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Meditation is always good for your body, spirit and mind. It helps in proper blood circulation; keeps your mind calm and helps you to achieve peace. Most importantly, meditation helps in the development of your concentration and sharpness of mind. However, you need a proper place to practice meditation to get optimum results. Hence, the meditation benches! These benches are highly durable as well as comfortable. They use high-quality materials and have robust construction.

These benches help in correcting your posture while making it easy to find inner peace. But how will you get your hands on the best product. Choose the meditation bench whose reviews you will find here in detail. Have a look at our reviews to choose the right one.

Table of the Best Meditation Benches Reviews

10. Meditation Designs – Acacia wood Meditation Bench

Meditation Benches

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For your daily meditation and relaxation from everyday stress, you need a platform that allows you to maintain your posture without any restrictions. This meditation bench from Meditation Designs uses premium quality solid acacia wood that has been handcrafted instead of going through a machinery line-up. You don’t get subpar wood which breaks easily and can’t maintain stability after long use.

Moreover, it is much better than benches with foldable legs since they aren’t sturdy enough and look ugly with the assembly hardware completely visible. This bench doesn’t use ugly screws. But has fasteners to serve its purpose as a real wood meditation bench.

Key features:

  • Perfect for individuals who have a height of 5 ft and 11-inches or less.
  • Pedestal legs are in angle for a slightly upward slanting sitting position.
  • Has a thick cushion for your comfort.
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9. Mindful and Modern Folding Bamboo Meditation Benches – Wooden Seiza Kneeling Stool

Mindful and Modern Folding Bamboo Meditation Benches - Wooden Seiza Kneeling Stool

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Your meditation practice would be more enjoyable and longer due to this foldable meditation bench from Mindful & Modern. It features a unique design that allows you to sit comfortably in the kneeling position for a longer time period. Since you do not have to fold your legs your blood circulation does not face any restriction. Thus, it can carry out the oxygen to all parts of your body more swiftly. The seat legs are angular.

Hence, it helps you to rectify your meditation posture by eliminating any slouch. Your spine will definitely thank you for using this meditation bench. This bench is also effective in eliminating stress buildup in your knees or your lower back.

Key features:

  • Uses sustainable, environmentally-friendly and strong bamboo in its construction.
  • Foldable legs make it compact when not in use and lightweight keeps it portable.
  • Brass hinges on the legs are of premium quality and have high corrosion resistance.

8. BLUECONY IKUKO Wooden Kneeling Meditation Benches

BLUECONY IKUKO Wooden Kneeling Meditation Benches

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Meditation while folding your legs completely defeats its purpose. It can cause back strain, restrict blood flow in certain areas and makes you unable to continue a meditation session for a long time. Bluecony offers you an innovative, yet simple solution that will make meditation more enjoyable for you. The bench design has a green signal from posture specialists. Plus, it uses wild cherrywood from Quebec. Since the bench has a curvy design it can hold you firmly in place without the need for constant adjustments.

The legs are also slightly angular. Hence, they work well with the seat to encourage you for maintaining a straight spine and posture.

Key features:

  • Comes in three different meditation bench sizes for people of different heights and in 2 different finishes.
  • Offers a complimentary cotton bag which lets you carry it conveniently during your travels.
  • The cotton bag is easy to clean with a washing machine.

7. Adjustable, Lightweight and Durable Meditation Bench – Seiza Bench

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Wooden benches look, feel and sometimes smell great. But they are usually fixed and don’t allow versatility to be used in multiple situations. Instead of buying several benches for multiple purposes, you can opt for this adjustable meditation bench and gain savings as well as customisation.

The seat of this bench has a material which increases traction and doesn’t allow you to slip off the bench. The bench also has rounded off corners so that you don’t cut or scratch yourself while handling the bench. With other manufacturers, you are stuck with one height. But this bench has a push-button system which lets you change it to three different heights and allows everyone to use it in the family.

Key features:

  • Proudly manufactured in the USA with the highest quality standards.
  • Durable and quality construction with excellent geometry that helps in good weight distribution.
  • The curved base is capable of aligning in various positions.
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6. SPOKO The Original Kneeling Stool – Low Seat for Meditations & Yoga

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New synthetic materials are made every day, but nothing can beat the incredible rich feeling of wood. Instead of being made by assembly lines, this bench is the hard work of a skilled craftsman who gives attention to detail and passion behind their work. Each and every one of these Spoko meditation benches are unique since they have been handmade. The bench has been made from birch wood and finished to perfection so that it is delivered to you without any flaws.

