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There are times when you need to drain out oil from your vehicle for maintenance and cleaning. However, draining it manually could be tiring and time-consuming. That is why vehicle owners visit the nearby garage and pay handsomely to get the job done. But you can opt for an oil extract pump to do it at home. Even the mechanics use such a pump for oil draining. Here is the list of the top best oil extractor pumps.

Table of the Best Oil Extractor Pumps Reviews

10. Mityvac 7201 Fluid Evacuator Plus

Oil Extractor Pumps

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Having this oil extraction pump will ensure that there will be an amazing performance. It includes a bi-functional manual unit and is suitable for different types of fluids. Furthermore, this includes automatic flow control valves that help to prevent overfilling. It is highly reliable and can shut off automatically at 8 liters.

It is available in lightweight construction and makes sure there will be value for money. Additionally, the product is composed of high-quality polyethylene and is exceptionally durable. It is resistant to corrosion and rust and is ideal for dispensing and evacuating fluids. Moreover, it has a maximum capacity of 2.3 gallons and is suitable for a wide range of applications.


  • Easily modifiable design for user satisfaction.
  • Easy functional design for enhanced performance.
  • Superior firm grip design for added comfort.
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9. EWK 6.5L Oil Extractor Pump – Manual Pneumatic Oil Vacuum Pump

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Are you looking to you have better convenience while extracting oil? With this oil extraction pump, there will be an outstanding performance. Additionally, this gives you the option to use it according to your needs as it has manual and pneumatic modes. It is easy to operate and has a high extraction speed of 1.6 liters per minute.

Moreover, the product makes sure there will be no mess, and it features dual extension nylon hoses. This will let you use it from anywhere you want, and it is ideal for outdoor conditions. Furthermore, the oil extraction pump comes at an affordable value and is very lightweight.


  • Advanced modifiable structure for improved performance.
  • Multi-usage design for a comfortable experience.
  • Corrosion-free construction for enhanced durability.

8. FOUR UNCLES Oil Change Pumps – Pneumatic/Manual 6.5 L Fluid Extractor

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Perfect for having speedy extraction of oil, this one comes with a maximum speed of 1.8 liters per minute. The oil extraction pump comes with two-way usage with the manual and pneumatic modes. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about giving any oil as it can go in the oil pan bottom.

It is safe to use and lets you have a hassle-free operation. Furthermore, this offers you multiple options and can be perfect for garages. The oil extraction pump prevents mess and is highly reliable. Additionally, this will let you use it according to your needs and is suitable for outdoor purposes.


  • Unique extendable construction for user comfort.
  • Easy transferable design with sturdy caster rollers.
  • Unique universal construction for enhanced performance.

7. SUPERFASTRACING Oil Fluid Extractor – 7L Manual Oil Suction Pump

Oil Suction Pump

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Here is an oil extractor pump that comes in a versatile design. It can be perfect for removing liquid as it has a simple pump operation. Additionally, this includes a transparent hose so that there can be an easy visual inspection. Moreover, it comes with a durable metal pedal so that there will be user convenience.

This is suitable for a wide range of applications and has a maximum working pressure of 170 PIS. Furthermore, this gives you the advantage of using it from anywhere you want as it has a lightweight construction. It prevents any mess and is quick to operate.


  • Unique filter mechanism for user satisfaction.
  • Sturdy rollers for easy mobility and weight lift capacity.
  • Dynamic designed flexible features for improved performance.
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6. OEM TOOLS 5.3 Liter Oil Extractor – Oil Transmission

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To make sure there will be an efficient performance, this one has a manual operation. The oil extractor pump can be suitable for different fluids, and it has a capacity of 5.3 liters. Additionally, this is easy to use and is in a versatile design. The product comes with a flexible hose so that you can have a better advantage.

Moreover, you will also find two adapters that increase your reach. It can be an ideal vehicle fluid removal tool and has high-quality construction. Furthermore, the product will let you use it for a long time, and it is also suitable for professional applications.


  • Dynamic, adaptable features for added satisfaction.
  • Sturdy roller mechanism for enhanced mobility.
  • Universal construction for superior comfort.

