Best Outdoor Inflatable Water Slides for Kids Reviews

If you have spent your childhood doing various kinds of activities and fun, you will know how important it is for your kid as well. Although we see this lifestyle around where kids are either on computers or phone, you as a parent need to change their course. Push them out for playing or if you are concerned about safety, bring them home, the best things that can aid in having a healthier lifestyle. The inflatable water slides will free your inner child and nothing is there to hold you back.

Now your backyard will be their favourite play area and they will never have any sorts of risks either. Install the outdoor inflatable water slides for kids and explore the fun in the way you did in your childhood.

Table of the Best Inflatable Water Slides Reviews

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10. Costzon Inflatable Bounce House with Slide & Water Pool with Long Slide & Climbing Wall

Inflatable Water Slides

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Kids love to spend their energy doing physically active things. They love it when they get to jump around and play without limits and risks of injuries. An inflatable water slide bouncer is an ideal solution that will give them space to have fun their own way. As a parent, you can always make sure that your kids are completely safe but they are getting to make good use of their energy. The climbing wall, wading pool area and a curved slide design give them a large number of options for having fun.

With a bouncing area made out of 840D oxford fabric and 420D oxford fabric used on the entire unit, you can always trust the durability. Also, it is puncture proof made for heavy-duty use and regular use will never reduce the overall service time either.

Key features:

  • Jumping area is surrounded by a tall mesh which is not only safe but also provides good ventilation to the water slide.
  • Climbing area has heavy-duty grips and also has some challenges that your kids will love to practise and win.
  • Packs a continuous flow heavy-duty blower that is of 680W power for fast inflation.

9. ACTION AIR Kids Inflatable Water Slides – Playground Sets for Backyards

ACTION AIR Kids Inflatable Water Slides - Playground Sets for Backyards

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Buy your kids a bounce house/water slide and bring in much joy and happiness into their life. Although the current era has that inclination towards smartphones and other smart devices, the child inside your kid still loves going out and playing. This waterslide has got the Children Product Certificate and even qualified to the CPSC tests, making it very safe for children to use.

The overall inflatable water slide design is also very durable and offers a good amount of service life. Sewn to perfection, there will be 100% protection guarantee always. As there is a continuous airflow guarantee, there will never be reduced inflation.

Key features:

  • Good weight capacity of 200 pounds, making it safe for use by 4 kids at a time.
  • Fast and hassle-free setting up process, takes under 3 minutes.
  • You will get multiple types of accessories like patches, stakes, etc.

8. Little Tikes Slam ‘n Curve Slide – Inflatable Rock Climbing Slide

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Make the time of your kids and children all the more fun and enjoyable by getting them a water slide like this. Little Tikes have put in a lot of good effort and research and designed a slide that people will love and appreciate. Having puncture-resistant material construction, there is no need to worry about small materials that can damage the slide.

Also, it comes with stake anchors to make sure the bouncer always stays firm on the ground. For inflation, there is the heavy-duty blower that provides continuous airflow. Let your kids have all the fun without any worries or risks.

Key features:

  • Has an interesting basketball hoop for more fun in the pool area.
  • Challenging inflatable rock wall gives them more options for having fun.
  • The end is curved and leads directly to the pool.

7. Intex Inflatable Water Slides – Play Center 131 X 81 X 46 for Ages 6 and up

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Splash in the summer that no one can not enjoy and when you have kids around, they seriously love doing so even in the scorching heat. Give them a chance to enjoy their life more and get this heavy-duty inflatable water slide for them that they will love to use on a daily basis. It is extremely easy to set up the entire thing so that you as a parent never face any sorts of issues.

Directly attach the garden hose you have and wet the slide areas and surfaces, so that every time they use it, they feel the fun more. The fun and beautifully designed wave graphics give them the feel of a water park as well.

Key features:

  • Impressive weight capacity of 176 pounds for unrestricted jumping and diving.
  • The repair patch is there just in case you need them sometime.
  • Has 4 heavy-duty handles, making the slide easier to carry around and move.

6. Sunny & Fun Inflatable Water Slides – Nylon Bouncy Station for Outdoor Fun

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Setting up the party at home has never felt easier as now your kids will get all the amazing fun right in your backyard. No need to go to the pool or beach as this water slide will transform your backyard into that. It assures a premium level of construction so that everyone can share the joy without any issues.