It doesn’t use screws either. The intelligent design has wooden block pins integrated into the seat that fits perfectly inside the slots on the angled legs. So it is stable, yet stealthy and beautiful.

Key features:

  • The curves and arches take away pressure from your lower back and knee joints.
  • It is taken apart or assembled within seconds.
  • The detachable design also lets you carry it anywhere you want.

5. Valiai Strong Wooden Meditation Bench

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Valiai always creates magnificent products that look and function greatly due to its minimal and simple design. You can use it not just for your meditation, but for yoga sessions, tea ceremonies and even more occasions. It is a single piece of wood that has been strategically curved at two positions for its arched design.

Next, it helps you to gain great Zen meditation and has the slant for seiza pose. You feel less pressure and impact on your knee joints and the enhanced blood circulation also makes you feel refreshed. It has been made from durable plywood that can stand the test of time and won’t break down after years of use.

Key features:

  • Stylish design complements your room decor and even accentuates it.
  • Plywood has been covered with an ecological varnish that extends its longevity.

4. Green Eos Bamboo Ergonomic Folding Meditation Bench

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Floors or mats don’t allow you to achieve that ultimate Zen state for a proper and relaxed meditation session. Your feet go lazy and you have to struggle for maintaining an upright back. This bamboo meditation bench from Green Eos gives you the perfect solution for fixing those problems. You get a bench that has an ergonomic design and made from a material that is sustainably sourced and doesn’t lead to deforestation like it is often the case with hardwood.

You aren’t hurting Mother Earth when you buy this bamboo bench and are buying a superior product designed by a talented team in Seattle.

Key features:

  • These hinges are made from a material that is immune to rusting and are tight enough for top-notch stability.
  • Legs can be folded so that you can put the bench inside your backpack.
  • Seiza kneeling position enabled by this bench allows better blood circulation in your body.
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3. Ananda Portable Woodworking Meditation Bench with Angled Legs

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Made from alder hardwood, this is nothing short of a true piece of furniture. Solid and dense wood has high strength and makes the structure super strong so that it can bear significant weight. It isn’t vulnerable to water or dust like other metal components either and certainly doesn’t carry the bulk of the metal. It is light enough for you to carry from one room to another without any issues.

Besides, it also looks and feels much more premium than polycarbonate alternatives that break way too often. The ergonomic design of this bench helps to keep your back in an upright position and minimises slouch as much as possible.

Key features:

  • For comfort, you get soft and breathable upholstery made from 10-ounce cotton.
  • Joints face less stress and let you meditate for longer periods.
  • Made in Northern California by meditators for meditators.

2. Bean Products Portable Meditation Bench

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Bamboo is one of the most abundant plants that mature within a 5 year period and can be sustainably sourced without any deforestation. This table has been made from bamboo which isn’t just light and strong but also helps you stay environmentally friendly by supporting this product.

It has been built with the seat in a downward slant and plenty of room for your feet to go under it. So, you can maintain a kneeling and straight position while meditating for hours without significant strain on your knee or your back muscles. For optimum results, you can also use this bench over a cushion without compromising stability

Key features:

  • Hinges are of rustproof material and are extra tight for sturdiness.
  • Splayed legs allow you more stability while you are meditating in peace.
  • Indeed folded down for travel convenience and easy storage.

1. Sage Pi to Go Meditation Bench

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Sage has made an incredible bench that will serve all your needs and makes. In fact, it helps you maintain correct posture during meditation as well. It has unique legs that have a rounded shape and enables you to set up the bench in numerous possible angles. You can have it upright or slanted towards the upward or downward side.

It isn’t of cheap fibre wood or any other type of processed wood either. You get solid hardwood that has gone through the hands of a skilful craftsman.

Key features:

  • Has a poly coat finish which makes it resistant to natural elements and gives it a nice look.
  • Legs open up towards the centre to give maximum support where it’s needed.
  • Is folded down flat for storage in tight spaces.

Bring peace to your mind and start focusing on yourself better. Practice yoga and the meditation bench and cushion will your strongest support in the process.

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