5. EWK Plus Version 6.5L Oil Extractor Pumps – Pneumatic Fluid Evacuator Vacuum Extraction Pump

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Using this oil extractor pump will make sure there will be no more leakages. This is perfect for outdoor use and is in a multifunctional design. Moreover, it gives you the option to use it in two different ways as it comes with manual and pneumatic operation. Additionally, it is quick to operate, and the extraction speed is 1.6 liters in a minute.

This has a brake bleeding hose so that you can easily use it as a brake bleeder. With this, you can have the advantage of changing oil anytime and anywhere you want. Furthermore, it lets you use it from anywhere you want as it is very lightweight. You will also find a convenient lock so that there will be a safe operation.


  • Dynamic anti-rust covering for longevity.
  • High-performance design with enhanced capacity.
  • Advanced versatile construction for superior comfort.

4. FIRSTINFO Pneumatic/Manual 6.5 Liter Oil/Fluid Changer Vacuum Extractor Pump

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Allowing you to choose from different sizes, here is an oil extractor pump that has a pneumatic operation. This can be suitable for a wide range of applications and comes in a non-corrosive design. Furthermore, it is easy to use and has a maximum speed of up to 1.7 liters per minute.

Moreover, this comes with manual operation and does not require any other equipment. You will also find a fixing valve as well as a safety cup that can automatically cut off the extraction. Additionally, to make sure there will be an easy release of air, this includes three air outlets. It operates quietly and is a highly reliable product.


  • Advanced adaptable design for superior comfort.
  • Non-corrosive structure for added durability.
  • Sturdy pull handle for enhanced transferability.
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3. Lumax LX-1314 Manual/Pneumatic Fluid Extractor for Brake Fluid, Engine Oil, Gear Oil

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Available in a two-in-one design, this one can be suitable for a wide range of applications. The oil extractor pump is also perfect for coolant as well as hydraulic systems. Additionally, it is composed of high-quality materials and lets you use it for a long time. It is composed of high-quality polypropylene and is resistant to chemicals and oil.

Moreover, it comes in a non-spark design so that there will be reliable performance. You will also find automatic overflow protection, and it is very lightweight. With this, there will be a reduced mess so that you can have easy cleaning. Furthermore, the product features a quick drain pour spout and is easy to use.


  • Dynamic broad tray for superior comfort.
  • Flexible design for a comfortable experience.
  • An advanced designed mechanism for superior performance.

2. EXtoil 6-Liter Oil Extractor with Vacuum Gauge

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If you are looking for an oil extractor pump that lets you use it according to your requirements, then this can be the right one for you. This includes a vacuum suction gauge, and it has a capacity of 6 liters. Furthermore, it features an extra-long pump so that there can be better flexibility. It allows you to empty it conveniently with the pointed pour spout.

You will also find an integrated sealed tube holder for reliable performance. Moreover, it is easy to use and can be suitable for different applications. This also includes a flip-down foot pedal for better convenience. Additionally, it is in a lightweight design and has high-quality construction.


  • Highly compatible design for superior comfort.
  • Ergonomic design with improved hold for enhanced stability.
  • Advanced flexible features for enhanced performance.

1. Mityvac Pneumatic Air Operated Fluid Evacuator for Draining Engine Oil

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The oil extractor pump comes with multiple features so that you can have a better advantage. In this, you will find a clutch bleeding kit so that there can be a vacuum bleeding hydraulic brake. Moreover, it makes sure there will be reliable performance due to the automatic overflow protection system.

The product has an integrated reservoir capacity of 2.3 gallons, and you will also find other accessories. Additionally, it has wide applications as you can easily use it for transmission, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and engine oil. This includes a large base that has a foot stabilizer. Furthermore, it is in a lightweight design so that there can be easy portability.


  • Ergonomic design with enhanced mobility features.
  • Dynamic universal design for consumer comfort.
  • Superior non-slip hold for enhanced stability.


There are a few factors one has to keep in mind while purchasing. The safety and convenience should be the priority. Apart from that, you should opt for a highly portable oil extractor pump. Not just for a vehicle, the extractor pump can be used anywhere for draining oil, and hence, you should opt for one and there are various types of these pumps available to pick from.

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