Top 10 Best Motorcycle Rain Gears for Men and Women Reviews In 2020

You might have control of your schedule but you cannot have control of the weather. If you are the one who needs a bike for everyday commute even when the weather is unfavourable, getting hold of the motorcycle rain gears is one of the best options for you. Perfect for your urgent needs, you can stay protected at any point in time. These suits are made up of materials that will keep you safe in rainy conditions and prevent any risks of getting drenched even when you are covering larger distances. Also, they are designed to maintain the airflow as you might have to keep it on for long hours on the road.

However, there are chances of getting cheated if you cannot judge the product properly. Thus, the motorcycle rain gears review will alert you about the products high-end efficiency and reliability when it comes to protecting you from rains.

Table of the Best Motorcycle Rain Gears Reviews

10. Frogg Toggs All Sports Medium Rain Suit and Stone Jacket

Motorcycle Rain Gears

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Get the ultimate protection against rain every time you go out in your bike with this good quality motorcycle rain gear Frogg Toggs. The material of the suit is non-woven and guarantees supreme protection against rain and wind. Besides, it is lightweight so that you don’t have to face trouble while you are wearing and riding your bike on the road. The parka-cut open waist design delivers the flexibility of opening and wearing it quickly on the go.

Key features

  • The hood can be removed as well as adjusted to protect your hairs and ears.
  • Elastic cuff sleeves keep your arms dry even in heavy rains.
  • The adjustable elastic waist on the pants along with leg openings means quick slipping into it whenever it starts raining.
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9. Nelson-Rigg High-Version Motorcycle Rain Suit

Nelson Rigg Stormrider Motorcycle Rain Suit

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The two-piece motorcycle rain suit will make sure you can have your bike rides even in rainy conditions without being wet. It is designed with some amazing features to ensure that your rides are as comfortable as it can get. With the wise use of colours for high vision combination, visibility for other riders is never a problem during the night plus the cooling vents under each arm provide better comfort when you need to wear it for long hours. Besides, there are two large pockets on the outside to store your belongings and the storm flaps open in a snap when you need it.

Key features

  • Corduroy inner collar on the jacket enhances the comfort of wearing it.
  • Cuffs, boot stirrups and waistband are made of elastic for ease of usage.

8. Frogg Toggs All Purpose Rain Suit for Women

Frogg Toggs All Purpose Rain Suit fir women

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This motorcycle rain gear women’s is one of the best looking rain suits that combine the great efficiency in saving you from rain and also makes sure that you do not experience discomfort when wearing it. Its material is windproof as well as water-resistant that feels nice to touch plus the elasticized cuffs prevent rainwater from seeping in.

Key features

  • Has an extended length.
  • Front open storm flap and has a guttered cover.
  • The full-zip front aids in quick wearing.
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7. Nelson Rigg WeatherPro 2 Piece X-Large Rain suit

Nelson Rigg WeatherPro 2 Piece Rainsut

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The two-piece rain suit from Nelson Rigg is constructed out of premium quality materials that will not get you wet when you are on your bike. The upper wear is equipped with a full-length zipper that opens from the front and the storm flap is self-fastening to reduce your efforts of securing it. The reflective striping allows night visibility for other riders and makes sure that you are safe even in the rains.

Key features

  • The outer part is made of soft polyester and combines PVC backing.
  • Cuffs and waistband have elastic to prevent water from dripping in.

6. Joe Rocket RS2 Womens’ Medium Motorcycle Rain Suit 

Motorcycle Rain Suit

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Designed for women, this black and pink motorcycle rain gear will keep you dry even when rain is pouring in with great intensity. Made of soft polyester on the external shell and PVC backing, no matter how much it rains, nothing will penetrate. The front open jacket has a full-length zipper that is installed with Velcro flaps to help you wear it in the shortest time possible. Furthermore, the lower is provided with leg zipper gussets so that you can wear it while you are wearing boots.

Key features

  • Have reflective stripes for clear visibility.
  • The lower leg of the rain gear is made of a melt-resistant material for added convenience.
  • Back of the upper wear has ventilation for variable flow.

5. Swisswell Waterproof Rain Suit / Jacket for Men

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Being a light motorcycle rain gear in the market, this gives you the ability to wear it all year round without having to worry about rains and wind. It is made completely out of polyester and combined with PU exterior to ensure zero water permeability. The soft interior of the gear has a mesh lining that feels nice on the skin making it highly breathable even when totally zippered. Besides, it is well aerated for added comfort and packs easily into a handbag for easy carrying.

Key features

  • Comes with an attached hood for extra protection.
  • Front zip of the upper is waterproof as well.

4. Result Heavyweight Waterproof Rain Suit/Jacket & Trouser Suit

Result Mens Heavyweight Waterproof Rain Suit

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Protect yourself from rain even when you need to ride on a bike with this heavy-duty rain gear. The outside is made out of Stormdri Polyester and provided with reflective materials to increase visibility when you have to ride during night times. Further, there is an adjustable drawcord hem on the upper wear and the hood comes with tear release for ease of usage. The trousers have adjustable snap closing near the ankles for more convenience and protection against rain.

Key features

  • Have 2 spacious pockets on the jacket and 2 access pockets on the trousers.
  • The front open jacket is secured by a zip closure.
  • Elasticized waist of the trousers keeps water away for good.

3. Tenn Unisex Active Cycling Waterproof Jacket and Trouser Set

Tenn Unisex Active Cycling Waterproof Jacket & Trouser Set

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If you are the one who relies on a bike or cycle for everyday movement, the motorcycle rain gear from Tenn Outdoors is a great buy. It has a 5K waterproof membrane to keep you dry completely and the taped seams of the gear prevent running water from getting in as well. Besides, it has a bike/cycle-specific cut so that you do not face any trouble while you are riding with this one.

Key features

  • Reflective branding enhances nighttime visibility for other commuters.
  • Comes with a hood that can be folded away for easy storage.
  • Constructed of polyester.

2. Joe Rocket Men’s RS-2 Two-Piece Large Rain Suit 

Joe Rocket Mens RS-2 Two Piece Rain Suit

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The motorcycle rain suit designed specifically for men, it will keep you dry even in the heaviest of rains. With the convenience of a full-length zipper with the added protection of the Velcro strap, the inner collar of the jacket delivers the comfort of wearing as it is lined with soft corduroy. When the soft polyester material meets the PVC backing, it means cent per cent protection against rain.

Key features

  • Back is provided with ventilation for hassle-free air circulation.
  • Big outer pockets provide space for storing belongings.
  • Gusset expanders allow wearing it fast.

1. Scoyco RC01 Motorcycle Rain Coat Pants Set Protective Gear

Scoyco RC01 Motorcycle Rain Coat Pants Set Protective Gear

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A professionally designed rain gear that will keep the rain away for good while making you feel totally comfortable, this one is what you can rely upon without any doubts. The 5000mm super waterproof rating means you can totally wear it even when you are riding in the worst rainy days. Besides, the impeccable craftsmanship from the manufacturer and use of premium-quality materials means you are not making the wrong choice for rain gear.

Key features

  • The front side of the jacket is provided with large pockets for secure placement of your belongings.
  • Hem adjustable trousers and jacket.
  • Breathable and reflective material.

For ensuring a safe ride, obtain the best value motorcycle rain gear to have clear visibility.

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