Best Manual Safety Razors for Men Reviews In 2021

Shaving seems to be a nightmare if you are prone to get irritations or skin burns. But using the right kind of razor or blade can act as a boon. Thus, manual safety razors are hailed by many users who were once a victim of bad skin problems. These razors are designed in a way that it will provide a clean shaving and will minimize the skin issues. Assuring a firm hold, there are minimal chances of slipping. Also, get cuts or infection will not occur any time soon.

However, amongst the diverse range, we only need the one that can make us feel comfortable. In order to provide you with the best shaving experience, the safety razor review will certainly suggest the best.

Table of the Best Safety Razors for Men Reviews

10. VIKINGS BLADE The Godfather Safety Razor and Swedish Platinum Super Blades

Safety Razors

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Viking Blade is in the razor business for decades now. Their products allow you to get the best smooth shape in a classic way. Although the market is flooded with cheaply manufactured replicas of the Vikings Blade, the imitators can never reach the same level of quality. It is made of super high-quality materials and has an excellent chrome coating to give it that glossy look. As a matter of fact, it resists corrosion due to exposure to natural elements.

The three-piece design is really great and all parts come together nicely to form an amazing razor that won’t fail you. It also comes in handy when you are travelling and luggage space becomes a luxury. When the three parts come off, they take up a very compact form factor.

Furthermore, it helps you carry it more easily and leaves adequate room in your bag for more stuff. The head of this godfather model is quite mild and enables you to enjoy a clean B2B shave without any irritation or injury. Just twist it to bring the head apart and you can clean it up or change the blades easily. If you use it carefully without over-tightening and align the pieces properly, then it will last you for years.

Key features:

  • Made from superior quality Swedish materials under tight quality control.
  • You also get a free case to store your razor and the safety razor blades when not in use.
  • Certainly, has an old school style and feel.

9. MERKUR Classic 3-Piece Double Edge Saftey Razor

 MERKUR Classic 3-Piece Double Edge Saftey Razor

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Merkur is making shaving equipment for over a century. So, it has perfected its craftsmanship and production process to give you the most reliable products in the market. The German manufacturer makes products that last over decades and provide you with a better and cleaner way of shaving. Double, triple or whatever many fancy gel-coated blades that manufacturers use today can never come close to the double edge wet shaving you get from the Merkur Classic.

Not only less ingrown hairs but it also reduces your shaving expenses dramatically. Most three-piece razors or modern multi-blade razors have a safety concern when you are travelling. So, you need to invest more money into a protective case that will seal your sharp razor away. Merkur 23C solves this problem with an ingenious safety razor design.

Moreover, the head of this razor can be inverted for travelling. When you do that the safety bars on razor shield the sharp edges of the blade entirely. So you can just throw it in your toiletry bag without any worries and enjoy a smooth, clean shave wherever you go. The secret to this razor’s longevity is its simple three metal piece design. There are no moving parts in it and three chunks of metal really can’t go wrong very easily.

Key features:

  • Nice and lustrous finish that makes it looks attractive.
  • There are patterned creases on the handle to give you a secured grip even with soapy hands.
  • Best for slanted shaves at 30-degrees.

8. Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

Edwin Jagger Double Edge Safety Razor

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Edwin Jagger is a family-owned business in the shaving industry since 1988. Thus through decades of accumulated experience, it makes unbelievably great products. It doesn’t matter what kind of gel hydration of a number of blades your modern razor has. Plus, it would never come close to the precision that you can get with a traditional wet shaving razor. The handle is tubular in shape and has nice embossing that serves two purposes.

Furthermore, they make the razor look elegant and give it that classy vintage look. On the other hand, it increases your grip even with wet and foamy hands. Ingrown hair can become a huge headache due to the high maintenance they require. But most modern shavers, especially the electronic wheel blades can never get rid of them. It, in fact, gives a close shave that doesn’t irritate your skin and leaves a nice smooth feeling.

Moreover, it is made of highly durable materials that don’t need an expensive blade switch from the manufacturer. It is compatible with most double edge blades and you can switch with several brands.

Key features:

  • Comes with 5 free blades from Edwin Jagger.
  • Weighs under 3 ounces.
  • Short safety razor handle makes it more portable.

7. Rockwell Razors 6S Stainless Steel Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

Rockwell Razors 6S Stainless Steel Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

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While most competitors are claiming to make top-notch safety razors with unmatched quality, most of them really show much confidence in their after-sales support. Rockwell Razor 6S comes with a lifetime warranty period that really reflects how well made these products are. This double edge safety razor has stainless steel construction and even a unique design.

Moreover, one won’t be facing any sort of burning sensation or irritation on using this razor. The blades are certainly built of Swedish stainless steel. Thus, safety is not an issue.

Key features:

  • Affordable and lower shave cost that most modern razors
  • Weighs a bit more than 8 ounces.
  • Almost 4-inches in length.

