Best Mountain Bike Helmets for Kids & Toddlers Reviews

Biking and cycling are undoubtedly one of the most fun-filled adventures in the current world. More and more people are resorting to bikes for their adventures and thrills. It gives you that raw feeling of conquering and winning a dangerous road. For riders and adventure enthusiasts, the mountain bike helmets will enhance the security. With every mountain bike, you need a helmet and here you will find the best in the market.

If you wish to know more, each product is well-explained below with descriptions as well. Make your rides safer and less risky with a mountain bike helmet of your choice.

Table of the Best Mountain Bike Helmets Reviews

10. Troy Lee Designs Adult A2 MIPS Road Mountain Bike Helmets

Mountain Bike Helmets

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If you love mountain biking and conquering the thrilling trails, then you have to have the right set of gears. Mountain biking might sound adventurous and fun. However, the risks associated with it are quite high. It is extremely important that you have a premium quality light mountain bike helmet to protect your head. On this helmet, there is a dual density EPS + EPS design for utmost protection in all scenarios.

The added impact liner made of EPS keeps impacts less harmful both in high and low speeds. Besides, there are standout breakaway visor screws. That’s why it eliminates the hassle of snagging during a crash. If your helmet snags down on impact, the protection and safety are jeopardized.

Key features:

  • Designed with huge size intake and rather exhaust ports for rapid and maximum cooling.
  • 16% more EPS + EPS on the front side.
  • Received safety standards of CE, AS and CPSC certification.

9. Giro Chronicle MIPS MTB Safe Bike Helmet

Giro Chronicle MIPS MTB Safe Bike Helmet

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Your helmet is of huge importance when you are dedicatedly focusing on the trail ahead of you. Mountain trails are undoubtedly the most dangerous road to ride on. Therefore, the protective gear you are wearing plays a major role. Compromising on the quality of your helmet may cause irreversible damage. Well, that will trouble you for the entire life. This synthetic made helmet is one of a kind and delivers great protection performance.

Moreover, the mountain bike helmet shell is made using in-mould polycarbonate. For that reason, it is strong and sturdy to tackle the unfortunate impacts. Along with that, the EPS liner certainly absorbs the shocks in the most amazing manner. There is an innovative Roc Loc 5ft system which indeed allows you to adjust position and tension with just one hand. Thus, it gives a better ride experience.

Key features:

  • Has Coolmax padding which certainly feels extra plush and comfortable.
  • Features a P.O.V plus visor for deeper coverage.
  • Provides supreme air-circulation with the internal channelling system and 14 wind tunnel vents.

8. OUWOR Road & Mountain Bike/MTB Toddler Bike Helmet

OUWOR Road & Mountain Bike/MTB Helmet

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The outstanding quality of this helmet is going to protect and keep you safe on the adventure rides. It is made using the highest quality of materials for an unparallel guarantee and safety. Featuring a strong PC shell on the outside coupled with high-end quality EPS foam, the safety factor is never compromised. Next, the integrated moulding technology adopted by the manufacturers delivers more improved protection.

The helmet is rather constructed in such a manner that you can always have a snug and custom fit. Combination of chin straps and rear dial adjustment makes it hassle-free to adjust the fit during riding as well. As a matter of fact, the mountain bike helmet visor on it is detachable. Therefore, it rather doubles up as a comfortable and daily commute friendly helmet for your bike. Lastly, for your carrying comfort, the brand also provides you with a carrying bag.

Key features:

  • Extremely lightweight material indeed makes it suitable for long-term wearing.
  • Provided with 16 vents for superb airflow and cool experience.
  • Has soft inner sponge pads and chin pad for delivering added comfort.

7. Schwinn Thrasher Microshell Bicycle Helmet for Adults, Youth and Children

Bicycle Helmet for Adults, Youth and Children

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Designed in the most incredible manner, this is a desirable choice for adventure enthusiasts and riders alike. It indeed understands your need for comfort when you are riding through the different kinds of outdoor conditions. The combination of a dial adjustable fit system with full coverage padding rewards you with an unmatched comfort fit.

Also, the same mountain road bike helmet design assures you with a snug fit that will stay the way it is meant to even during crashes. Furthermore, you get a lightweight helmet which scores high when it comes to protecting your head. The three-piece micro-shell construction adds more durability and strength to the helmet.

If your regular helmet visor is making it uncomfortable with the glares, then you can remove the visor on this.

Key features:

  • Custom fit is always guaranteed with the adjustable side straps.
  • Hot summer rides will rather feel less uncomfortable with the 20 air vents provided on the helmet.
  • Easy to use and adjust with the dial fit adjustable system.

6. MOON Toddler Bike Helmet for Road and Mountain Cycling

best road bike helmet

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This extraordinary bike helmet is designed to meet the everyday issues you encounter during rides. Often riders complain about the lack of ventilation on it helmets but this one has 25 ventilation vents. As a result, reduces that issue. Next, these vents are placed in a honeycomb shape. Now, maximum air goes in and delivers you with optimal temperature regulation.

