Best Bathroom Medicine Cabinets with Lights Reviews

Have you ever spent more than half an hour looking for a simple item in your house? I guess this is an experience we are all familiar with, especially when preparing to kick-start the day. To avoid the anger and confusion of not knowing where to locate certain necessities such as toiletries, medicine among other items, you need to invest in a modern bathroom medicine cabinet. These cabinets have existed for a while and their importance can never go unnoticed. Not only do medicine cabinets help in keeping your medicines, toiletries, cosmetics and other items organized in one spot but also, enhance your bathroom décor.

Choosing one of the best medicine cabinets is not a hard task, you simply consider the design, size, and shape depending on what you intend to store. Given that the bathroom is quite an essential place where most people spend their morning hours before starting the day, we have made choosing the best medicine cabinet easier for you. To make the best choice without having to go through the overwhelming list of varying brands, we have put together a list of The Best Medicine Cabinets.

Table of the Best Medicine Cabinets Reviews

10. Kohler Frameless Aluminum Bathroom Medicine Cabinets – Recess or Surface Mount

Medicine Cabinets

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Start your day in style by putting your best face to the world. Well, with a sleek mirrored surface both on the inside and outside, there is more you can do with this elegant medicine cabinet. The first distinctive feature is the 1/4-Inch bevelled edge that presents the perfect sleek design. I can guarantee you this medicine will compliment almost any bathroom style. Durability is well taken care of by the anodized aluminium construction plus the rust and chip-free finish. The 108-degree opening allows for effortless access from any direction. Plus, the two adjustable tempered glass shelves allow users to customize their storage style. Both recessed and mounting hardware installation is included.

Special Features 

  • Durable anodized aluminium construction
  • Fully mirrored interior
  • The front door features bevelled edge greatly enhancing style
  • Left or right hinge installation
  • Adjustable interior glass shelves
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9. Tangkula Single Door Bathroom Wall Mounted Medicine Cabinets with Mirror

Tangkula Single Door Bathroom Wall Mounted Medicine Cabinets with Mirror

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This is another perfect storage solution that will not only save space but also bring order to your bathroom. It is a multifunctional medicine cabinet that can blend perfectly with your bedroom, bathroom, living room or kitchen interior. There are two open shelves, another enclosed shelf with a mirror door where you can neatly organize your toiletries, medicines, cosmetics among other items. You can save on your floor space by installing this cabinet on your wall.

The simple woody material used complements perfectly with the exquisite texture to present the perfect masterpiece. To maintain a moisture-proof design, this unit is reinforced with premium white paint. With all the accessories included, assembling and using this stylish medicine cabinet is a breeze.

Special Features 

  • Elegant design
  • Easy assembly
  • Moisture-proof design
  • Multifunctional and space-saving unit

8. Kohler Frameless Aluminum Bathroom Recessed Medicine Cabinets

Kohler Frameless Aluminum Bathroom Recessed Medicine Cabinets

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Are you torn between elegancy and a tight budget? Well, you could achieve both with the Kohler K-CB-CLR1620FS Frameless Medicine Cabinet. With recessed installation only, this unit boasts anodized aluminium construction plus rust-free and chip-free finish reinforcement. For ease of use and unparalleled customization, this cabinet opening design is reversible allowing for both right and left opening. Another adorable aspect is the mirrors fitted in both the interior and the back of the door of this cabinet.

You can start your day in style when you waking up knowing everything that you need including toiletries and medicine are organized in one spot. Plus, there are two adjustable tempered glass shelves where you can store other items.

Special Features 

  • Quality anodized aluminium construction
  • Recessed installation only
  • Two adjustable tempered glass shelves
  • Allows for both right and left opening

7. HOMFA Bathroom Wall Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

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With three doors, this is another excellent storage solution that deserves a place of honour in your bathroom. It comes in a multipurpose design for use in the living room, bathroom, kitchen, among other spaces. No more waking up to a disorganized space, grab this medicine cabinet and put everything in one spot. Another aspect you will love is the three adjustable shelves that allow users to regulate them to their desired angles.

The unique mix of stainless steel, the premium mirrors, and the durable HMD board promises exceptional functionality. Even better is the fact that the entire construction is moisture and waterproof, suitable for bathroom space. Keep everything in the walls without taking up more interior space, courtesy of the wall-mounted design. Overall, this is an awesome home helper that is worth the consideration.

Special Features

  • Moisture and waterproof construction
  • Adjustable three-mirror design
  • Wall-mounted design
  • Multipurpose medicine cabinet
  • Large capacity cabinet
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6. KOHLER Frameless Double Door Aluminum Recessed or Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet

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If you are looking for a way to reintroduce the essence of old-world interior elegance, consider investing in this bathroom medicine cabinet. It is a stylish way to bring functionality to your bathroom. Anyone will appreciate the fine detailing of this frameless double door bathroom medicine cabinet. Apart from adding an extra splash of colour, this medicine cabinet offers a trusted storage solution. Expect excellent durability courtesy of the durable and rust-free anodized aluminium construction.

