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Have you ever wondered how can you make your kayaks move more easily and comfortably at times of need? Kayak being very heavy, one needs to find a carrier or cart to transport it from one place to another. Every kayak owner knows the struggle and to present you with an easy solution, kayak carts are made. With the excellent kayak Carts, movement of your kayak and canoe will never be an issue as these carts come with the benefit of wheels, thus reducing stress and aiding in effortless working.

But before making an investment, you must check the authenticity and sturdiness of the cart as a minor malfunction can lead to the damage of not only the cart but also the kayak. So, after research, here are the top kayak carts available in the online sphere, which you can buy for your working. Each of the models has been narrowed down because of their top-notch workability and reliability.

Table of the Best Kayak Carts Reviews

10. TMS Cart Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier Tote Trolley

Kayak Carts

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A kayak trolley that can serve you in multiple ways, the TMS trolley cart comes with an impressive 12 ft long strap which helps in tie functions while the 150 pounds of weight capacity does serve you the purpose well enough. Also, the trolley features foam protection on the arms that save your Kayak hull from damage. The cart has huge flat-free tires as well that runs smoothly on different surfaces like sand and gravel while the fasteners are made of stainless steel for added durability.

Key features

  • Comes with spring-loaded stand helps in keeping the dolly upright for hassle-free storing or transport.
  • Aluminium pipe construction along with stainless steel.
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9. TMS CART-CANOE/KAYAK-KY001 Deluxe Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier

Deluxe Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier Dolly Trailer Tote Trolley Transport Cart Wheel

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Yet another Kayak Cart from TMS, this comes with features that can help you have supreme efficiency and functionality. For easy manoeuvrability, the cart features large tires that work smoothly on the sand and also flat free. It also comes with a chrome lynchpin for the best results. Besides, the cart features aluminium pipe construction combined with anodized stainless steel that promise to serve you for long without any hassles whatsoever. The cart has an impressive V shape cradle and the arms of the cradle are kept together with the help of a strong 13” long nylon strap.

Key features

  • Arms are finished with foam bumpers to protect kayak hull.
  • The impressive capacity of 120 lbs.
  • Foldable design assures easy storage options.

8. Bonnlo Kayak Cart Carrier Trolley w/ NO-FLAT Airless Tires Wheels

Bonnlo Kayak Cart Canoe Carrier Trolley

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This is a cart that can serve your kayak pulling needs in the most amazing way. It has huge 165 pounds of weight capacity combined with large tires that has full solid rubber, assuring you with flat-less experience and smooth running on the sand as well as gravel. Also, it comes with a 10” spring-loaded stand which helps in keeping the dolly cart sit up, helping you with easy loading and unloading out of the water. The 12 ft long tie-down strap supports full-size kayaks as well.

Key features

  • It has arms have foam bumpers for the best protection.
  • Features two 5 ft bungee cords for enhanced user experience.

7. FDW Kayak Carrier Canoe Boat Carrier Trolley Trailer

FDW New Kayak Carrier Canoe Boat Carrier Trolley Trailer Dolly

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The FDW kayak carrier has some amazing functionality that assures you smoother transport of your kayak from different places easily. It features a V shape cradle that can hold your Kayak hull with ease while the 12” nylon strap helps in holding together the cradle arms, thus eliminating the chances of opening the cradle too far. It also has carriers that are capable of breaking down for better storage and transport. The large 195 lbs of weight capacity are yet another appealing feature on the cart.

Key features

  • Four foam bumpers on arms for the protection of Kayak hull.
  • Comes with large pneumatic tires that assure you with the smoothest movement.
  • Solid metal frame construction rewards you with enhanced durability.
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6. ABN Universal Kayak Carrier

ABN Universal Kayak Carrier - Trolley for Carrying Kayaks

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With the advantage of multiple purposes of usage, this is Kayak carrier that carries paddle boats, Jon boat or canoe as well. The top-notch and high-quality anodized steel construction gifts you with a kayak that has long-term durability and workability. Though the carrier has a low 8 pounds of minimum carrying weight, it is still capable of carrying 200 pounds. Furthermore, it has the reliability of foam bumper pads which are oversized along with a spring-loaded kickstand, assuring you with supreme functionality.