The durable and puncture-resistant synthetic fabric is something you can depend on even when used on a daily basis. Reinforce with reliable stitching, it has an impressive sturdy construction that will never cause any sorts of accidents or injuries.

Key features:

  • Uniquely designed unit with a climbing wall, two slides, and also have other activities in it.
  • Comes with a carrying case for easy storage and transportation.
  • The inflatable water slide’s assembly takes a few minutes to set up with the electric blower.

5. Kahuna Twin Falls Inflatable Backyard Water Slide

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Although this outdoor inflatable water slide from the house of Kahuna is quite big and spacious, the setting up time is surprisingly less. Equipped with a high-speed blower that provides continuous airflow, your slide will be ready to use in just a couple of minutes. Also, the same blower makes sure the slide remains inflated throughout the course of time it is being used.

The premium quality of materials and equally amazing construction makes it extremely safe to use as well. Double tune wall thickness lining and strong PVC fabric, this slide is very durable and guarantees long years of service. Furthermore, there are double-stitched seams for more safety and reliability.

Key features:

  • Long and enjoyable 8.5-foot slide assures more fun always.
  • Has a hoop for playing basketball too.
  • Has two slides attached with sprinklers for the most enjoyable moments

4. BANZAI Sidewinder Falls Inflatable Water Slide with Tunnel Ramp Slide

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The most unique feature about this water slide is the amount of area of fun it offers. It is large enough so that as many as 8 people can have all the fun together. The DuraTech materials used in the construction is undoubtedly very sure and strong. In addition to that, the cushioned lining promises that your kids can enjoy without having to think about anything.

Also, it has a couple of anchor weight bags so that the pool stays firmly in the right position even when kids are jumping inside. Combined with 9 stakes in total, the stability is even more and safer.

Key features:

  • Super-tall slide and other accessories like water cannons and crawl tunnel make the fun reach new heights.
  • Takes up just 3 minutes for the set up to complete.
  • Has water-spraying hose assembly as well so that the slide remains wet and slippery.

3. Doctor Dolphin Inflatable Bounce Slide Water Park Bouncy Castle House with Air Blower

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Designed and constructed by the Doctor Dolphin, this is one of the best water slides around. It comes packed with an amazing design and features so that the fun is never brought down and no one gets bored even after daily use. The extremely strong and sturdy 420D nylon and PVC tarpaulin construction will last without any complains or risks.

In just a couple of minutes, this slide sets up and does not even take demand a lot of effort from your end. It comes along with an air blower that will help you with the inflation process.

Key features:

  • The blower runs continuously and keeps the slide and unit inflated for the most fun.
  • Includes a carrying bag where you can fold the unit and store it with ease.
  • Designed with anchors and knots so that it remains stable.

2. Giant Inflatable Bouncing Castle with Trampoline and Pool – Inflatable Bounce House Castle with Slide

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Your children will never be able to get enough of this inflatable slide when they use it on a regular basis. Designed to perfection with house castles and trampoline, the slide directs to the pool and your kids will always stay refreshed. The smart design is one of the most amazing features and always guarantees that they never get bored.

Promising you a hassle-free and easy setup, you will never face any struggles during inflating or deflating either. Attach the water-hose and the entire play area will remain wet and fun filling for the most of the time.

Key features:

  • Very colourfully and brightly designed inflatable water slide that your kids will love.
  • Uses the highest quality of raft materials for unquestionable toughness and resistance against punctures.
  • Pool waiting area at the bottom is ideal for all kinds of fun.

1. Sunny & Fun Inflatable Water Slide – Easy to Set Up & Inflate with Included Air Pump & Carrying Case

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As the top product, this water slide from sunny and fun is ideally one of the best options to choose. The quality of construction and use of high-quality materials makes it extremely safe to use. Durable and puncture-resistant synthetic fabric is going to last and serve without any difficulties for a long time.

Enhanced with reinforced stitching, the slide will always stay strong and perform up to your expectations. Set it up in your backyard and let your kids and children have the best time of their life.

Key features:

  • Packs as many as 5 fun-filling activities so that no one can ever get bored in this.
  • Speedy and convenient set-up, you get an air pump to do the job for you.
  • Also has a matching carry case for easy storing and taking it around.

Not only the kids but also the adults will have the time of their life. The inflatable play slide is extremely fun and you can set it up anywhere, at your backyard, at parties and much more.

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