Top 10 Best Fitness Inversion Tables for Back Pain Reviews In 2020

For many years, inversion tables have been used for alleviating pressure on the spine and treating back pain. Many physiotherapists and chiropractors recommend inversion table to several individuals because of their physiotherapeutic properties. When you lay in an inverted position, you take gravitational pressure off of your spinal cord. However, inversion tables are not meant for everybody, you should consult with your doctor. Most invertible tables are portable, versatile and affordable.

However, with so many manufacturers pouring thousands of inversion table models in the market, it can be pretty tough settling on the best pick. Fortunately, we have done our research, tested several products and put together a comprehensive list of the Top 10 best Inversion Tables.

Table of the Best Inversion Tables Reviews

10. HYD-Parts Adjustable Folding Therapy Inversion Table for Home Exercise

Inversion Tables

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This inversion table secured the first position in our top 10 list for several reasons. It is made of quality steel tube frame plus memory-foam nylon backrest all geared towards exceptional performance. Plus, the sturdy steel construction is reinforced with a powder-coated finish. Anyone whose weight does not exceed 300lbs can comfortably use this table for whatever physiotherapeutic needs.

Apart from boasting a sturdy steel frame, this table features three inversion angles of 120, 150 and 180 degrees allowing you to assume different positions depending on your physiotherapeutic needs. The ergonomic design in combination with the EPE sponge offers the perfect environment for relieving chronic back pain, stimulating blood circulation and reducing ageing effect caused by gravity. The height can be adjusted from 55.1inches to 77.1 inches easily.

Special Features

  • Ergonomically designed
  • Powder coated finish
  • Sturdy steel frame tubing
  • Adjustable height from 55.1inches to 77.1inches
  • Tougher non-skid rubber stabilizers
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9. Goplus Heavy Duty Inversion Table Vibration Massage & Heat Comfort Back Stretching Machine

Goplus Heavy Duty Inversion Table Vibration Massage & Heat Comfort Back Stretching Machine

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This is more than just an inversion table for those who love some little sophistication. Goplus Heavy Duty Inversion Table includes a removable heat and massage pad. If your height is between the range 55” to 77” and your weight is below the table’s threshold of 300lbs, this is ideal for you. Unlike the case with traditional tables, Goplus has an adjustable ankle support system that prevents calf pinching.

Users can enjoy comfort offered by the high-density foam leg rollers. Plus, pivot arms provide support and allow you to have control over the table. Another outstanding feature is the extra-long locking arm that minimizes bending when entering or exiting this inversion table. Apart from boasting a durable and strong structure, this table adopts ultra-thick PU back offering excellent leaning comfort.

Special Features

  • Includes vibrating massage and heat
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Exceptional quality
  • Includes removable heat and massage pad
  • The comfortable ankle support system

8. Bigzzia Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table Machine for Pain Relief Therapy

Bigzzia Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table Machine for Pain Relief Therapy

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If you are looking for a piece of highly versatile workout equipment, look no further than the Bigzzia Inversion Table. When you intend to boost your blood circulation & posture, increase your energy levels and reduce back pain, this inversion table is designed to fulfil all your fitness goals. The heavy-duty tubular steel frame offers solid stability and has a whopping weight capacity of 300 pounds. Even better is the high-quality foam that is ergonomically fitted at the backrest. It is ideal for users with a height range of 4ft-10in to 6ft-6in.

It is pretty simple to shift your body owing to the precision rotation system that boasts versatility and security of users. The unique combination of the integrated steel frame, the precision chuck buckle, and the safety lock pin system make this inversion table one of the most secure and safer models. For realigning the spinal cord, relieving pressure on different parts of the body and releasing muscle tension, Bigzzia makes a great choice.

Special Features

  • Durable and secure
  • Versatile for several fitness goals
  • Heavy duty integrated steel frame
  • Adjustable headrest pad
  • Foldable and portable

7. Gymax Vibration Massage and Heat Comfort Inversion Table for Home

Gymax Vibration Massage and Heat Comfort Inversion Table for Home

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The Gymax Inversion Table is a pretty solid model with a maximum load capacity of 300lbs. it is ideal for people whose height ranges between 58” to 77”. The most outstanding function is the latest vibration massage technology that helps reduce and back pain and relieve pressure. User comfort is a priority here, the table uses ultra-thick PU back support plus two pivot arms that give you control over the table.

When you don’t intend to use this table, fold the base at the three adjustable angles for convenient storage. Another prominent feature is the extra-long locking arm that minimizes back bending. With the comfort ankle system in place, you can eliminate calf pinching and secure your ankles every single time you work out.

Special Features

  • Excellent ankle support
  • Foldable design for easy storage
  • Includes removable heat and massage pad
  • Load capacity of 300lbs

6. Goplus Gravity Fitness Therapy Inversion Table with Adjustable Folding Back Table

Goplus Gravity Fitness Therapy Inversion Table with Adjustable Folding Back Table

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Get rid of lower back pain with this amazing gravitational device. Boasting a human design, this table allows users to adjust their position and assume any angle using the speed control and the three position roller hinge. The grip handles boost the safety of working out using this inversion table. Plus, the sturdy and heavy-duty steel frame construction offer impeccable stability.

