Best LED Grow Light Bulbs for Indoor Plants Reviews

Indoor farming is great since you can produce lucrative crops or flowers within a closed protected environment. Your crops are shielded from rain, pests and other harsh conditions. So most of your money goes into power drawn by LEDs that produce light for photosynthesis. However, these are not the safest option and also, the bill can go up really high. With the use of LED grow light bulbs that are specifically made for plantation purposes. The colour combination and heat replicates the natural process and you can clearly see it.

Are you interested in making your plantation business grow? Check our LED grow light bulbs review and choose the product that appears to be most suitable.

Table of the Best LED Grow Light Bulbs Reviews

10. Easy Bright LED Grow Light Bulb – Full Spectrum Lamp for Indoor Plants

LED Grow Light Bulbs

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Now you don’t need to waste your money on several bulbs at various stages in the growth cycle of a plant. These lights cover the full spectrum and let you harness great output at a fractional cost. Moreover, it is also extremely energy efficient. It consumes a mere 20 watts to give a light output that is comparable to incandescent bulbs of 100 watts. So it isn’t just good for saving you money but also environment-friendly.

Plus, it doesn’t produce too much heat hence stays cool and rather helps in healthy growth of your plants.

Key features:

  • Unlike incandescent bulbs, this LED light certainly doesn’t lose energy due to the production of high heat.
  • A free eBook guide that gives you detailed information about the light and the technology behind it.
  • This indoor LED grow light bulb facilitates easy installation.

9. MIYA 50W Full Spectrum Grow Light Led Plant Bulb for Indoor Plants, Vegetables and Seedlings

MIYA 50W Full Spectrum Grow Light Led Plant Bulb

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With highly powerful growing lights heat is always a major issue. Big electronic devices have a lot of room for integrating a huge heat sink. But lights don’t get that luxury. So Miya innovated with their growing LED and used a design which uses a limited surface area in the best way. The body of this light is made out of polished aluminium. As a result, it doesn’t rust or corrode and lasts you for a long time. However, heat is quickly dissipated due to the ribbed LED grow light bulb design. It indeed creates several narrow pathways for the heat to get transmitted.

With just around 10 watts of power consumption, it is bright enough to rival 50-watt incandescent light. Thus saving you hundreds of dollars on your energy bill.

Key features:

  • Very bright but doesn’t damage your eyes.
  • Can rather last you for around 50,000 hours or more.

8. Esbaybulbs Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb for Hydroponics Greenhouse Organic Indoor Plants

Esbaybulbs Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb

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You get a total of 28 pieces of LED lights which are highly efficient. And it will certainly cover all spectrums that you need in each and every stage of your plant’s growth. It has 15 red LEDs, 7 blue LEDs, one LED each for infrared and ultraviolet light. While 2 each for natural daylight and warm white. This kind of ratio is really helpful for your plants since it is designed to give you the best results. Furthermore, you also get to save a lot on your power bill due to these lights.

They will output brightness that is expected from 28-watt bulbs but consumes less than 9 watts. So you get huge savings that you can invest somewhere else in your indoor farming experiment or business.

Key features:

  • Covers all wavelengths between 380 nm to 730 nm.
  • You get four bulbs in one deal.
  • Have a heat-sink metal aluminium construction and the LED grow light bulb design is pretty scientific.

7. SANSI 15W Daylight White Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights 

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Sansi has made the body of this bulb with high-quality ceramic and PC materials. So, they can endure the heat generated by the light and are also immune to exposure to the elements. Instead of just relying on red and blue light which don’t show high-efficiency, Sansi uses the full spectrum of light. It covers all wavelengths from 380 nm to 780 nm. From gaining weight to absorbing nutrients, your plants would rather be able to do it all.

Blessed with its patented ceramic technology, hence, makes it easy to distribute the heat. Finally, the full spectrum LED grow light bulb indeed features A21 bulb and perfect for indoor cultivation.

Key features:

  • Equally distanced slits around the body dissipate heat efficiently
  • Can last you up to 25000 hours giving you back much more than your investment.
  • Flicker-free, as well as an energy-saving product, rather reduces your bills.

6. Outcrop Innovations 100w Indoor LED Grow Light Bulb

Outcrop Innovations 100w Indoor LED Grow Light Bulb

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Instead of incandescent light bulb which wastes most of the drawn energy in form of heat, LEDs are much better. In fact, it is a greener alternative for your green plants. Firstly, this bulb has a total of 150 LED chips. It covers a full spectrum, even infrared to accelerate the growth of your indoor plants. Next, it uses 23 watts of power.

As a matter of fact, it produces around 3500 lumens of bright lights of the whole spectrum which is comparable to the output of 100-watt lights. So you can certainly gain significant savings which eventually makes the bulb pay for itself.

