Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates | Large Dog Cages Reviews

The horror of keeping your dog alone, fully unattended is beyond anything. Probably you will come home and see the full place is nothing less than a mess. Therefore, it’s better to keep your dogs in a secured place where they can move and also can’t escape. The heavy-duty dog crates are what a dog parent needs to keep their four-legged child locked while they are out. It’s of high strength materials, thus, the dogs just can’t make their way out of it.

So, which are the safest options and what’s the size that one should go for? Well, all the details related to the given products are given below. Just find the suitable size and own one.

Table of the Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates Reviews

10. ProSelect ProSelect Empire Large Dog Cage

Heavy Duty Dog Crates

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All crates aren’t equal and nothing shows this more than this dog crate from ProSelect. Dogs with a heavier build like hound breeds can easily damage crates made from plastic or wires. It can lead to them escaping or even worse, incurring harm on themselves. This crate from ProSelect is one of the strongest dog crates you can find on the market.

It is commercial grade and features an indestructible construction with strong tubular steel. As a result, even your strong dog stays inside. You also get 4 lockable caster wheels which give this commercial heavy-duty dog crate high mobility. When 20 gauge steel is reinforced with steel tubes that have a diameter of half an inch, you get unparalleled strength. It certainly goes way beyond the generic flimsy crates on the market

Key features:

  • Compact dual door latches prevent dogs from scratching or biting.
  • At all the stress point’s metal are welded carefully with precision so that there are no weak stress points.
  • Hammer tone finish doesn’t simply look good, but also lasts long and resists rusting.
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9. LUCKUP Heavy Duty Large Dog Metal Kennel and Dog Crate

LUCKUP Heavy Duty Large Dog Metal Kennel and Dog Crate

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Luckup has made a dog crate that’s not just strong, but also adds convenience at every step of the way. Assembling the wheels on this crate is very easy. With just a few twists, it is installed firmly to the crate. Other cages have latches that protrude a lot and can harm pets if they mistakenly come in contact with them. But this cage features stout yet strong latches. Therefore, can secure the cage well and prevents your strong dog from escaping away without harming them.

Moreover, the top is certainly opened. Now, you can play with your dog from above and allow them a great view. But best of all is the construction. Your dog crate is forged from thick square metal tubes. Finally, it can take a lot of abuse and strong enough to prevent escape and property damage.

Key features:

  • The heavy-duty dog crate’s wheels are lockable to fix the crate in one position. Plus, you can also swivel to move in all directions.
  • Comes with bolts, Allen keys and all the tools that you need for installation, no need for any extra investment.
  • It also features a small-sized door so that you can feed your pet easily without risking escape,

8. SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crates & Metal Pet Kennel Playpen for Large Dogs

Metal Pet Kennel Playpen for Large Dogs

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If you have an aggressive and powerful dog, then this metal heavy-duty dog crate is the best product. It rather protects your dogs and others around him. It has all the features that you need and all of that at a very low price point.

Even the wheels you get with this cage can rotate to give you a full 360-degree movement. No need to take the help of other family members or friends for moving the crate

Key features:

  • Top-quality bearing for wheels that don’t make the annoying squeaky noise.
  • Steel tubes used for construction are more than 0.8-inches thick

7. PUPZO Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate with Wheels

PUPZO Heavy Duty Metal Dog Crate with Wheels

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Pupzo has created this dog crate with carbon steel. In fact, it is one of the strongest heavy-duty materials and much higher quality than regular steel. It does not simply give you high strength, but a high level of resistance from elements of nature as well.

So your crate is free from rust and corrosion. As a matter of fact, you can use it for a really long time to keep your dog safe and secure.

Key features:

  • Available in 3 different heavy-duty dog crater sizes from 36-inches to 48-inches for dogs of all shapes and sizes.
  • Moving it from one room to another takes minimal force due to the rolling wheels.
  • Two of the wheels are lockable in place.
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6. PawHut Heavy Duty Dog Crates with Wheels

PawHut Heavy Duty Dog Crates with Wheels

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PawHut brings you innovation and supreme build quality with this dog crate. At the bottom, it has dual-layered construction. The grated steel layer can easily bear the weight of your dog and seat him or her comfortably. However, also leaves plenty of gaps to allow spilt water, excrement and other stuff to slide out.

