Top 10 Best Metal Bunk Beds with Ladder Reviews In 2019

Planning your kids or guests room is really hectic. And when the place in which you are staying is really small, then finding an effective solution is really needed. Metal bunk beds are your kids sleeping buddy especially when they have siblings or cousins. It helps them to bond over their sleep time and spend gala time with each other. Plus, to keep the kids safe if even they move unconsciously in their sleep, guard rails are there for security. The frames are sturdy enough and will last for several years. Some are even powder coated for extending its longevity. Many other features are included for making these bunk a safe option.

There are numerous determining factors that aid you in selecting the bed frames. As it is not possible to go through every detail for a normal individual, thus we have taken the initiative to present only the best metal bunk bed for sale. Making the right pick is necessary for security and these frames will be truly your companion.

Table of the Metal Bunk Beds with Ladder Reviews

10. DHP Twin-Over-Twin Bunk Bed with Metal Frame & Ladder

Metal Bunk Beds

A secure as well as stable design, the simple bunk bed will keep the individuals safe in all ways. The space-saver is meant to fit 2 mattresses of twin size and the rails of the top bed are given for supreme protection. And it can be assembled by putting minimum efforts.

Key features

  • The ladder is placed slanted for maximizing safety.
  • Have full-length guardrails.
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9. DHP Full Over Full Metal Bunk Bed / Sturdy Frame with Metal Slats

DHP Full Over Full Metal Bunk Bed, Sturdy Frame

The twin metal bunk bed over full is required to provide your kids with enough space to sleep. Has a strong metal frame construction, it has a ladder attached to it so that one can climb up to the top bunk. Also, the top bunk has been surrounded by guard rails so that no accidents take place while you are busy sleeping. Finally, you can fit two full standard sized mattresses for allowing you to have a comfortable sleep.

Key features

  • Have slats for supporting the mattress.
  • The space-saving design allows for easy placement.
  • It has a multi-functional use.

8. Merax WF035780 Bunk Bed

Merax WF035780 Bunk Bed

For acquiring unmatched support and solid heavy-duty mattress slats, this bunk bed is built of high-quality steel that has been tested vigorously. You can transform the bed into two individual twin beds thus it assures a versatile usage. Apart from having a stylish design, it has a ladder that can be customized as per will. So, you can attach it on either side of your bed without worrying about flexibility.

Key features

  • The silver powder coating aids in keeping it waterproof and no damage is caused to the surface.
  • 250 pounds is the weight capacity of upper bunk and lower bunk can support up to 300 pounds.
  • Space-saving and durable.

7. BLOSSOMZ  Twin over Twin Metal Bunk Bed

BLOSSOMZ  Twin over Twin Metal Bunk Bed

Minimalistic metal bed bunk designs are what catch the eyes of many and the bunk bed from Blossomz has a very simple design. If you want a bed for multi-child rooms, then this is undoubtedly the ideal choice. With a modern style, the bed is here to last for a long time as it made of a strong metal frame. Further, the ladder is inbuilt will allow you to climb up to the top bunk without any hassle.

Key features

  • The upper bunk is protected by rail guards so that no one slips and falls.
  • Can fit two mattresses of twin-size.
  • A sleek design.
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6. Mecor Twin Metal Bunk Beds/Bunk Bed Frame for Kids

Mecor Twin Metal Bunk Beds-Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed Frame-for Kids

A metal bunk bed for adults as well as children, the bed puts the utmost concern on safety issues and so high guardrails have been made to avoid any sort of accidents. The durable metal frame is installed with slats and it is much more strong compared to ordinary iron. It is a safe plus, the ladder that is a bit slanted can be customized and place on any sides according to your requirements. Besides all these features, you have the option to fasten it for extra security.

Key features

  • The high guardrails measure 13.39”.
  • Has a contemporary design.
  • Guarantees safety.

5. SuperIndoor Your Zone Metal Loft Twin Bed

SuperIndoor Your Zone Metal Loft Twin Bed

Having a loft style, one can easily place this on small bedrooms or compact spaces. As the bottom is empty, you can keep your study table or desk under it to complete the look. It is a twin-sized bed and constructed of metal. Furthermore, the guardrails assure protection and a perfect choice for your teens or adult children. It can withstand a weight up to 225 pounds and so you do not have to worry anymore.

Key features

  • Comes with two ladders.
  • This is an innovate option.

4. Mainstays Premium Metal Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed for Kid

Premium Metal Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed, for Kid Children

Keeping the comfort factor in mind, the Mainstays metal bed has metal slats that will provide support along with supreme relaxation. The guard rails are of the full length so you can stay relaxed about the steadiness. To make minimal use of space, you can trust on this bunk bed as it aims to give more free space to you. And it will absolutely match your home’s interior.

Key features

  • Features a modern contemporary design.
  • Promises to last long.
  • Can climb-up to the top bunk easily.
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3. Mecor Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed Frame with Ladder

Mecor Twin Metal Bunk Beds-Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed Frame-for Kids

Mecor has manufactured yet another bunk bed that is going to meet the needs of both adults and kids. For making stronger compared to normal iron frames, it has used steel metal for making it. Your child will be always protected the cause of the presence of 13.39” guardrails that ensures safety. Moreover, it guarantees hassle-free installation as every essential accessory as well as instructions is included for making the process easy.

Key features

  • The ladder is made in such a way that you can attach it on either side.
  • Built to bear the weight of maximum 330 lbs.
  • It is of loft style.

2. Costzon Twin Metal Loft Bed/Metal Bunk Bed with Ladders

Costzon Twin Metal Loft Bed, Metal Bunk Bed with Ladders

A two-in-one option, the empty space of the bottom of this twin metal loft bed is meant to fit desks, dressing tables etc. Thus, it has an amazing space-saving design for your needs. Plus, ladders are attached on both sides so, enhances the user experience. And the metal slats are made for adequate support as well as comfort. It has a twin-top and could be ideal for any bedroom or guest room.

Key features

  • Sleek and stylish.
  • Made of strong steel.
  • Will carry weight up to 300 lbs.

1. Mecor Metal Bunk Beds Frame for Kids, Teens & Adult

Mecor Twin Over Full Metal Bunk Beds Frame

Being the number one product in the list, it has to be extraordinary in every sense. Being made of metal, it is coated with powder and also provided with 6 sturdy legs for assuring extra support as well as safety. It has scientific 360-degrees guardrails which are pretty high and has a contemporary design. As it comes with every necessary instruction and fittings, you can install it in a matter of a few minutes.

Key features

  • Rails are of 12.01”.
  • For easy climbing, the ladder attached is inclined.
  • Have metal slats.

Stay in style without compromising on quality as the metal bunk bed frames are designed after keeping your designs in mind.

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