Top 10 Best Meditation Cushions | Meditation Pillows Reviews In 2020

Meditation is recommended to every individual of all age. It’s good for oneself and helps in self-development.  But to make a peaceful ambience and focus more on meditation so that your true best self is obtained, you need a proper seating arrangement. Therefore, bring meditation cushions that have all the positive elements needed for a sane meditation session. Not only cozy but it will help to you improve body postures. As a matter of fact, you can use it as a normal pillow as well.

Buy a meditation cushion that will be your constant partner. Seek the answers you are looking for and eliminate any sort of confusion. Certainly, check out the given products!

Table of the Best Meditation Cushions Reviews

Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Meditation Cushion, Buckwheat Zafu Oval Floor Pillow, Made in California
Buckwheat Crescent Half Moon Therapeutic Meditation Cushion | Yoga Pillow | Ergonomic Design Relieves Back, Hips, Leg Stress for Total Comfort | Washable Premium Organic Cotton Removable Cover - Black
Waterglider International Zafu Yoga Meditation Pillow with USA Buckwheat Fill, Certified Organic Cotton- 6 Colors (Twilight)
myZENhome Organic Kapok Filled Dhyana Meditation Cushion (Army Green/Red)
Mindful and Modern Large Meditation Cushion Pillow - Zafu Yoga Bolster Meditation Pillows For Sitting On Floor - Buckwheat Hull Filled Round Cushion with Removable Cover + Carry Handle (Classic White)
Incline Fit Zafu Yoga Meditation Cushion with Zipper, Round Meditation Pillow Bolster Filled with Buckwheat Hulls With Machine Washable Cotton Cover and Carry Handle, Round, Midnight Blue
Body Quiet Meditation Cushion with Acupressure for Stress Relief | Large 13
Buckwheat Meditation Cushion(Off-White) Plus Eye Mask, Mala Necklace, and E-Book - Improve Posture and Never Suffer from Numb Limbs Again | Use as a Zafu Yoga Bolster | Large One Size Fits All
Yoga Meditation Cushion Zafu Pillow Buckwheat Adjustable Fill, 6 Designs, Eco-Conscious, Washable Cover
Unique Wellness Large Buckwheat & Lavender Meditation Cushion - Round Zafu Meditation Pillow with Carry Bag and Handle | Yoga Pillow Bolster | Organic Cotton Cover | 17

10. JUNAHAA Phone Earbuds Meditation Pillow

Meditation Cushions

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Meditation has a lot of benefits and at least helps you to take a time out from the stress of your busy life. This cushion from Brentwood Home allows you to properly relax and enjoy your “Zen-phase” for a long time. It is used by yogis of all levels or acts as a nice pillow for general relaxation purposes or just sitting down and enjoying your time.

Moreover, it has a beautiful design with an asymmetrical curved pattern going all over the pillow. The round shape and large-diameter also give you more than enough space for sitting comfortably.

Key features:

  • The meditation cushion cover is easily removed and washed for removing stains.
  • Its inner liner has an organic cotton construction which has been certified by GOTS.
  • The filling is removed or stiffed easily and customised according to your needs.
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9. Seat Of Your Soul Comfortable, Supportive & Durable Round Meditation Cushions

Seat Of Your Soul Comfortable, Supportive & Durable Round Meditation Cushions

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Every meditator wishes they could enjoy a longer and deeper meditation session. This brand offers you a cushion that will become your perfect companion in your calm and solitude meditation practice. The ergonomic meditation cushion design lets you float away in bliss and lets your thoughts dissolve. It can mould to your shape for ultimate comfort. Plus, also aligns your spine straight for longer meditation without distractions of back pain.

Your sitting bones are kept above your knees to prevent hard contact. Next, it provides a strong foundation for various positions like full lotus, half lotus and a lot more. It also has a practical carrying handle. As a result, lets you make your meditational journey come alive at home or on the go. The outer cover is also of very high quality and has GOTS certification for its organic nature.

Key features:

  • Buckwheat hull stuffing makes it soft, yet resistant enough to not go flat.
  • Stuffing is easily removed or added according to your requirements.
  • Each cushion goes through rigorous testing for reliability and quality.

8. Waterglider International Zafu Yoga Meditation Pillow with USA Buckwheat

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A lot of brands might claim about ethically and sustainably sourced materials and manufacturing, but few can match up to the standards of Waterglider International. When you buy this cushion, you are supporting US jobs at multiple levels. To be precise, it is for the quality that is unmatched by the cheap alternatives provided by rivals. It is stuffed with buckwheat husks sourced directly from US farmers to keep your cushion light and soft. On the other hand, firm and stable.

Even the assembly is completely done by a refugee labour force who are hardworking and are paid an ethical wage. The round meditation pillow has a traditional look and delivers the result as expected.

Key features:

  • Comes in vibrant and attractive colours that would complement your existing decor.
  • Cushions are overstuffed so that you can open the cover and adjust it to your comfort level.
  • The cover is also washed and maintained easily.

7. my ZEN home Organic Kapok Filled Dhyana Meditation Cushions

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If several physical factors are affecting your comfort level and making you distracted, then you won’t be able to focus on your meditation and get that solitude bliss which you are looking for. This cushion from myZENhome makes your meditating environment just perfect. It has an innovative design that has foldable sections. It is used for different types of asanas and other events as well, like outdoor relaxation or music festivals.

