Best Folding Large Exercise Mats | Floor Gym Workout Mats Reviews

Exercise should be a part of your daily life to stay fit and be healthy. For any workout on the ground, you need to have an exercise mat so that you can get proper grip and do your poses and postures perfectly. There are different sizes of exercise mats available, but the large ones are the most comfortable. This is because you can do your exercises freely, and you get a larger workout surface to work on. Check out the following list of the Best large exercise mats.

Table of the Best Large Exercise Mats Reviews

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10. Gxmmat Large Thick Yoga Mat for Pilates Stretching Home Gym Workout

Large Exercise Mats

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This is an extra-long and wide exercise product. You can use it for all-purpose fitness. It is perfect for home yoga studios. Moreover, the product enables you to move freely without any space restriction. Use it for yoga poses, meditation, pilates, light cardio, stretching, and other workouts. This double-sided product is also non-toxic and environment-friendly.

Furthermore, the seven mm memory foam is an ideal combination of cushioning and stability. It also offers no-skid surfaces for improved traction and improved grip. It also feels so soft and flexible. The top layer also shows non-slip properties. It provides excellent grip and heightened support to the complete body. The grooved and matrix-circle beneath it prevents it from sliding.


  • Superior grade fabric for life-long stability.
  • Advanced feather-weight and dust-resistant design.
  • Dynamic multi-functional and reversible design.

9. GXMMAT Extra Thick Workout Mats for Home Gym Flooring

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This product gives you the feel of an instant gym at home. This durable workout product also saves your gym membership fees. Simply unstrap and unroll to start using it for a wide range of workouts. It is also sufficiently large to perform cardio, dance, and strength. Moreover, these high-quality mats offer sweat absorption capabilities.

This high-density product comes with an upgraded double-sided design. The non-slip surface offers unmatched cushion and durability. It has a distinctive, circular-shaped bottom pattern that provides a remarkable grip. It also prevents the mat from sliding. Furthermore, they are crafted from superior level eco-friendly material. This non-toxic product is an ideal example of comfort, stability, and heavy-duty toughness.


  • Advanced resistive construction for enhanced durability.
  • Dynamic multi-use design for additional comfort.
  • Superior quality material for high-class performance.

8. CAMBIVO Large Exercise Mats – Extra Thick Workout Mat for Pilates, Stretching Home Workout Gym

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This super large-sized sponge rubber-based product has 6mm thickness. It is ideal for bodyweight exercise, yoga, and home cardio. Both of the layers offer a non-slip design. They have a unique circular pattern. The remarkable bottom grip prevents the product from sliding. It also safeguards carpet and hardwood floors. You can use it in your living room, home gyms, basement, and garage workouts.

This high-density product is odorless. It offers protection for the joints and knees, even on hardwood or concrete floors. This product is easy to carry. It also comes with a good weight-bearing capacity. Two velcro straps facilitate in rolling and storage of mats. However, the folding mat can lead to creases and damage bypassing the time.


  • Finest quality material for a long-lasting experience.
  • Advanced weightless design and resistive structure.
  • Effortlessly maintainable and multi-functional design.

7. Gorilla Mats Premium Large Exercise Mat

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Jumpstart your workouts with this thicker, super supple, and more flexible exercise mat. It offers outstanding anti-slip performance to the user. The product is made of recent lab-tested designer materials that provide the best level of support to your full body. This product is your go-to for any workout.

Moreover, you can do jump squat, yoga moves, stretching, and other exercises on it. This large-sized product can easily satisfy the workout needs of 1 or 2 people comfortably. It offers you plenty of space to stretch. It is ideal for your barefoot exercise. The honeycomb bottom offers a remarkable grip. It prevents the product from sliding around. It also provides remarkable stability on most floor surfaces.


  • Advanced resistive design and easily storable.
  • Premium quality fabric for enhanced durability.
  • Dynamic multi-functional design for improved comfort.

6. RevTime Large Exercise Floor Mat for Yoga Workouts, Durable Gym Floor Mat

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This is one of the best large exercise mats to improvise your daily workouts. It is made of unmatched high-density rubber. Moreover, the double-sided non-skid surface provides an unparalleled grip, less slip, and more friction. This product is also ideal for barefoot bodyweight training that includes squats, lunges, push-ups, planks, calisthenics, etc. It has a remarkable thickness of 6mm.