Key features

  • Large 9.5” knobby tires, assures smooth movement and easy inflation when needed.
  • Absolutely portable.
  • Foldable design can be easily stored and transported.
  • Easy removal of tires with lynchpin removal.

5. Best SKY1251 Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier Cart Wheel

SKY1251 Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier Dolly Trailer Tote Trolley Transport Cart Wheel

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An aluminium frame construction that is both sturdy and durable, this cart from Best Choice Products can be your ideal solution to kayak carrying needs. It comes with the reliability of 10” spring-loaded stand that helps in easy loading and unloading by keeping the cart propped up. Moreover, it comes with a 12 ft long strap, long enough for a full-size canoe or kayak. The foldable design of kayak with lightweight construction makes it extremely easy to store and transport when not in use.

Key features

  • 150 lbs of weight capacity.
  • Large foam tires for enhanced mobility.
  • Each arm comes with foam bumpers for best protection against damage.

4. Yaheetech Kayak Cart

Yaheetech Kayak Cart

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An innovatively-designed cart, the Yaheetech is certainly a standout model in terms of design and functionality to meet your kayak carrying needs. It secures you with a strong and durable aluminium frame along with the support of premium rubber bumpers for overall protection and long life of both the cart and kayak. The surface is also coated with spraying powder to eliminate corrosion in the long run.

Key features

  • Comes with the reliability of two wheels which assures durability and easy mobility.
  • Sit on top design aids in effortless working.
  • Impressive 120 pounds o weight capacity.
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3. House Deals Aluminum Kayak Boat Canoe Dolly Cart Trailer

Aluminum Transport Kayak Boat Canoe Gear Dolly Cart Trailer Carrier

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A kayak cart made of a reliable aluminium frame, the House deals cart is certainly a choice you cannot go wrong with the cause of the supreme features and top-notch build quality. With the help of the pneumatic tires, moving it n any given terrain will never be an issue while the spring-loaded stand helps in holding the upright position for enhanced comfort during loading and unloading. Besides, it comes with an 11.4 ft tie strap for better results.

Key features

  • Stand out 220 pounds of weight capacity.
  • Foldable frame for easy storage and transport

2. Bonnlo Kayak Dolly Jon Boat Canoe Cart Trailer

Bonnlo Kayak Dolly Jon Boat Canoe Trolley Cart Trailer Tote

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One of the best models of kayak carts in the market, the Bonnlo cart comes with 165 pounds of weight capacity that serves your purpose efficiently always. The large and full rubber tires promise you with the immense pleasure of movement and reliability against leak and damage. Also, it comes along with two bungee cords of each 5ft length along with hooks that aid in better experience every single time. The foldable design assures you with easier storage and transportation options also.

Key features

  • 10” spring-loaded stand helps in easier loading and unloading.
  • Solid aluminium frame construction.
  • Free from the chemical smell.
  • Arms are protected with foam bumpers.

1. Bonnlo Boat Kayak Canoe Cart Trailer Tote Trolley

Bonnlo Boat Kayak Canoe Cart Carrier Dolly Trailer Tote Trolley

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At the top the list, you get yet another canoe cum kayak cart from the house of Bonnlo who has been known for producing excellent models of kayak carriers. In this model, you get the same reliable solid aluminium frame that adds sturdiness and durability combined with foam bumpers that protect the hull of the kayak as well. The ease of assembly of the cart is an added advantage while the foldable design makes it easier to store and transport whenever you feel the need. Certainly a great kayak cart.

Key features

  • Great 165 lbs of weight capacity.
  • Comes with a 12ft nylon strap and two 5 ft bungee cords for an extra advantage.
  • Solid rubber tires for easy movement and reliability.

To keep your kayaks safe, it is essential to get hold of a durable kayak cart that will meet all your requirements.

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