Key features:

  • A warranty period of 36 months indeed keeps the trust of the product intact.
  • Can work within a wide range of input voltage from 85 volts to 265 volts.
  • Can last you for around 20000hours of use or more.

5. TaoTronics LED Grow Light Bulb for Indoor Plants & Grow Lamp

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If your light is focussed on a small area your plants might not get even distribution. Hence, it may lead to the uneven colourization of fruits, vegetables and leaves. This light from TaoTronics has a 60-degree angle of illumination which covers your whole plant. A total of 12 LED chips that can reach max power of 3 watts produce bright light. It will cover the spectrum range to allow your plants and interruption free growth cycle.

Nevertheless, it has an umbrella design and the LEDs are rather placed at certain distances to give effective output. Lastly, it helps in producing greener products under sufficient light.

Key features:

  • Good heat dissipation that keeps the light cool even after a day of use.
  • Works in both Europe and America with a voltage range of 100V to 240V.

4. Esbaybulbs 40W LED Grow Light Bulbs for Hydroponics Greenhouse

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A major portion of the outer body of this LED bulb is made from premium quality 6063 aerospace aluminium. It is shaped in a way to take all the light-generated heat and dissipating it quickly through the narrow ends. Long exposure to heat and lights of the various spectrums might also corrode some materials. Moreover, the heat sink is coated with an oxide layer of titanium colour. This indeed prevents corrosion and keeps your bulb good as new.

Your safety is also a major priority for Esbaybulbs. So they use imported fire retardant materials for insulation.

Key features:

  • Common E26/27 sockets are a perfect fit for the light bulb.
  • Uses a combination of LED chips to rather cover the full spectrum.
  • Can work anywhere on the globe with a voltage range of 85 volts to 265 volts.

3. iledlight Equivalent Full Spectrum LED Grow Light Bulb

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Now you can light up your plant indoors with the bright light that they get outside during the daytime. The iledlight bulb uses full spectrum Sunlight LED chips which produce bright white light. These LEDs emit light that has all the spectrums required for all stages of your plant growth, from seeding to flowering.

If you hang the light within 20 to 40-inches above the ground, you would get amazing coverage area. It will certainly extend from 1.9 square feet to 7.6-square feet. Furthermore, the SUNON fan creates minimum noise and hence, no disturbance.

Key features:

  • An inbuilt cooling fan that operates at low volume but creates good airflow for heat dissipation.
  • Has a heat sink made of aluminium for keeping the light cool
  • The inclusion of high thermal conductivity aluminium rather makes the product effective.

2. CANAGROW 35W LED Grow Light Lamp

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Canagrow brings to you an innovative grow light which has premium quality materials construction. It has all the LED pieces arranged in 4 lens formation. Light disperses uniformly on your plants due to the 60 degrees condenser lens used over the LEDs. As a matter of fact, they are placed in a housing made out of high-quality thermal material of aluminium. It would rapidly dissipate heat out of the LEDs. So your lighting setup would last much longer than competitor brands and doesn’t burn your hand upon touch.

It also has a cooling fan which further helps in directing heat away and keeping the LEDs cool. Under all the 4 lenses you would find an arrangement of LED pieces with LEDs being in the majority. And at least one blue LED each. Two of them also have an all spectrum white LED. Together these efficient LED pieces rather work to provide your plant with any type of light they require.

Key features:

  • Each LED can easily reach a maximum power of 5 watts.
  • Impressive PAR output that can reach 1450 umol to 325 umol within 8-24-inches.
  • The fan is ultra quiet and doesn’t produce noise over 30 decibels.

1. HIGROW 36W LED Plant Grow Light Bulb – Aquarium Plants Growing

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This LED light from Higrow uses one of the most effective wavelengths for lighting your plants or aquarium. It uses blue light within the range of 450 nm to 460 nm. Plus, has 18 LEDs that are very power efficient. Each LED has max power drawing capacity of 2 watts but together the system draws around 20 watts of average power. So your small business or hobby wouldn’t need you to pour thousands of dollars on your energy bill.

The body of your LED bulb is made out of 0603 aluminium. This keeps the bulb lightweight and ribbed design helps to quickly radiate heat out of the bulb. As a result, protecting the circuitry and the LEDs. So you can safely use your LED and don’t need to invest in additional sockets or modified power outlets. It fits the E26 or E27 sockets that are common throughout households and operates within 100 to 240 V AC.

Key features:

  • Great for small DIY and experiment as well.
  • Certainly, has a long lifespan of 50000 hours so that you can buy it with peace of mind.

Give a new meaning to your indoor gardening hobby. Buy the LED grow light bulbs and start witnessing your garden growing.

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