Furthermore, it is appropriate for your low and high impact workouts. It is made of high-density odorless, anti-shock, and non-toxic rubber foam. This multi-use product is also ideal for CrossFit, HIIT, yoga, and Zumba workouts. You can use it anywhere to perform a large array of exercises using this mat.


  • Unique resistant construction for longer life span.
  • Premium quality material for strength and stability.
  • Advanced multi-purpose design for improved comfort.

5. AG ACTIVEGEAR Large Rubber Workout Mat for Home Gym Flooring

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This is easy to store and use a workout mat. It is double the size of a standard yoga mat. This gym product is ideal for different floor surfaces such as tile, concrete, carpet, etc. Furthermore, the product offers non-slip and ultra-grip design. It comes with high-density padding with a distinctive dot matrix that prevents it from sliding around.

It also prevents injuries due to slipping on it. Moreover, 7mm padding offers heightened comfort, stability, and cushioning. It also safeguards your joints and the floor. The two environment-friendly, and non-toxic Velcro construction straps come in a storage bag.


  • Finest quality material for long-lasting durability.
  • Enhanced versatile use design for improved comfort.
  • Ergonomic spacious design for a comfortable experience.

4. Goplus Large Fitness Exercise Mat for Home Gym, Floor Cardio Workout

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This is the best large exercise mats that come with a double-sided anti-skid design. It comes in different textures and easily adapts to different floors. You can use it on your wooden floors, laminate, hardwood, grass, marble, tiles, and more so on. The more you increase the friction, the more protection it offers to the users.

Moreover, this multi-functional product comes with two adjustable straps. It facilitates users to their yoga outdoors. This waterproof is also convenient to store and maintain. All you need is to roll it up and fix it using straps for convenient storage. Furthermore, this exercise mat is highly durable and resistant to wear and tear.


  • Improved multi-functional design for greater comfort.
  • Unique weather-friendly and effortlessly storable design.
  • Finest quality material for longer sturdy life.

3. Gxmmat Large Thick Exercise Mat for Home Gym

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It is a highly durable product that ensures a longer life span for users. It is made of high-density micro-foam material. The force on this product is quite large. It comes in 8 mm in thickness and provides a very comfortable experience. Moreover, this makes it the best choice for yoga lovers.

This multipurpose product offers you a large range of applications that includes yoga practice, indoor exercises, and outdoor activities like a picnic. Furthermore, you can also use it as a resting mat. The thick cushioning also offers a comfortable sleep to your baby. It also provides outstanding support and impact protection to the elbows, knees, and floor while doing any workout.


  • Multi-application design for greater comfort.
  • Advanced weather-friendly and ultra-weightless design.
  • Color variant with enhanced resistive features.

2. AG ACTIVEGEAR Large Exercise Mat for Cardio, Fitness, Plyo, MMA, and Yoga

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The is another amazing exercise mat that is made of non-toxic materials. It offers a premium level of eco-friendliness to users. It is safe for the body, spirit, and mind. Moreover, this padded product is free from latex, phthalate, silicone, and other types of toxins. The product is also easy to store and use. Furthermore, the product is twice as large as the size of a normal yoga exercise mat.

This gym product is also perfect for use on all floor surfaces. Furthermore, the thick passing, non-slip, and ultra-grip design with a unique dot matrix prevents slipping. The 7mm padding also offers stability, cushioning, and comfort. The product safeguards your joints and also gives you a risk-free satisfaction guarantee.


  • Improved spacious and easy weight design for mobility.
  • High-grade material for sturdy and robust effect.
  • Advanced resistive qualities and easily maintainable.

1. Square36 Extra Large Home Gym Exercise Mat

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This large size product is perfect for home and cardio workouts. It serves the need of both intense workout sessions or simple stretching. This eco-friendly oversized jump product is also ideal for use in children’s play region. Moreover, this padded product is soft on the skin.

It also has a super durable design. You can use it on any floor surface with or without shoes. Furthermore, the circular side of the foam grips to the floor that prevents shifting. The non-slip surface of this offers heightened protection and safety to the user. It is also durable and long-lasting. You can very easily clean and roll it up.


  • Advanced skin-friendly design for a healthy experience.
  • Capacious design for consumer satisfaction.
  • Superior quality material for enhanced durability.


While buying a large exercise mat, you should be checking the dimensions so that it can fulfill your requirements. The thickness matters as it makes heavy exercise comfortable and reduces the chance of slipping. Apart from that, the material plays a major role, and hence, you should check all the products before purchasing one.

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