However, you can fold it partially and use the higher platform for sitting while your legs are on the rest. Instead of the cold hard floor, your ankles, knees and other points of contact experience soft and comfortable cushion surface. It doesn’t lead to pain or discomfort in those areas. So, you can sit down in particular asanas for a longer time

Key features:

  • It rather has a width of 20-inches and is 24-inches in length.
  • Generously stuffed, which shows in the 4-inch thickness of this cushion.
  • Being an organic meditation cushion, it is fully made from kapok material.
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6. Mindful and Modern Large Zafu Round Meditation Cushions with Removable Cover and Carry Handle

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Mindful & Modern never fails to impress when it comes to furniture or cushions for your yoga asanas. A peaceful and calm meditation session requires good posture which isn’t possible without a good cushion. The cushion from Mindful & Modern is extra large. As a result, it can easily accommodate you and encourages proper alignment. And you don’t suffer from back muscle pain or other things that might cut short the meditation.

Furthermore, the elevated position you get also helps you to get rid of strain on your ankles, knees and other parts of your feet that have floor contact. Finally, the cover features a handle to easily lift it and place it anywhere.

Key features:

  • Filled with natural buckwheat hulls that are environmentally friendly. It also hits the balance between comfort and firmness.
  • Indeed has a handle that lets you carry it from one place to another.
  • Pristine cover with the flower logo can be effortlessly removed and cleaned.

5. Incline Fit Zafu Yoga Meditation Cushions with Zipper

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The outer fabric of this cushion has a top-quality cotton fabric construction which is tough, yet soft and comfortable. It can stand up to daily use and is also cleaned easily due to its removable nature. You also get natural stuffing inside the pillow composed of buckwheat hulls. It is indeed resilient enough to not go flat in sufficient numbers.

Having a snug fit, it is good for your joint stress as well as spine. The meditation cushion’s handle makes it portable and easy to carry around. This cushion has many uses and one of them is using as a pillow.

Key features:

  • Available in both round and crescent shape and numerous colours or patterns.
  • If dirty, wash the covers in a washing machine.
  • Both the inner filling pouch and outer cover have high-quality zippers.

4. Body Quiet Yoga Meditation Cushion with Acupressure for Stress Relief 

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If you are looking for a cushion that is comfortable and portable as well, then this is your match. This cushion has a stealthy handle which is stitched into the outer cover of this cushion. Therefore, helps you carry it with one hand. It also makes it easier for bringing it in and out of your car with one single push or pull.

In fact, it also makes you accustomed to a proper sitting posture. Next, it reduces the pressure that makes your legs numb after long yoga meditation. But the most unique feature of this pillow is the floral detail on the top. It actually stimulates acupressure points for deeper meditation.

Key features:

  • Ships with a free 7 step guide for proper meditation.
  • A 30-days return policy offers just the assurance you need.
  • The flat side of this cushion is flipped to the top and used as an ordinary floor pillow or Japanese zafu.
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3. Existentials Buckwheat Meditation Cushions

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Existentials offers you a fabulous product that serves you in many ways, not just for your meditation. You get more bang out of your buck since you would be able to meditate, perform other asanas. In fact, it also lets you sit on this pillow for casually hanging out with friends at home or outdoors.

The pillow has been filled with natural buckwheat husks that are easily and sustainably attainable. Therefore, doesn’t harm the environment. For reducing the filling you can simply open up the zip cover and subtract some of it. Finally, for more firmness and raise, you can also add more filling in the same way.

Key features:

  • Less back pain and no more numbness on your butt that renders the whole meditation meaningless.
  • Your cushion would never go flat and always maintains a satisfactory level of firmness.
  • Large dimension makes it perfect for both men and women of all ages.

2. North Corner Yoga Meditation Cushions with Washable Cover

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North Corner Yoga has brings this cushion with an ergonomic design that brings plenty of benefits for you. Instead of a cylindrical thick disc, you get a cushion which is rounded on all sides and resembles a compressed sphere. So, when you assume any meditation position, your legs get more surface contact. As a matter of fact, get a bit of the pressure alleviated.

This feature and the good spine alignment encouraged by the cushion make you less fatigued. For that reason, the yoga sessions are easily prolonged. For optimal results, this cushion has been designed by a meditation teacher who has been properly certified.

Key features:

  • The inner bag keeps the stuffing separate from the outer cover.
  • Comes with an industry-leading 24 month warranty period so that you can buy it without any worries.
  • Comes in two solid colour and rather two polka-dotted patterns.

1. Unique Wellness Large Meditation Cushion

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If your legs go numb or your back hurts, those things will become your focus and attention instead of tranquil meditation. True to its name, it has brought a unique cushion that will have a big role in your meditation. Thus, your overall well-being. Instead of cotton or synthetically produced material, the cushion has all-natural buckwheat hulls as its filling. But you don’t have to compromise the fillings each time; you have to wash your cover.

The fillings are contained inside a separate liner which is opened so that you can add or remove some stuffing. However, due to this you can choose the firmness of this cushion and get it customised.

Key features:

  • Comes with a durable tote bag made from high-quality fabric for carrying your cushion.
  • The cover is machine washed like any other fabric.
  • The zippered design makes it super convenient.

Gain contentment, calmness and much more, the meditation pillows will restore your state of mind. So why to leave out on such a good chance?

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