Best Magnetic Sweepers for Nails, Screws and Metal Scraps

Sometimes after strenuous hours spent behind the maintenance, you might forget about the nails and metallic chips that have spread in unsuspicious places. A quick clean up with magnetic sweepers lets you avoid flat tires that take away a lot of time. The strong magnet helps attract even the roughest metals and you don’t even have to touch it. It will just get all the shavings in just a few swipes. However, to have the best results, get only the trusted products.

In the given list, all the queries and suggestions are detailed in order to proceed in the correct path. So, study and compare and keep yourself away from extra work.

Table of the Best Magnetic Sweepers Reviews

10. Stalwart Telescoping Magnetic Sweepers for Nails, Screws and Metal Scraps

Magnetic Sweepers

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Now you don’t have to risk injuring yourself from sharp metal tools in your workshop or garage. Stalwart has produced this magnetic tool from materials of the highest quality. Thus, it can take a lot of rough use and last you for a really long period of time. It has the capability of lifting up to 50 pounds of metallic weight. Hence, it allows you to sweep a wide range of screws, bolts, nuts, metallic scraps pr dust and even more.

Deck or roofing projects also produce a lot of metallic waste which is easily taken care of with this. Furthermore, the long magnetic sweeper telescopic handle which is sturdy and is extended up to a length of 40-inches. So even if you have lost an important screw or tool in a tight space you would be easily able to retrieve it. No need to bend or struggle with your hands being ground between a wall and heavy furniture. Just extend the pole and pick up.

Key features:

  • The handle is collapsed to a minimum length of 24-inches.
  • Head has a diameter of 3.25-inches.
  • The magnetic power is indeed very strong.

9. GRIP 53417 17-Inch Mini Magnetic Floor Sweeper

GRIP 53417 17-Inch Mini Magnetic Floor Sweeper

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Using this from Grip allows you to easily clean your work site and drive through with little to no effort. It is crafted out of high-quality materials which are strong yet light. So you get durability without having to sacrifice any mobility. The magnetic sweeper with wheel design also works further to reduce your labour. No matter how many ferrous substances you pick up, you rather don’t need to carry around the weight.

As a matter of fact, it offers a maximum lifting capacity of 4.5 lbs. Hence, can pick a lot up at one go.

Key features:

  • Have 3-inch wheels made out of rubber
  • It certainly has a minimum weight of 3.4 pounds.
  • You can extend the handle from 2 ft to over 3 feet.

8. Neiko 53418A 36″ Rolling Magnetic Sweepers with Wheels

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With other manufacturers, you would usually get a circular base that isn’t big and gets restricted to only smooth terrain. You would have to lift it up the whole time if you are working on a rugged or uneven surface. Neiko solves that with their ingenious magnetic sweeper design. Firstly, they use a metallic cuboid with four surfaces for picking its tools in a wide area. On either side, you get wheels which help you move it any surface with minimal effort.

You don’t have to practice weight lifting while sweeping for metallic scraps or screws. Just use it like a normal sweeper rolling it over any surface. Durable wheels are certainly made from solid rubber. So you don’t need to worry about deflation due to contact with a sharp nail. They roll easily on grass, concrete and even your carpet. Moreover, for turning off the magnetic attraction you just need to pull a lever. Even after sweeping, the collection is hassle-free as well.

Key features:

  • The handle is extendable from 29-inches to 42-inches.
  • Handle grip has an ergonomic shape with grooves that reduce hand fatigue.
  • The large wheels measures 7-inches.

7. NIDAYE Fabcell Telescoping Magnetic Pickup Tool – Screws Parts Finder Magnet Sweepers

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Due to the telescopic design of this amazing sweeper, you can effortlessly reach tight corners and hard to reach places. If something is initially out of reach you can just extend the handle from its collapsed size of 28-inches to 4- inches to quickly get access. However, it rather has an ergonomic grip which feels comfortable and is gentle to the skin.

At the end of the handle, there is also a small gap. It allows you to hang the tool when you don’t need it. However, it, in turn, saves you precious storage space in your closet

Key features:

  • The magnetic base is rotatable to an astonishing 180-degrees.
  • Instead of knobs or bolts, you just need to twist to extend or collapse the handle.
  • The weight limit of the magnetic sweeper is 33 lbs which are pretty high.

6. Toolwiz 24-Inch Magnetic Sweeper – Telescoping Magnet Tool Holer

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This sweeper from Toolwiz is a necessity in most job sites, shops and even your garage. Workplaces can easily become hazardous with sharp metals pointing out everywhere. Next, it can puncture a hole in your tires or might injure you and your employees. You might be losing a few bucks on lost bolts and screws as well. This rectangular box-shaped rolling magnetic sweeper offers multiple surfaces for attracting metal debris. It uses a strong magnet which can attract any metals which have a ferrous composition, be it iron or alloy.

