Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks & Cables Reviews

Wondering where to keep your helmet when you need to park? The tension of losing your helmet always lingers in the back of the mind. However, there is always an effective solution to every problem. And in this case, the motorcycle helmet locks are your friend. These locks will keep a check on the security of your helmet. Plus, these will last you long as they are made weatherproof for withstanding every weather condition.

So, which one to buy and from where? The motorcycle helmet lock review will be your perfect guide that highlights all the details.

Table of the Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks Reviews

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10. BigPantha Motorcycle Helmet Locks & Cable

Motorcycle Helmet Locks

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Helmet locks are generally made from bars which have sharp edges. And it can easily injure you or scratch off the paint on your bike or helmet. This can cost an expensive paint job which is way higher than the cost of the lock. So BigPantha has equipped their carabineer with a soft rubber sleeve which protects your bike and helmet from damages. The long retractable cable is rather cased with a material which gives it high resistance to weather elements. Therefore, without compromising the flexibility of your cable. So it won’t get damaged even if there is a sudden heavy downpour or strong gales of wind over it.

The self-coiling cable is made from braided steel and has superior strength to prevent theft. Have more than on helmet or want to lock your biker’s jacket along with your helmet? Now you can easily do so due to the motorcycle helmet lock cable being 6-ft long.

Key features:

  • You gain trust on it cause of its lifetime warranty period.
  • Compatible with helmets of most major brands with a lot of designs.
  • Instead of a key, you get a pin lock, It certainly lets you set a pin within the available 1000 combinations.

9. Bristol Designs Heavy Duty Combination Lock Cable for Motorcycle Gear, Bike Helmet & Luggage

Heavy Duty Black Combination Lock Cable

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You don’t have to carry your helmets along with you for fear of them being stolen all the time. This lock has heavy-duty steel construction, as a result, makes nullifies the threat of thieves that use wire cutters.

However, the steel cable won’t damage your bike or helmet either due to the added rubber sleeve. So even if there is contact or friction, it would be a soft and non-damaging one.  The waterproof motorcycle helmet lock will certainly not rust and hamper its efficiency.

Key features:

  • Water doesn’t pose a threat on the stainless steel surface.
  • Cable coils itself back into a compact form. The 3 pin lock indeed gives you room to play around a lot of combinations.
  • You can create your own customized password to ensure safety.

8. Precision Works Racing Best Motorcycle Helmet Locks

Precision Works Racing Best Motorcycle Helmet Lock

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Key locks are good and secure that is used for millennials. But they can get easily lost or stolen. Precision Works Racing provides you with a helmet lock that uses 3 digits pin locking system. Therefore, you can easily set a pin and don’t have to worry about having a key with yourself. Since the 3 digit motorcycle helmet lock pin allows you 720 combinations. As a result, it is going to be extremely tough to guess the pin or crack it with trial and error.

The cable used in this lock has braided steel construction which already has high resistance to corrosion. But to make it even more weatherproof it has been PVC coated. Furthermore, it also prevents any scratches that might be done by the exposed steel on your bike or helmet surface. Finally, your lock indeed stays brand new for a long time and will last you for years to come.

Key features:

  • Carabineer itself is made from high strength steel which is durable and has a rust-resistant coating
  • Available in two different colours at an affordable price
  • The 6ft long cable rather lets you secure both rider and pillion helmet.

7. Little World Motorcycle Helmet Lock and Cable

Little World Motorcycle Helmet Lock and Cable

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Interlocking steel chains are heavy, inconvenient and can leave a scratch on your bike if you don’t have additional protection. This keyless lock from Little World is convenient and secure with heavy-duty stainless steel construction. As a matter of fact, it takes away the bulk of your helmet when you go out.

Besides, the cable is adequately thick at 3 mm and 1.8 metres long. So, you can rather secure helmets, a jacket and gloves without any worries.

Key features:

  • The fully black design looks minimalistic and attractive in this heavy-duty motorcycle helmet lock.
  • Weighing around 5 ounces it is very light and compact enough to fit inside your pocket.
  • From motorcycles to bicycles, it is indeed perfect for all instances.



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The locking mechanism of this is manufactured from a composition of zinc alloy that is immune to rusting and doesn’t corrode or break easily. You would be able to carry this small and handy lock anywhere you want. Next, secure your helmets along with your jacket easily.