Those leaks, spills and other waste are collected at the bottom plastic tray which can be completely removed for cleaning. Above all, since it is made from tough plastic, it doesn’t rust and does not catch a lot of bad odours

Key features:

  • High-quality welding so that all the links are reinforced.
  • Strong latches on top and front door.
  • You get easy access to this crate as there is entry through both sides.

5. Sliverylake Heavy Duty Double Door Dog Cage Crate

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Dogs that have a lot of power and muscle strength are really hard to contain if they are anxious. Sliverylake helps you to keep your dog within safe limits and comfortable. It has been constructed out of high strength steel. Therefore, has adequate thickness and prevents your dog from breaking through and damaging property or putting itself to risk.

It is made from steel tubes, unlike cheap wired crates that litter the market. So a few bites or force from even a very powerful breed wouldn’t be able to deform, bend or break the crate in any way. You can open this strong cage from both the upper side and the front. This allows you easy access to play with your furry friend. Plus, it also allows them to easily go in or out of the crate.

Key features:

  • Steel tray at the bottom collects all kinds of filth like extra food, water and excrement. That’s why cleaning is a mess-free experience
  • Built to last and has a high load-bearing capacity of 330 pounds.
  • The heavy-duty dog crate assembly is indeed quite easy with easy to follow instructions

4. KELIXU Indoor Outdoor Dog Kennels and Crates for Large Dogs

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Kelixu brings to you a dog crate that will last you for a really long time. In fact, it is a great and comfortable place for your strong dog. Unlike other manufacturers, it isn’t made from thin tubing. Plus, it has an excellent painted finish that won’t be chipped off easily.

You also get an easy sliding tray. As a result, it is always present to collect any accidents or spills that are otherwise hard to remove. Just slide the tray out, dump the filth and clean it with some detergent. Now, no need to scrape off tough stains on your floor.

Key features:

  • The front door is opened or closed with the help of twin latches.
  • Is certainly folded down to a smaller form factor for easy transportation.
  • Perfect crate for dogs of large size.
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3. ITORI Heavy Duty Dog Crates & Playpen for Training Large Dog

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Most affordable dog crates don’t have superior quality and design. Itori delivers to its satisfied customers at the same price. It is heavy-duty, but not tough to move around. The two pairs of caster wheels under the crate allow you to easily roll it to another room with your dog inside the crate.

Moreover, most of the crate comes to you partially assembled. You just need to screw in a few things and fix the wheels.

Key features:

  • Hammer tone coating doesn’t just look beautiful but also acts as a great deterrent to rusting.
  • Made and finished with non-toxic materials, so that your dog isn’t at any risk

2. Lemberi Heavy Duty Metal Dog Kennel Playpen with Lockable Wheels

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The best thing about buying this dog crate from Royale is the easy assembly. It comes with all the screws, tools and hardware you need, no need to spend an extra dime. Since most of the crate comes pre-assembled, you don’t need to tire yourself out for hours behind the assembly.

Even your big muscular dog won’t be able to pull off its astonishing tricks as an “escape artist”. This heavy-duty crate is made from thick 20 gauge steel, therefore, pretty durable.

Key features:

  • Locks are designed in a way that your dogs won’t be able to open them by mistake
  • Double doors give you greater interaction with your dog, while your dog enjoys easier access.
  • The removable of execration is now pretty easy as the tray provided collects all of it.

1. HAIGE PET Indoor Roof Extra Large Dog Kennel Crate Playpen

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Haige Pet Your Nanny really changes the game when it comes to dog crates. Most other manufacturers are worried about the bottom line and providing you with subpar quality. This brand is bringing new innovations and bold design to their products.

The cage is made out of high quality and strong steel metal tubes. Hence, can bear a lot of weight and wouldn’t be deformed easily. The base is especially dense with thick. Even if you have a heavy dog that weighs under 380 pounds is easily handled. Plus, the wheels are feature-rich unlike products from competitors. You get brakes for locking in position and also movement in any direction you want.

Key features:

  • Caster wheels don’t have a hard metal or nylon surface that might scratch the floor. It has a rubberized surface for high traction and less damage.
  • The plastic tray under the crate is tough. It helps to keep your floor mess-free from fallen excrement and dog food.
  • Features double door design with the upper one allowing you good interaction with your pet. Plus, the front door allows easy entry or exit for your dog.

The heavy-duty dog crate cage will not feel like a tight space to your dogs. It’s pretty spacious and will accommodate your friend easily.

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