Best Mobile Bases for Washing Machine and Refrigerator Reviews

A mobile base comes in a multifunctional design and offers you maximum convenience. It has high-quality construction and has massive weight capacity. With a mobile base, you can easily move heavy items from one place to another. It is also suitable for keeping different accessories including a refrigerator, washing machine, and dryer. A mobile base serves as an ideal item for any home, and some can come with multiple features. It is in a space-saving design, and you can have easy storage. Here is the list of the top best mobile bases to pick from.

Table of the Best Mobile Bases Reviews

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10. Sanyi Multi-functional Movable Adjustable Base Mobile Roller

Mobile Bases

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This mobile base lets you adjust the height up to 12-cm. You can also use this base for shifting different electronic devices. Moreover, the telescopic base makes the adjustment easier for all. The frame has the construction of durable stainless steel material. The resin pads never let tools or appliances wobble while carrying.

The swivel and fixed wheels also offer the best maneuverability. The wheels convert this base into mobility to stationary carrier platform. Furthermore, the corrosion-resistant finish increases the stability of the structure. The platform consists of four pieces of durable lifting feet. This structure comes with a snap-on design to make assembly quick. This whole construction withstands up to 350-kg of weight.


  • Versatile usage construction for superior performance.
  • Advanced sturdy rollers for improved weight capability.
  • Multi-dimensional swivel design for a comfortable experience.

9. WEN MB500 Heavy Duty Universal Mobile Base for Tools and Machines

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The mobile base comes along with a pair of fixed casters. The swivel casters also let you move this base smoothly on surfaces. Moreover, the foot-locking brakes let you stop this base at any point. This metal frame has a maximum weight limit of 500-lbs. The rectangular base holds a machine up to 51.2X19.7-inch. You can instantly turn this base into a stationary base.

This universal machine carrier also comes with durable ball-bearing wheels. Nevertheless, you can effortlessly shift your machinery from one space to another. Furthermore, you can use this base for moving safes, sanders, and more. This compact machinery base lets you increase the height up to 7/8-inch.


  • Highly compatible construction for improved performance.
  • Advanced functional design for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Sturdy rust-proof construction for a long-lasting experience.

8. HTC Adjustable Mobile Base for Power Tools

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The mobile base extends up to 34X34-inch. Hence, the platform also accommodates different power tools. Moreover, the stable frame has a maximum weight limit of 500-lbs. The platform comes along with an extendable kit. Therefore, you can effortlessly extend the base from 12X12-inch. The durable, smooth-rolling four-wheel design makes maneuverability easier for individuals.

The lockable foot-operated levers also securely keep the wheels stable. The minimal footprint lets users elevate the height up to 1-inch. The adjustable rail system raises this base height accordingly. This platform comes with a powder-coated finish. Hence, the frame does not instantly catch rust or corrosion. This base has elevated corner pieces to keep the tools stable during transportation.


  • Advanced adaptable design for superior comfort.
  • Multifunctional design for consumer satisfaction.
  • Enhanced resistant features with improved load capacity.

7. BORA Portamate Super Duty Mobile Base with Swivel Wheels

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This mobile base lets you adjust the length from 20.75X23.75 to 28X33.5-inch. The foot-operated locking lever also allows you to lock wheels easily. Moreover, the rectangular steel frame feels ultra-light yet hefty. However, the base can accommodate up to 1500-lbs of weight. The 3-inch non-marring ball-bearing swivel caster wheels let you glide machinery easily.

The lockable wheels let you use this base as a stationary platform. Furthermore, the adjustable-height function helps you to elevate the height easily. Nevertheless, this height of this platform is adjustable with a 1-inch increment. The base lets you shift gun cabinets, metal cabinets, and more. The steel levers usually offer smooth adjustments. The non-marring ball-bearing wheels leave no marks on the floor.


  • Easy detachable construction for mobility and storage.
  • Advanced modifiable features for enhanced performance.
  • Improved sturdy roller for added load capacity.

6. Shop Fox D2057A Adjustable Small Mobile Bases

Shop Fox D2057A Adjustable Small Mobile Bases

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The mobile base comes with eight different configurations. However, the platform is also perfect for various power tools. Moreover, the inbuilt adjustment function lets you accommodate hefty machinery. The lightweight frame holds up to 700-lbs of weight. The rectangular footpads allow you to adjust the leveling points individually. However, welded steel tubing never easily bends or breaks.

The gusseted supports also increase the stability of this base. Furthermore, the fixed wheels attach to any direction. Hence, you can shift your gear smoothly from one workspace to another. The durable platform makes assembly hassle-free for all. These 36-inch extension bars are ideal alternatives to longer or shorter rails. However, the caster wheels rotate in different directions.