Having the aerodynamic design, it indeed makes your rides more comfortable and reduces the overall resistance of the rides. In terms of design, the one-piece technology provides you with a unibody safety which is very reliable in every sense. The PC external shell coupled with EPS high-density foam certainly provides unmatched safety in all scenarios.

Key features:

  • 3D rotatable adjustable mountain bike helmet dial ensures a comfortable fit.
  • Detachable as well as washable padding certainly keeps your helmet clean always.
  • Detachable visor for both mountain and urban rides.

5. Giro Fixture Sport Safe Helmet – MATTE GREY

Giro Fixture Sport Safe Helmet - MATTE GREY

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Giro has made some brilliant bike safety gears and has a wide range of helmets as well. The Fixture brings a product that is blessed with an effective design plus commendable safety features. On the outside, it has a hard body shell that is going to last you a long time, if not forever.

In addition to that, it certainly keeps your head safe of unfortunate crashes and impacts during the intense rides. On the inner side, there is a padding that understands your need for comfort. Finally, the padding has a quick dry feature to keep you free from the sweat that may trouble you during rides.

Key features:

  • The synthetic helmet is well designed to protect your head.
  • The visor is removable giving you the opportunity of detaching it whenever needed.
  • Innovative Roc and Loc sport MIPS system rather make it an exemplary piece.

4. Giro Compound MIPS Road Bike Helmet

Giro Compound MIPS Road Bike Helmet

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Top notch features, outstanding built quality and a fit that you will find nowhere else, this helmet is extraordinary. The in-mould construction of the helmet packs a perfect combination of tough polycarbonate and a foam liner. There is a tough exterior which is backed by a foam liner for perfect impact absorption. Owing to this intelligent fusion, the overall weight is reduced. Therefore, the ventilation is rather enhanced and surely produces effective results.

Moreover, the helmet has an integrated MIPS technology. Finally, it brings down the rotational forces that occur during impacts.

Key features:

  • Clever ROC LOC sport fit system for a perfect snug fit.
  • 18 vent assembly for outstanding comfort and air circulation.
  • The visor is indeed removable and brings in more benefits during city riding.

3. Fox Racing Flux Safe Mountain Helmet

Fox Racing Flux Safe Mountain Helmet

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If you are looking for a professional level helmet for your mountain bike, this one is an excellent choice. The entire design is meant to reward you with a supreme level of protection during accidents and impacts. There is multi-density Varizorb foam coupled with an internal cage that readily enhances the overall strength and sturdiness.

However, it has a 300-degree retention system with a dial large enough to be used. Plus, it is adjusted using a single hand during the adventure rides. Even if you are riding with your gloves on, you can indeed adjust the fit without any difficulty or challenges.

Key features:

  • ‘Optimum and comfortable air-flow is assured as it features a 14 big bore vent design.
  • A good and simple adjustment is done with the use of fixed anchor Y strap.
  • Anti-microbial and moisture wicking breathable liner, as a result, comfort plus safety is promised.

2. Bell 4Forty MIPS Adult MTB Bike Helmet

Bell 4Forty MIPS Adult MTB Bike Helmet

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A sturdy and strong helmet for your mountain biking endeavours, this one has a fusion polycarbonate shell. The entire helmets become sturdier with the bonding of the outer shell with the EPS foam liner. As a matter of fact, it has an integrated MIPS system and float fit technology for better protection and fit.

Owing to the rubber oversized dial, easy adjustment of the fit is certainly guaranteed during riding. Above all, safety certifications from CPSC and CE EN make it even more reliable to use during mountain biking.

Key features:

  • Has quick-adjust fasteners that rather keep the straps positioned and flat.
  • Innovative sweat guide pad to keep moisture and sweat away from eyewear and eyebrows.
  • Smart adaptable visor system for rides wearing glasses and goggles.

1. Smith Optics Smith Venture MIPS Dirt Bike Helmet

Smith Optics Smith Venture MIPS Dirt Bike Helmet

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This helmet is certainly one of the best choices you can find in the market. Extraordinary in every dimension, the lightweight helmet has an in-mould construction for that feels perfect on your head always. Along with that, there is a multi-directional impact protection system so that the rotational forces are minimized.

During impacts and crashes, we do not have control over how the impact happens. Furthermore, the MIPS system helps and takes care of that. For the sake of comfort, you get a liner. Therefore, it is soft to touch and moisture wicking in nature for some amazing summertime rides as well.

Key features:

  • A simple and perfect fit. The back ratchet dial fit system helps to attain it.
  • Have 20 optimized vents that adapt to the AirEvac ventilation technology for a supremely comfortable feel.
  • Liner is rather anti-microbial in nature and will prevent adverse effects.

Now keep your head safe even when you are on a bumpy road. The strong mountain bike helmet assures your safety at any given circumstances.

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