The two tempered glass shelves allow users some level of customization. Another innovative aspect is the reversible opening style that takes care of various user preferences. With mirrored interior and back door, this medicine cabinet has everything it takes to put your best face forward.

Special Features 

  • Mirrored interior
  • Anodized aluminium construction
  • Two adjustable glass shelves
  • Reversible for both right or left-hand opening
  • Beautiful detailing

5. KOHLER Frameless Aluminum Bathroom Mirror Medicine Cabinet Organizer

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Featuring mirrored interiors, this is another awesome medicine cabinet that you may want to consider. It is a stylish addition to your bathroom space that is fully functional. Most distinctive is the rust-resistant anodized aluminium construction designed to withstand all the harsh bathroom elements. Organize your medicines, toiletries, and other items in style without compromising the elegance of your bathroom. For easy access, this cabinet allows for a 180-degree opening. Create a perfect coordination centre for your home by paring this medicine cabinet with shower bases, faucets, baths, among other accessories.

Special Features 

  • Full-overlay mirrored door
  • Left or right hinge installation
  • Durable anodized aluminium construction
  • Matches perfectly with other home accessories

4. Zenith Products ZPC Corporation Prism Beveled White Medicine Cabinet

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Elevate the interior design of your bathroom with the modern Prism Beveled Swing Door Cabinet. Boasting a bevelled mirror front design, this unit makes a great deal for those out there looking for the best medicine cabinet. Whether it is toiletries, medicine or any other accessories, this unit allows for user customization by providing two adjustable glass shelves. Equipped with reversible hinges, users enjoy the versatility of hand opening of the doors from either direction.

You can choose between the recess or surface-mount installation options. Other adorable aspects of this medicine cabinet include the hidden piano hinges plus the white powder coating that enhances durability. Plus, for hassle-free use, especially for beginners, this model comes fully assembled. Overall, this is a great masterpiece that is worth the price.

Special Features

  • Reversible hinges
  • Frameless bevelled mirror front design
  • Durable steel body
  • Adds modern appeal to your bathroom
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3. American Recessed Frameless Beveled Polished Edge in Wall Medicine Cabinet

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Just as the name suggests, this is truly American Pride thanks to several exquisite features. Featuring a modern medicine cabinet with bevelled polished edge mirror design, this unit presents an elegant masterpiece well-endowed with modern appeal. You can finally say bye to the bathroom clutter by having all your items organized in one spot. Even better is the fact that you can choose to mount the doors for either right or left-hand opening options.

Additionally, this cabinet can be recess mounted maintaining a low profile without compromising on functionality. You will have storage flexibility, courtesy of the fixed polystyrene shelve plus two adjustable white polystyrene shelves. All the corners of the interior of this modern medicine cabinet are rounded to avoid dirt built up.

Special Features 

  • Injection-moulded polystyrene body
  • Easy to clean
  • Frameless bevelled polished edge mirror cabinet
  • Perfect for any bathroom space
  • One fixed and two adjustable polystyrene shelves

2. Jensen Bevel Mirror Medicine Cabinet

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This is another masterpiece of quiet elegance that deserves a place of honour in your bathroom. This medicine cabinet features frameless 1/2-Inch bevelled-edge mirror design elevating your bathroom décor to a whole new level. With the two adjusted steel shelves, users can enjoy storage versatility. To enhance durability, the steel body is reinforced with resistant-treated and heat cured white Acrylic paint. The continuous piano hinge design allows for effortless access to your medicine, toiletries among other accessories.

Even better are the two adjustable steel shelves that ensure all your containers are accommodated no matter their height or shape. For easy installation and access to your items, the doors can be mounted with either right or left opening. Additionally, if a snug fit is your priority, the recessed mounting ensures every inch of the cabinet is well fit in place.

Special Features 

  • Durable heat cured white paint finish
  • Frameless bevelled-edge mirror design
  • Recess mounting
  • Durable steel body
  • Low profile cabinet with exceptional functionality

1. Croydex Haven Aluminum Recessed or Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet with Hang ‘N’ Lock Fitting System

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With about 100 years of manufacturing bathroom appliances, Croydex aims at revolutionizing the way we design our bathrooms. With a focus on an-house design, this medicine cabinet makes a great storage solution. The most distinctive aspect of this unit is the simple Hang ‘N’ Lock system that allows for effortless installation. It is configured to allow for both recessed and surface mounting.

Plus, the 165 degrees sprung hinge system provides for effortless accessibility. There are two adjustable shelves for your accessories. Elegance is well displayed in the double-sided mirrored door that has 1/2-Inch bevel design on the front glass. Overall, this makes a great medicine cabinet for those who prioritize functionality and a modern appeal.

Special Features 

  • Hang ‘N’ Lock Fitting System
  • Recessed or surface mounting
  • Two adjustable shelves
  • Durable aluminium cabinet

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