As soon as you take the sweeper close to the debris it wouldn’t be able to resist the strong magnetic force. It is so strong that you can certainly lift up to 33 pounds of weight.

Nonetheless, the pole is also telescopic in nature and is adjustable effortlessly with a knob. While others provide you small and pointed bolt for adjustment, Toolwiz gives you a large and comfortable knob. Plus, this doesn’t hurt your legs upon contact.

Key features:

  • The silicone handle grip is indeed comfortable to use and doesn’t have any foul odour.
  • Rubber wheels on both sides for rolling over all surfaces.
  • Pull up handle for dropping all the collected ferrous objects.

5. WORKER 53496 30-Inch Rolling Magnetic Sweeper

WORKER 53496 30-Inch Rolling Magnetic Sweeper

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The worker provides you with a strong, sturdy and powerful sweeper that will keep your work site clean and tidy. It has a long telescopic handle crafted out of steel. So it has high resistance to rusting and corrosion from elements like air and water. As an additional layer of protection, the handle is rather a powder coated for extra shielding.

Moreover, the wheeled design also makes the weight of this sweeper irrelevant. Finally, you successfully get maximum mobility with minimum effort.

Key features:

  • The handle is easily extended just by adjusting the knob from 30″ to 44″.
  • Transporting or manoeuvring it won’t be an issue cause of its 17 pounds weight.

4. AJC Hatchet 070-MS Hand Held Magnetic Sweeper

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AJC always likes to spin the wheel of innovation and has brought products that ease people’s life. Instead of a round base that has only one surface for picking up tools, AJC uses the box design. And that box is indeed crafted out of high-quality stainless steel. Steel construction also means that it is resistant to rusting and corrosion. In fact, it is strong enough to handle a lot of abuse. As a matter of fact, you can use it to easily clean up metal shavings and debris.

Finally, it also has a spring loaded mechanism which is used to quickly release everything that you have picked up.

Key features:

  • You can drag it along the surface or wave it over
  • Certainly, has a length of 10-inches with multiple surfaces pick up

3. Stalwart Hawk Magnetic Pick-Up Tool with Quick Release

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Another great product from Stalwart that flawlessly does the job it was designed for. This tool is so convenient that you don’t need to bend, not even for releasing the picked up metallic objects. It has a trigger at the handle which allows you to quickly release all the collected metallic substances with a pull.

In addition to that, this is not only an easy product to use but also fully safe product. Above all, the time-saving product will keep the cleaning process easy.

Key features:

  • Rather comes with a warranty period of one month.
  • Even with the lightweight design, it can pull up 25 pounds of weight.

2. Performance Tool 50-Pound Extendable Magnetic P/U

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Performance Tool is a brand that is dedicated to manufacturing high-quality magnetic pick-up tools. After accumulating abundant experience they provide you innovative and reliable products that would impress you without a doubt. The magnetic head at the end has a wide base of 3-inch diameter. As a result, it is more than enough for picking up metal shavings, screws, nails, etc that litter your work area.

With the 3-inch diameter, it isn’t too big to not fit into hard to reach places in your workshop. You don’t need to bend down and strain your back or thigh muscles for just picking up the metallic litter. It has a long metal pole of 24-inches which is long enough for reaching most spaces. However, if you want to have more reach into inaccessible spaces, then you can simply extend the telescopic pole by 14-inches. Hence, giving you a length of over 3 feet.

Key features:

  • The handle is generously wrapped with rubber for supreme comfort.
  • Despite being light, it is capable of lifting up 50 pounds or less.
  • The magnetic head is rather connected to the pole with a strong and sturdy bolt.

1. Ironton 18in. Magnetic Floor Sweeper

Ironton 18in. Magnetic Floor Sweeper

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Screws, nails or metallic shavings that are made out of iron or other ferrous substances are easily picked up and cleaned. It has a very strong magnet which has an incredibly attractive force. Thus, can pull as heavy as 30 pounds of weight. Having two wheels attached to the bottom, it is easy to move.

Is the storage option worrying you? Well, just remove the handle and aid in perfect storage of this equipment.

Key features:

  • Weighing at 6.5 pounds this is a very lightweight tool.
  • Wheels let you roll it over most surfaces.
  • You can certainly switch the handle height from 30-inches to 44.5-inches.

Clean every bit of metal substances without even touching it. The best magnetic sweepers are here to take care of the task for you.

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