Top 10 Best Scissor Lift Tables For Sale Reviews In 2019

Looking for the top lift tables in the market today? When it comes to lifting tables, quality is the most important consideration – especially since problems with this product can result in irreversible problems. Now the question is: how do you make that choice? With the market providing literally dozens of possible products today, you are given the chance to compare and choose the one that works best for your needs. Here are a top 10 best lift tables reviews to get you started. Read more about the floor jack reviews.

Table of Best Scissor Lift Tables Reviews

10. Accordion Lift’ Electric Grooming Table

Lift Tables

Featuring a 2-year warranty on the motor and a lifetime warranty for the frame, this particular product has a height adjustment of 10 to 48 inches. A foot remote is available for control and for convenience; the table top can be removed and locked into place. Product capacity is set at 320 pounds.

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9. TMS 1000 lb Hydraulic Motorcycle Bike’ Lift Table Jack

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This particular model can be controlled through a hydraulic foot pedal that makes it very easy for the user. Operated through hydraulics, there’s really no need to worry about an air compressor system failing during use. The capacity is an impressive 1000 pounds with a loading ramp that makes getting on and off easier. For safety purposes, the lift also includes an oversized front tire clamp.

8. Hercules Mobile’ Scissor Lift Tables

Lift Tables

Made from durable materials, the Hercules has a 770-pound capacity and features multiple heights to cover many needs. The lift can be controlled through a convenient foot pump utilizing the reliable hydraulic technology. Plastic protective shields are built in for safety along with swivel brakes for maximum control during transport.

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7. Vestil CART-200-D Double Scissor’ Hydraulic Elevating Cart

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This foot-operated cart functions through hydraulic technology and specially made to handle up to 200 pounds of materials. Mainly used for transferring heavy equipment from one location to another, the parts are mainly made from steel frames covered with powder blue to prevent corrosion. This makes the model long-lasting and resistant to the elements.

6. Roughneck Rapid Lift’ XT Lift Table – 500lb

Lift Tables

With a 500-pound capacity, this model features a rapid lifting action that lets you achieve the height you want as quickly as possible. Control is through a rubber foot pedal compounded by the introduction of swivel casters and brake casters for security. The lift is made mostly from steel with powder-finish that makes it resistant to corrosion. The platform itself measures 27 inches by 17 inches.

5. Xilin SP500 Hydraulic Scissor’ Lift Cart 1,100LBS

Lift Tables

With an impressive capacity of 1,100 pounds, this particular lift is designed to stay strong even with the heaviest load. Structurally sound and made from heavy-duty steel, the product can go as high as 35.5 inches with a foot pedal for raising the table. For lowering the table, however, the control is hand-operated to ensure that there’s no confusion. For security purposes, the item is built with two casters with brakes to prevent unintentional rolling.

4. HPD 42.5” x 23.6” ‘Z-Lift Hydraulic’ Pet Dog

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For pet stores and grooming salons today, this particular model is one of the best in the market. Made from durable materials and with a clamp-on adjustable grooming arm, the board is skid-resistance which makes it easier for grooming dogs of all breeds. Height adjustment uses hydraulics and can be done through a smooth and easy-to-use control mechanism.

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3. Grooming Table’ Folding Grooming Arm

Lift Tables

Simple but efficient, this is designed to fit most tables and comes with a ‘grooming’ loop. Offering a one year warranty, you can rest easy knowing that the product has you covered in case of problems. It measures 47 by 10 inches with a collapsible arm extension that lets you save on space after use.

2. Giant Move MH-D25 Steel’ Hydraulic Lift Table

Lift Tables

Featuring a heavy-duty steel frame, this particular product is perfect for industrial needs. With a 550 pound capacity, the model can be raised up to 36 inches and lowered to just 13 inches. Featuring foot pedal control and an ergonomic design for easy handling, this model is perfect for offices, construction sites, moving companies, and others.

1. JET SLT-330F’ Scissor Lift Table

Lift Tables

Taking the number one spot, this model gets an excellent rating from many online users. It can handle up to 330 pounds of the load with a height of up to 29 inches. The model is covered by a 5-year warranty which is more extensive than any other on this list. Made from durable materials and ergonomically designed, the JET is sold at a reasonable price tag, making it ideal for all.

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