You can choose this inversion table at home, in the gym or in the office. At maximum, this table can support a whopping 300lbs. There is too plenty of great features to improve performance and boost flexibility. It is a breeze to put together this device and fold it for convenient storage

Special Features

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Inversion table with a load capacity of 300lbs
  • Easy to assemble and fold
  • Safe and secure

5. Innova Fitness Inversion Table with Ankle Relief and Safety Features – ITX9800

Innova Fitness Inversion Table with Ankle Relief and Safety Features – ITX9800

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Without a doubt, this model is by far one of the most comfortable inversion tables in the market. You can always adjust the pad while feeling the comfort of the well-padded backrest. The most distinctive feature that sets this table apart from others is the patented (US 10, 1045, 276 B2) straps system. Expect unmatched safety and comfort for your ankles, feet, and legs when on this special model. It also features a 6 positions adjustable pin system that allows for safer and easy positioning.

Even more impressive is the true balance system that gives you comfortable inversion at all points, including the pad, foot, and headrest areas. The heavy-duty steel frame is sturdy enough to handle up to 300lbs of weight capacity. Kindly note that you will be required to assemble this device.

Special Features

  • Very comfortable
  • Secure inversion with the six positions adjustable pin system
  • True balance system
  • Heavy duty frame design
  • The ergonomic ankle holding system

4. Yoleo Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table for Pain Relief Therapy

Yoleo Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table for Pain Relief Therapy

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This is another competitive model that you will find so hard to resist. Even though it doesn’t feature a strap system, it has one of the best chuck buckle + safety lock pin system making it pretty solid and secure. The three angles adjustable rear crossbar allow for hassle-free angle adjustment and inversion. Another impressive aspect is the precision rotation control that allows users to simply use their hands and return to the natural upright position or assume an angle of their choice.

Very few inversion tables outperform Yoleo Gravity when it comes to releasing muscle tension, realigning the spine and relieving pressure on the nerve. The heavy-duty steel frame is extra wide compared to other models and boasts a whopping weight capacity of 300lbs. Users whose height falls within the range of 4ft-10in to 6ft-6in can comfortably use this unit. When it is time to relax, you simply fold this device and store it in a closet or against the wall, courtesy of its compact and foldable design.

Special Features

  • Precise and easy to use rotation control
  • Heavy-duty and extra wide tubular steel frame
  • Easy reach ratchet ankle-locking system
  • Space saving design

3. Collapsible Inversion Table By KUOKEL

Collapsible Inversion Table By KUOKEL

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With a weight capacity of 300lbs, this safe inversion table features heavy-duty construction. Any user whose height lies in the 131cm to 190cm can comfortably train with this tool. Most impressive is the adjustable height that allows for better training. Security is a top priority here, thanks to the double lock design that integrates the feet-fastening safety pin and the buckle. You will also appreciate the rubber casing that prevents floor damage.

Enjoy unmatched comfort when training around your feet owing to the upgraded ankle holding tube. Plus, the handlebar also features a quality and soft memory foam for more comfort. When you are done using this table, storage is a breeze owing to the collapsible design. In a nutshell, if you are after a reliable, secure and safe inversion table, stop looking around, KUOKEL makes a great choice.

Special Features

  • Dual lock for greater safety
  • Ergonomically moulded ankle cushions
  • Weight capacity of 300lbs
  • Protective floor rubber fittings
  • Adjustable height

2. Heavy Duty and Height Adjustable Inversion Table – Ainfox

Heavy Duty and Height Adjustable Inversion Table – Ainfox

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With this heavy duty inversion table inside your house, you can achieve all your health & fitness goals without visiting the gym. For over 22 years, this tool has stood the test of time. It is the best inversion table when you want to optimize lumbar traction, reduce spine pressure, cut down on back stress and stimulate blood circulation. The most distinctive feature is the 5-Positions adjustable safety pin that ensures users can adjust and position easily and safely.

With the clear market height adjustment settings, users from 4.6’ to 6.4’ can comfortably use this tool. Another robust feature is the non-skid rubber that stabilizes the entire table and prevents damage on the floor. The full-braced heavy duty inversion table has a load capacity of up to 250pounds. The well-padded backrest plus the safe inverting strap system makes this unit one of the safest and comfortable tables.

Special Features

  • Non-skid tough rubber fittings prevent floor damage
  • Adjustable height
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • 5-Position adjustable safety pin
  • Comfortable

1. Adjustable Inversion Table with SURELOCK Safety Ratchet System – EXERPEUTIC 225SL

 Adjustable Inversion Table with SURELOCK Safety Ratchet System – EXERPEUTIC 225SL

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Hands down, the Exerpeutic 225SL Inversion Table is a high-end model loaded with several expedient features. What sets this unit apart from its competitors is the use of Airsoft Technology that provides unparalleled comfort. The unique technology allows air to flow into various chambers that contour with your body parts. Plus, the 3 angle position adjustable rear crossbar allows for hassle-free inversion and positioning.

With the built-in double-lock ratchet ankle locking system, safety is a top priority here. The backrest is made of comfortable 1inch soft foam while the lumbar pillow is removable offering greater comfort and customization. Apart from being foldable for easy storage, this unit has a user height adjustment of 4’9” to 6’6”. This is a great inversion table for the price.

Special Features

  • 3-angle position adjustable rear crossbar
  • Heavy duty steel frame
  • Patented Pending Airsoft Ankle Holder
  • Easy reach SURELOCK adjustable ratchet ankle locking system
  • Provides 165 degrees inversion

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