  • Advanced adaptable design for superior comfort.
  • Easy transferable and maintainable design for satisfaction.
  • Sturdily designed caster for improved load capacity.

5. KASTFORCE KF2005 Heavy Duty Universal Mobile Bases

KASTFORCE KF2005 Heavy Duty Universal Mobile Bases

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This mobile base comes along with 6-inch elevated corners. However, you can safely shift bulky machinery without the risks of sliding. Moreover, the platform consists of four 3-inch hard-plastic wheels. Therefore, these wheels let you glide this frame smoothly on any surface. The base comes with a maximum load-bearing capacity of 500-lbs. You can use this mobility load carrier in almost every workspace.

The lockable feet levers allow you to lock or unlock wheels instantly. Furthermore, the base works at both stationary and mobility modes. This frame lets you raise the height of the platform accordingly. The locking foot levers are exceptionally durable and withstand years of use.


  • Easy swivel design for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Highly resistant design for a long-lasting experience.
  • Sturdy construction for improved load capacity.

4. Jet – JMB-Umb Universal Mobile Base

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The mobile base is expandable from 18X18 to 24X24-inch. However, the universal frame design also fits heavy-duty machinery. Moreover, the 1-inch increment lets you finely adjust the length. The lightweight metal frame can accommodate up to 600-lbs of weight. Hence, this frame accommodates various power tools. Nevertheless, this base has a spring-piston mechanism.

Hence, the base also offers tool-free and quick assembly. This frame has a pair of fixed and two rotatable caster wheels. You can change the direction freely with the help of these caster wheels. Furthermore, the locking mechanism keeps the wheels locked when not in use. Nevertheless, these wheels are also better for maneuverability on different surfaces.


  • Universal use construction for consumer comfort.
  • Ultra weight design for enhanced maneuverability.
  • Improved resistant properties for superior performance.

3. Portamate Universal Mobile Base for Mobilizing Large Tools, Machines and other Applications

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The universal mobile base comes with an accessory rail kit. Therefore, you can use this system for moving hefty machines. Moreover, the frame has the highest weight limit of 650-lbs. The adjustable base is suitable for shifting stationary power tools. You will get 18-inch rails and 12-inch rails to increase the footprint. Hence, this base is perfect for carrying heavy-duty machinery.

You can use this base for moving a wide variety of saws. The locking mechanism never lets wheels skid while securing this frame against grounds. Furthermore, the low-profile base supports easy height adjustment with a 1-inch increment. The non-marring ball bearing wheels keep your surfaces damage-free. However, you can maneuver toolboxes, large cabinets, gun cabinets, and other tools.


  • Multifunctional design for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Modifiable design for consumer comfort.
  • Advanced rust-free coating for a long-lasting experience.

2. Powermatic – Mobile Base For 60C – 60HH Jointers

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This mobile base comes along with a complication-free locking system. Hence, you can secure the system against any floor. Moreover, the base includes four pieces of heavy-duty caster wheels. Therefore, you can smoothly maneuver your machinery from one space to another. The robust material construction has a maximum weight limit of 450-lbs.

You can give this universal base a square shape up to 24X24-inch. Furthermore, the swivel wheels have a diameter of 5-inch. The powder-coated finish extends the lifespan of this machine carrier. The side rails of this base measure 24-inch. This mobility frame includes supporting wheels for stability.


  • Effortlessly maneuverable design for enhanced satisfaction.
  • User-friendly design for consumer comfort.
  • Advanced functional design for superior performance.

1. Bora Portamate Mobile Bases & T Extension for Cabinet Table Saws

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The reinforced yet lightweight structure makes maneuverability trouble-free for all. This hefty frame also withstands up to 1500-pounds of weight. Moreover, this mobile base comes with a T-extension. Hence, this table saw carrier base is suitable for table saws up to 50-inch. The extension of this mobility base lets you effortlessly transport bulky machines.

This base also makes better compatibility with most of the large table saws. Furthermore, the frame consists of three foot-operated levers. Therefore, these levers do not let the base wobble on any surface. You can stress-freely adjust the length of the frame with a 1-inch increment. The lockable caster wheels help you to move machines without any trouble.


  • Weight-friendly design for enhanced satisfaction.
  • Dynamic rust-free coating for enhanced durability.
  • Easy transferable design and highly maintainable.


The load capacity is one of the most important factors that you will have to see while buying a mobile base. You will have to know your requirement and then make your purchase. Consider investing in the one that has high-quality construction so that you can use it for a long time. It must prevent slippage and have better stability. Go for the one that helps to prevent vibration and reduces noise. It must have smooth rolling and you can see if it is available in an adjustable design.

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