a perfect outdoor box that also doubles as a seat with excellent 22-gallon storage capacity. It features a wide seat at the top and box below. The box is a unique contemporary design that will look amazingly beautiful in your outdoor space. It is a functional and decorative style that can be used indoors and outdoors.  The assembly of the box is quite simple with minimal tools required.


  • 2-gallons
  • Contemporary design
  • Doubles as a seat
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor storage

8. Keter Novel Patio Furniture Plastic Deck Storage Box

Keter Novel Plastic Deck Storage Container Box

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The Keter Novel is a polypropylene outdoor box with a massive 485 pounds storage capacity. The resin plastic material used to make this box makes it highly durable and long-lasting. It is a versatile box doubling as a comfortable bench for two adults.  The plastic resin material is UV resistant, waterproof and weather-resistant to serve you for many years.  It also features a lockable lid that enhances the security and safety of items inside.


  • Weight capacity of 485lbs
  • Polypropylene plastic material
  • UV and weather-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Lockable lid

7. Suncast DBW7300 Mocha Wicker Resin Deck Box

Suncast DBW7300 Mocha Wicker Resin Deck Box, 73-Gallon

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This is a large deck box with a weight capacity of 72 gallons which is quite big to store more of the items outdoors. It is a perfect box for cushions and other patio accessories.  The box features handle on each side for easy carrying and stay-dry design. It is a versatile box doubling as a bench for seating outside. The box features a simple assembly design without the use of tools.  The contemporary mocha design looks excellent and adds some elegance to your patio.


  • Mocha brown exterior
  • 72 gallons of storage capacity
  • Easy 5-minute assembly
  • Handles on each side for easy carrying

6. Keter Borneo Outdoor Plastic Patio Deck Storage Container

Keter Borneo 110 Gal. Plastic Outdoor Patio Storage Container Deck Box & Garden Bench

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The Keter Borneo is a large and versatile plastic storage box with durable and weather-resistant polypropylene construction.  This durable construction prevents peeling, denting and rusting with the box remaining in good shape for many years.  The natural brown looks of the box complement your patio. It also doubles as a seat for two people outdoors where you can relax. Using with the lid lockable with most standard padlocks is safe.


  • Rattan texture and natural brown look to complement your patio
  • Lockable with most locks
  • Durable, versatile design
  • 110 gallons of storage capacity

5. Suncast DBW9200 Mocha Resin Large Wicker Deck Box

Suncast DBW9200 Mocha Resin Wicker Deck Box

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The Suncast DBW 9200 is another excellent outdoor storage box with a simple tools-free assembly. The box can easily be assembled in 5 minutes. It is a perfect option for storing patio cushions and other outdoor accessories. The box features resin construction for long-lasting use. It is a 99-gallon capacity box with handles on the sides for easy carrying.  The durable contemporary design of the box will bring harmony to your outdoor space and reduce all the clutter.


  • Stay dry design
  • 99-gallon capacity
  • Tools-free assembly in 5 minutes
  • Mocha brown exterior

4. Suncast DB5000 50-Gallon Wood Deck Box

Suncast DB5000 50-Gallon Deck Box

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The Suncast DB5000 outdoor deck box is another excellent choice to store your garden tools and reduce clutter outdoors. It is a large 50-gallon box with durable poly-resin construction to prevent rust, mildew and UV rays’ damage.  This box will resist fading and look new for a long period. It features a carefully designed lid that allows for the rainwater to flow off the lid and keep the box dry.


  • 50-gallon capacity
  • Resists fading
  • Durable poly-resin construction
  • Durable lid with sturdy hinges

3. Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Plastic Deck Box

 Lifetime 60012 Extra Large Deck Box

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This is an extra-large deck box with a large 130 gallons interior storage capacity to fit all your clutter with ease. It is a durable box with a high-density polyethylene plastic construction. The box features a durable lid with powder coated steel hinges to keep your tools safe.  The lid locks with easy and features a spring for gentle closing. The top of the lid is a two-tone tan and brown finish which also doubles as a seat for two. Overall, this is one of the best outdoor storage boxes out there with a 10-year limited warranty.


  • Lockable lid with spring
  • 130 gallons of storage capacity
  • Powder coated steel hinges
  • Durable polyethylene plastic construction

2. Keter Brightwood Outdoor Garden Patio Wooden Storage Box

Keter Brightwood Outdoor Garden Patio Wooden Storage Box

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This is an elegant wood-panelled outdoor storage box with a large 120 gallons storage box. The box is available in a few colour options to match your outdoor décor. It is a versatile box doubling up as a bench for two adults.  It features an automatic opening mechanism making it quite easy to open and close.  Overall, this is a durable and weather resistant resin-plastic construction designed to serve you for years.


  • Durable resin-plastic material
  • Weather-resistant
  • Automatic opening mechanism
  • Elegant wood panelled appearance

1. Keter 55 Gallon Outdoor Rattan Style Storage Cube Table

Keter 55 Gallon Outdoor Rattan Style Storage Cube Patio Table

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This is probably the simplest outdoor storage box on our list and one you should consider. It is a pretty simple cube style box with a unique rattan style.  The box has a weight capacity of 55 gallons and is an excellent option when you have fewer storage needs. The elegant rattan weave pattern allows the box to match with any outdoor decors. It is a versatile choice that can also work as a side table.


  • Doubles as a side table
  • The beautiful rattan weave pattern
  • 55 gallons of storage capacity
  • All-weather resin construction


Adding an outdoor storage box to your home not only provides you with extra storage space but also offers you an excellent place to sit. Most of these boxes double up as benches and tables. Make sure you choose your ideal box from

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