Top 10 Best LED Face Masks for Anti-ageing, Wrinkles & Scarring In 2020

Skin problems are troubling and need special attention from your end for treating them wisely. Although the availability of ointments and medicines will never go out of practice, light therapy has gained unprecedented popularity. A huge percentage of people are resorting to this method of treatment as many got benefitted as well. With the rising demand, many brands are rather focused on designing LED face masks. However, choosing a quality product is challenging out of this huge number.

So we have shortlisted the commendable products in our buying guide of LED face masks. Also, the properties are noted for the best understanding of their features and uniqueness.

Table of the Best LED Face Masks Reviews

10. Dermashine PRO LED Face Mask for Skin Rejuvenation, Anti-ageing, Wrinkles & Scarring

LED Face Masks

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Everyone loves a glowing skin, skin that is rejuvenated from inside and is free of multiple problems. Now you can get your skin treated with an LED mask like this. Numerous skin problems are effectively treated with light therapy this face mask uses. There is a combination of 7 different LED face mask colours and wavelengths of light. As a matter of fact, each of them is free of UV.

With the use of the newest light irradiation technology, your skin will gain a new life. Also, these lights do not produce any heat, thus making sure the whole process remains comfortable.

Key features:

  • Total of 150 LED lights is used in the design of the mask.
  • Indeed has 5 levels of intensity to meet various kinds of needs.
  • Easy to use the controller to control every single functionality of the mask.
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9. Project E Beauty LED Facial Skin Care Mask

Project E Beauty LED Facial Skin Care Mask

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Innovation is taking over the world and every single day people new inventions are launched to elevate the lifestyle. LED light treatment is popular for quite some time and with this LED mask, you can get some astonishing results. Firstly, it is equipped with LEDs. As a result, it emits natural light waves so that your skin is never subjected to risk or damage. Just like every medicine has its own benefits, the 7 colour LEDs mask is designed to treat exclusive damages.

For every skin condition, there is a particular colour of light which is capable of treating it. A total set up of 150 LEDs delivers optimal results always. Moreover, the facial LED face mask tightens the skin and rather enhances the elasticity.

Key features:

  • Certainly a non-invasive product and non-harmful in nature.
  • Every light is completely free of UVs.
  • The treatment is purely carried out without any chemical or beauty product.

8. Newkey LED Facial Care System – Light Therapy Acne Mask for Men & Women

Newkey LED Facial Care System - Light Therapy Acne Mask for Men & Women

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Light therapy is effective, had no side effects and guarantees you with results that you cannot ignore. Newkey has designed this mask with precision and care to make sure everyone can extract maximum benefits out of it. As it has FDA certification, a sense of security and trust is also assured. It is a set-up of 7 different colours of LEDs where each one has a specific function to serve.

However, it suitable for all skin types and doesn’t cause any adverse effect. Lastly, the whole procedure of light treatment is very easy and hardly requires any efforts from your end.

Key features:

  • Extremely fashionable and elegant looking mask.
  • Totally scratch-resistant LED face mask as it is sprayed with pearl powder and has a layer of coating.
  • The remote control enables you to operate it without even touching it.

7. Neon-glowing Facial Light Skin Rejuvenation Led Face Mask Care Treatment

7 Colors Led Light Photon Neon-glowing Facial Light Skin Rejuvenation Led Face Mask

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Are you willing to bid farewell to the fine lines and wrinkles on your face? Well, getting that done is actually easy and the whole process will not eat up much of your time either. With regular usage of this mask for 20 minutes a day, continuously for 4-6 weeks, you can major results.

The smart design of the mask is user-friendly and has an adjustable construction to match well with your face shape. Furthermore, it even comes with a neck mask to make sure your neck is completely protected during the treatment process. Getting rapid and deeper beauty effect is achievable as this mask has a 192 LED bulb set-up for best outcomes.

Key features:

  • The adjustable LED face mask is integrated with microcurrent contact for additional benefits of improving the absorption power of your skin.
  • Certainly, has a silicon pad around the eye area for amazing eye protection.
  • 7 colours of LED lights are beneficial and you can even adjust the intensities as required.
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6. Sonew Facial Rejuvenation Skin Tool Tightening Anti-wrinkle Whitening Beauty Machine for Home & Salon

Sonew Facial Rejuvenation Skin Tool

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The USP of this LED face mask for wrinkles is its meticulous construction. As body features high-end construction, you can stay certain of the reliability. The environment-friendly ABS material is not only good for your skin but also cares about nature. Along with that, it is very durable, non-toxic in nature and never gives out in uncomfortable odour. Next, for added advantages, the package also includes a neck mask which is used separately as well.