In addition to that, it certainly comes with a T-bar extension. Therefore, it is especially useful for helmets with quick release buckle. Well, it is a brand new design giving brand new results.

Key features:

  • Universal design lets you use it on helmets from various manufacturers.
  • No need to carry around and worry about losing your key. 4 digit lock mechanism rather eliminates that inconvenience.
  • Weighs just around 2 and a half pounds, super light.

5. Wayfind Helmet Lock with Cable

Wayfind Helmet Lock with Cable

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In this product, you get crucial components that tell you about its build quality as soon as you touch them. The carabineer is made from high strength heavy-duty steel which is adequately thick and can bear a lot of weight. To shield your bike or helmet from scratches the carabineer also has a soft rubber sleeve. So even if there is friction between them, the paint job wouldn’t be ruined.

Above all, you get a coiled steel cable that retracts to its original position when it isn’t under tension. And it is indeed made from 1.8 mm thick steel.

Key features:

  • Rubber sleeve makes the heavy-duty motorcycle helmet lock look good with its Wayfind branding.
  • 3 digit combinations certainly let you program your own pin.

4. Jubapoz Helmet Lock Combination PIN Locking – Motorbike Scooter Locking Cable

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You might use a skateboard, bicycle or a motorbike as a transport or for entertainment sport. But all of those need a sturdy helmet which is usually a long term investment like your bike or motorcycle. This lock from Jubapoz helps you protect your investment with the high build quality and modern technology. Due to its lightweight design, you can carry it on yourself or keep it attached to your motorbike.

However, don’t underestimate its strength since the lock receiver is made from a resilient zinc alloy. Therefore, it can indeed take a lot of abuse and isn’t easy to cut through. Having alloy construction, it is also highly resistant to corrosion from weather elements like rain or dust. The steel braided cable is sufficiently long as well. Finally, at 6 feet, it can accommodate two helmets and retracts into itself due to the coiled design.

Key features:

  • You get 2 years to claim your warranty.
  • Lock your helmets with the long steel cable or you can use a tighter fit with the D lock.
  • It rather weighs around 4 pounds.

3. Auto Parts Prodigy Motorcycle Helmet Locks

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The long cable with steel braiding has weather resistant coating to extend its longevity and increase durability. You even get a rubber sleeve on the D-lock, as a result, it has soft contact with the surface of the helmet. Due to this important feature, you don’t have to invest huge sums of money on a damaged paint job.

Furthermore, with its secure design and retractable cable, it can extend up to 6 ft. Next, you can indeed lock 2 helmets along with your jacket. No need to carry around the weight awkwardly.

Key features:

  • The steel cable has a thickness of 3 mm.
  • 2 locking systems provide you versatility.
  • Can bear load up to 220 pounds.

2. HELMETLOK Gen II 4-Digit Combination Lock 

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Helmetlok provides you with a very versatile carabineer styled lock. It can get itself through most outer components of your bike as long as they have a diameter within 1.5-inches. Next, it goes around your bike frame, handlebars, gear racks and more. The locking system that you get is programmable and uses 4 digit combinations. Moreover, it is certainly hard to crack due to the time it consumes to try each and every combination.

Finally, it is made from a zinc alloy that is weatherproof and would last you for a very long time.

Key features:

  • The carabineer is made from strong yet light aluminium that doesn’t rust.
  • Includes rubberized protection to rather prevent scratches on your bike.

1. Racing Motorcycle Helmet Lock Combination Carabiner Secure Steel Construction

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Using this heavy-duty heat lock from Racing 1 is easy due to its keyless system and convenient design. With just four simple steps you can lock your helmet and be on your way without any worries. Like most pin locks, this one comes pre-configured with the default value set to 000. As a matter of fact, the front, you get two buttons. One for locking while the other one is for releasing the mechanism. Just press the release button so that the carabiner comes off after opening the lock. Now hold the other button after sliding it forward.

While holding that button, you can change the lock combination to any set of digits and release the button. Your lock is set and every time you have to unlock you can just turn the digits to that configuration. It is indeed a lot safer than using keys which are easily copied or lost due to their small size.

Key features:

  • The steel construction makes it highly robust and strong.
  • The black coating on the outside makes it water and dust resistant.
  • Steel braided cable has a length of 6 ft, suitable for locking multiple helmets.

Hence, be sure about the security of your possessions. Your priceless bike and its accessories will now stay safe cause of the strong motorcycle helmet locks.

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