6. MERKUR Classic Double Edge Saftey Razor

MERKUR Classic Double Edge Saftey Razor

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Another great razor from Merkur that has sufficient weight so that you don’t have to apply extra stress on the skin. This makes it safer than plastic razors and the full metal design definitely makes it more durable. Promising a close shaving, it assures foolproof stability.

Besides having a classic closed comb design, it also has bar-head that is pretty straightforward. Having a thick construction, one can expect a comfortable as well as tight grip. So, the chances of cutting are minimized.

Key features:

  • Double edge blades are much sharper and inexpensive that cartridges.
  • Reliable German manufacturing.

5. Parker 99R – Long Handle Heavyweight Butterfly Safety Razor

Parker 99R - Long Handle Heavyweight Butterfly Safety Razor

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Four decades of experience makes Parker a formidable brand in men’s classic grooming kits and shaving equipment industry. The Parker 99R further pushes for excellence. You get a frame made out of solid brass that really adds to its weight making it better at shaving. As a matter of fact, it is chrome plated.

Furthermore, for facilitating a fast replacement of the blade, it has a twist-to-open design. Having a 4-inches long handle which is sufficiently textured, it won’t slip of hands as a firm grip is confirmed. Instead of being a heavy-duty design, it weighs only 3.4 ounces.

Key features:

  • Carefully manufactured and hand-assembled.
  • Remarkable and fabulous finish
  • Indeed has an advanced plating process.

4. QSHAVE Adjustable Double Edge Classic Safety Razor

QSHAVE Adjustable Double Edge Classic Safety Razor

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Qshave is unique and has a special appeal towards its consumers due to their brilliant adjustability. Razor heads usually have a fixed type of aggression which makes you invest in different models for different needs. Qshave solves that problem for you. You can readily adjust the aggression by twisting the top. It has marked readings and if you want a gentle, mild, relaxed shave choose a lower setting.

For getting rid of unwanted beard that is growing for a week, choose the high setting. However, the titanium coated blades will maintain hygiene and also has a snap top for easy changing. As a matter of fact, it has a modern as well as sleek design.

Key features:

  • Comes with a stand to keep your razor organised.
  • Weight distribution if the razor is well-balanced.
  • Top blade indeed comes off with a bit push from your thumb.

3. Rockwell Razors 2C Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

Rockwell Razors 2C Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

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Rockwell proudly creates some of the most excellent wet shaving and grooming products. And their line of adjustable safety razors is simply amazing. These usually have a problem that drives away a lot of men towards the multi-blade generic razors. They don’t come with adjustability and requires quite a bit of skill for a new user.

Rockwell presented the users with their patented design that allows you to shave from various angles and sizes. So it doesn’t matter what kind of skin type you have since you will always get the best shave. Also, the chrome alloy finish coupled with gunmetal finish adds to the classiness.

Key features:

  • Due to the absence of any form of plastic parts they are fully recyclable and environment-friendly.
  • The underside of the razor has markings to indicate the size.
  • The warranty period for a lifetime.

2. Rockwell Razors 6C Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

Rockwell Razors 6C Adjustable Double Edge Safety Razor

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Cartridges or shave clubs that charge you hundreds of dollars or subscription plans are nothing but an illusion of precision or affordability. Rockwell Razors give you a much more affordable option. It enhances your shaving experience at the fractional cost and saves you tons of money. In fact, it doesn’t matter if you have dry or oily skin.

Furthermore, a wet shave with the Rockwell Razor 6C gives you an irritation-free shave leaving a smooth feeling. Made from high-quality metal alloys and is plated with chrome, you can use it indefinitely without any problems.

Key features:

  • The lifetime warranty period goes to show the brand’s confidence in its product
  • You also get a supply of Swedish stainless steel blades that will last you a month
  • It has a centre of gravity that allows you to have effortless glides without added force

1. FREELOGICS Double Edge Safety Razor Kit with Stand

FREELOGICS Double Edge Safety Razor Kit with Stand

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Three-piece vintage style razors are great and have a pristine and elegant look that can’t be matched by bulky plastic body electric shavers. It not only accentuates the look of your shaving stand but also gives you smoother shaving sessions at negligible cost. But most of the classic razors suffer from a convenience problem. You need to twist, open and take apart the razor head every time you want to switch or clean blade.

That problem is taken care of by Freelogics with their ergonomic design that opens the head like a butterfly. Just hold the base, twist a bit and the head is opened up for you to replace the blunt blade swiftly. It is a feature that really sets this razor apart from the rest of the competition. The metallic body weighs down the razor to give you an easy shave so that you don’t have to risk razor burns by pressing the head forcefully. Giving out a solid feel, the blades are made of Japanese stainless steel.

Key features:

  • A warranty period of 12 months.
  • The handle is extra-long to give you a proper and solid hold for safe manoeuvring.
  • Weighs under 9 ounces.

Avoids the risks of cutting or accidents, buy a safety razor for men and skin irritation will be long gone.

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