Finally, the whole process of light therapy itself very hassle-free and easy. In fact, the mask rather comes with a controller that has all the functions included in it.

Key features:

  • Included an eye patch to keep eye safe against the intensities of lighting as well as maintains the comfort.
  • Elastic band indeed assures proper fitting and comfort.
  • Smart micro-electric output for enhanced treatment.

5. Project E Beauty 7 Colors LED Mask for Face and Neck

Project E Beauty 7 Colors LED Mask for Face and Neck

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Yet another outstanding example of a LED face mask. The benefits you can have out of it will surprise you in every way. It has a set-up of multiple harmless LED produces as many as 7 colours. In this set of 7 colours, each colour is designed to serve a particular purpose or treating a specific skin problem that troubles you.

From inhibiting and accelerating of melanin pigment formation to improving the overall skin elasticity, this can rather do much more. To one’s surprise, it certainly proves effective in fatty areas as well.

Key features:

  • Comes along with a neck mask to treat even the neck area.
  • Produces all-natural light waves.
  • Indeed easy to use as you can manage the settings with a wireless controller.

4. Dermashine Pro 7 Color Wireless LED Korean Face Mask with Neck Attachment

Dermashine Pro 7 Color Wireless LED Face Mask with Neck Attachment

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Now you can cure your facial skin issues like pigmentation, redness, acne, scars and even wrinkles. The 7 colour LED lights can take care of all without any complaints. In fact, it promises healthy skin that you will start falling in love with. Apart from feature-rich technology, the mask is constructed out of high-quality ABS plastic. It is reliable and quite durable for long term applications.

Moreover, a total assembly of 150 narrow spectrum LEDs is a performance-driven set up for commendable results. When compared to other competitor’s products, this one weighs as much as 33% less. Finally, it is rather a natural way to fight to age and is very much portable.

Key features:

  • Rubber pads on the inside protect your eyes from direct light.
  • Smart and user-friendly USB power interface for treatment on the move.
  • Indeed blessed with wireless properties.
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3. CSBY 7 Colors LED Light Facial Mask Photorejuvenation Spectrum

7 Colors LED Light Facial Mask Photorejuvenation Spectrum

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One of the most trusted face masks in the market, this one serves a similar purpose like every other face mask. But it guarantees the positive outcomes you expect out of it. All your inactive collagens will now get the push to get activated. As a result, it influences your skin to grow more collagen during the therapy with this face mask. Get rid of the toxins that are rather affecting the health of your skin all this time.

Designed with the most advanced technologies, this mask has an oxygen nozzle for very comfortable usage. Furthermore, the built-in micro-current electrode accelerates the skin treatment and the whole mask is completely adjustable as per your need.

Key features:

  • Eye pads are made with soft silica gel so that the eye area feels comfortable.
  • Package includes a neck mask for light treatment of the neck as well.
  • Control intensity and effectiveness even when you are wearing the mask with the remote.

2. Newkey Light Therapy Acne Mask –  LED Light Facial Skin Care System

 LED Light Facial Skin Care System

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Newkey has set another innovation to hit the market. Extremely gentle and safe, the light produced from these LEDs is non-stimulating and takes care of your skin totally.  FDA has also certified this to be safe for use on a regular basis and never will damage your skin.

Even suited for sensitive skin, the face mask is so designed that almost anyone can take its benefits without any risks. However, the 7 light colours are totally safe and natural and ensure side-effects free experience.

Key features:

  • The ergonomically designed mask has a one size fit all shape.
  • Assembly of 150 LED lights for outstanding results.
  • Sprayed with pearl powder and finished with a coating to stop scratches from occurring.

1. SOLLUME ESTHE LED 850nm IR Photon Facial Mask

SOLLUME ESTHE LED 850nm IR Photon Facial Mask

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Unlike most other masks, this does not use a 7 colour of light to do the skin treatment. It only uses a single colour red light that delivers you with all the functionality and supremely effective treatment. But it is equipped with a more technologically advanced nano-light with an 850 NM of wavelength. Hence, it delivers optimum results that you would appreciate.

Moreover, the mask automatically stops itself within 15 minutes of running. With Lithium battery charging capability, one can place the mask directly without any risks.

Key features:

  • Innovative 3D human head curved shape for wider coverage of your face.
  • Safe for pregnant individuals as well.

Hold onto your youth and lock that glow for the longest time. Use the LED face mask at home or on the go and maintain healthy skin always.

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