Top 9 Best Anti-Theft Motorcycle Locks with Alarm Reviews

The love and utility of bikes are second to none important in every biker’s life so it is very important that along with proper care and treatment, high-end security is also ensured. With these new-age motorcycle locks that fit in the discs of your bike or scooter, no one will be able to steal your bikes by any cunning means. These locks are constructed out of materials which cannot be tampered and comes with inbuilt alarms for added benefits. Next time when you keep your bike on the alley and someone tries to play fishy, everyone around along with you will be alerted.

The top motorcycle locks tested are designed with precision, care and gets the benefits of top-notch construction to keep it running for longer years. Getting one of these to keep your bike safe is a life-changing decision.

Table of the Best Motorcycle Locks Reviews

9. MysBiker Anti-theft Motorcycle Alarm Disc Lock – 110dB Alarm Sound

Motorcycle Locks

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A universal motorcycle locking bar is what you need to keep your bike or scooter safe and secure at all places. Now you can get hold of a lock which not only protects your bike from potential risks of theft, it comes with a reminder cable so that mistakenly also you do not attempt to start the bike without removing the lock. Talking about safety the disc lock has an alarm feature with 110dB of sound, meaning no one can take it away.

Key features

  • Forged stainless steel brake lock combined with a 14mm double locking feature.
  • Water-resistant construction works relentlessly in all weathers.
  • The pin is made of carbine-reinforced hardened-steel for extra protection.
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8. YOHOOLYO Motorcycle Disc Lock Alarm Padlock for Bicycles

YOHOOLYO Disc Lock Alarm Motorcycle Alarm Padlock

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Compact frame with supremely secure features to protect your bike in any given condition even when you have o keep it at a distance. As it has a powerful 110dB of alarm, any suspicious movement or vibration will alert you efficiently. Besides, the 7mm locking pin can be rotated up to 360-degrees for enhanced flexibility of usage. Next time when you keep your bike in the backyard, secure it with this portable but loud lock.

Key features

  • Two keys are provided for safer usage.
  • Anti-corrosion construction.
  • Waterproof motorcycle lock.

7. Uolor Anti-theft Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock

Anti-theft Motorcycle Disc Brake Lock

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If your bike or scooter has a 6mm disc braking wheel, this can be used without any worries to keep the bike safe. On the outside, you get the reliability of a heavy-duty body of alloy steel for superior durability and smooth surface of the device makes it even more appealing. Moreover, it is weatherproof, protected against risks of rusting, and water-resistant, making it around the year solution to keep your two-wheeler secure.

Key features

  • One press operation makes this motorcycle locking device extremely easy to use.
  • Loud 110db of alarm will never fail to alert you.
  • 5-ft orange colour reminder cable so that you never use the bike with the lock.

6. Kryptonite 000884 Keeper 5s Yellow Disc Lock

Kryptonite 000884 Keeper 5s Yellow Disc Lock

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An ideal solution for the safety and security of your motorcycle in a smart way, with Kryptonite’s lock, you can beat your peace even when the bike is not parked inside your garage. It features a disc-style cylinder which is dual reinforced for premium security. Being compact and lightweight, you can easily carry it around to your adventures and the weather-proof construction will keep the lock away from trouble even in the rainy days.

Key features

  • This motorcycle disc lock has a stapler style to eliminate roll-away theft also.
  • Reminder cable reminds you to always open the lock before starting the bike.
  • The ergonomic design makes the locked safe against bending and breaking.
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5. Jacool Anti-theft Motorcycle Alarm Brake Lock

Disc Brake Lock, JACOOL Anti-theft Motorcycle Alarm Brake Lock

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Motorcycle lock for sale that are designed for the discs and combined with alarm for top-notch safety is what you can bring home for keeping your bike at the safest. The disc-style cylinder has a pin of 6mm diameter for smaller vents. Plus, it gets vibration and shock sensors which automatically turn on the alarm as soon as someone tries to break it open. The 4ft orange reminder cable ensures that you never forget to open the disc lock before starting the journey.

Key features

  • Gets an anti-drill lock core for extreme security.
  • The forged stainless steel construction makes the lock rugged and durable.

4. Biboa Anti -Theft Disc Brake Lock With Alarm

Bibowa Disc Brake Lock With Alarm - Anti -Theft Disc Lock Motorcycle Alarm

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This model of the lock from Biboa is equipped with six batteries and includes three keys so that is runs for a long time without any hassles. The rugged construction eliminates risks of cutting, chiselling, drilling and sawing techniques used by thieves. Also, it has a universal design which makes it compatible with various models of motorbikes and scooters.

Key features

  • The waterproof function adds an extra edge to keep bike safe even on the rainy days.
  • Has a pin of 6mm diameter for smaller vents.
  • Disc style cylinder has dual reinforced construction for improved safety.
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3.  COOCHEER Scooter Motorcycle Locks for Brake Wheel

COOCHEER Alarm Disc Lock, Scooter Motorcycle Bike Security Anti-theft & Waterproof Brake Wheel Lock

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Once you get your hands on this motorcycle lock that gets the reliability of Germany made cutting-edge technology and C level cylinder with a keyhole that will auto-close for complete protection of your bike. The smart 110 dB of alarm will never fail to alert you instantly if there are any attempts of theft. Furthermore, the lock is totally protected against dust and water to keep it going for long without any hassles. You can get an advanced level of motorcycle lock that is capable of tackling numerous types of lock breaking technologies.

Key features

  • Has a keyhole that closes automatically.
  • The lock body is of cylinder stainless steel.
  • Comes along with a reminder cable.

2. LIHAO Anti-Theft Waterproof Disc Brake Alarm Lock for Scooter

LIHAO Motorcycle Disc Lock, Anti-Theft Waterproof Disc Brake Alarm Lock for Motorbike Scooter

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It is blessed with hardened steel construction that rewards you with complete protection from risks of theft and damage. It has a very compact and lightweight design which is to carry it around and when you park your bike in the open, the lock will keep it safe always. Moreover, it is a stapler style lock for the discs which prohibits roll-away and ride-away theft quite well.

Key features

  • Has a sophisticated microprocessor that is linked to motion sensors for the alarm to go on as soon as someone tries tampering with the lock.
  • Self-alarming design with huge 110db of sound.
  • The alarm will reset automatically in a matter of 15 seconds once the attack comes to an end.

1. Bibowa Anti-Theft Motorcycle Alarm Disc Lock

Bibowa Anti-Theft Alarm Disc Lock - Motorcycle Lock

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Topping the list, the motorcycle lock from Bibowa is certainly one of the best in the business as they pack supreme grade reliability and flexibility. Itself being small in size, it is easy to carry around while the loud and powerful alarm keeps thieves away for the good. Then you get a complimentary reminder cable which will always ensure that you do not forget to open the locks before starting the ride. Designed to meet the demands of modern-day bikers, it fits a wide variety of bikes and scooters available in the market.

Key features

  • Comes with 6+6 batteries and 3 keys for longer use without problems.
  • Core gets an anti-drill lock feature along with a rugged construction which cannot be cut, chiselled or tampered.
  • Water-resistant construction, meaning high-end security even on the rainy days.

Obtain security and enjoy your time without fearing about losing your bicycle with lightweight motorcycle locks.

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